January 24, 2003

FontLab on Steroids Starter Pack 1
for Win and Mac available!

Dear FontLab users,

I'm happy to announce that a small set of FontLab supporting files and macros under the name FontLab on Steroids Starter Pack 1 is available free of charge.

You can download the installer
for FontLab 4.5 for Windows from:

You can download the ZIP archive
for FontLab 4.5 for Macintosh from:

It includes the Rename glyphs by scheme [TTG] macro that allows you to rename all glyphs in your font using a glyph renaming scheme. Six renaming schemes contributed by Tiro Typeworks have been included. It also includes supplementary glyph naming and encoding files prepared by Adam Twardoch and Tiro Typeworks that were previously posted on this forum. You can select the encoding files in the encoding combo box in FontLab’s font window. You can also use the encodings to sort glyphs. There are also have supplementary codepage files available. Finally, you can use the glyph naming files with the Generate Names and Generate Unicode options.

Please note that this software requires FontLab 4.5 for Windows or Macintosh and Python 2.2.1.

Please report all problems and feedback to steroids@fontlab.net. If somebody wants to make a nice Mac installer, please let me know! :)

Best regards,
Adam Twardoch

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