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Cassie's electro banger "me and u" is the song of the summer -- the kind of car-radio hit that sends you skidding into the breakdown lane every time you hear that obsessive three-note synth pulse. Not a bad rookie shot for this nineteen-year-old, Diddy-sponsored, MySpace-fueled New York model turned starlet. Bad Boy's Ryan Leslie is a master of the minimal electro hook, whether he's going for an R&B ballad ("Kiss Me") or hip-hop ("Long Way 2 Go"), and Cassie shines with her understated cool. Best of all, "What Do U Want" mashes bhangra with the Go-Go's, featuring some head-scratching cosmology from Cassie ("The devil made this sweet little cupcake/Now we got Brooklyn and Harlem to educate"). But the whole album coasts on the hypnotic groove of "Me and U."


(Posted: Aug 11, 2006)


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Review 1 of 8

zanes1 writes:

4of 5 Stars

OK, after reading all these reviews from the...people? and uh..I'm starting to think it's the same person with a different name everytime because all these people are saying the exact same thing over and over again. But seriously, I thought this album was really good. "Me & U" is an awesome electro-r&b song, some hip-hop with the second single for "Long Way to Go," and great pop hooks such as "Ditto" and "About Time." Slowing down a bit with "Kiss Me" is always a good idea and working with Ryan Leslie was too.

May 6, 2007 13:15:07

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Review 2 of 8

futurefilmaker1 writes:

2of 5 Stars

This record has some good points like "Long Way to Go", and "Just One Night". Cassie doesnt have a voice, and can hardly carry some of these simple songs. It amazes me that Rolling Stone decided to give her three and a half stars to someone who cant sing, cant write, or produce her own material, and cant perfrom, or deliever a great album. but then I saw that Christina Aguilera's Back to Basics got only three stars, this doesnt make sense to me, i have both cds, and the one i cant stop listening to is the more creative and soulful Back to Basics. Christina is doing something that no one else is doing with music now days, taking a risk. I thought Rolling Stone would be the one place that would notice and appreciate this. I think Rolling Stone need to reevaluate some of their music reviewers, and hire me instead.

Aug 23, 2006 08:43:22

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Review 3 of 8

shindogg writes:

5of 5 Stars

cassie can sing! i heard dat song and man im hooked. it sounds so harmonious and soothin its like havin an aural massage. damn, and shes fyne 2! instant 5 stars. we got ourselves another mary j or aaliyah!!

Aug 16, 2006 19:36:11

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Review 4 of 8

jayjay15 writes:

4of 5 Stars

Ok now everyone on here has badgered this cd to death.But this cd is great its smooth, sensual, and worth being in the 6 cd changer on heavy rotation. This cd consists of hot beats and baggin lyrics that makes you reminisce of a hiphop/ r&b princess, Aaliyah. Im not calling it the best but it sure is a chart topper. Still this young r&b/hip hop/ pop princess is sure to be here for a long time. And shes is fine as hell so love her!!!!!

Aug 14, 2006 19:19:08

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Review 5 of 8

Killer7 writes:

1of 5 Stars

Rolling Stone is becoming less and less credible by the day. How could someone possibly give Cassie's album a higher score over someone who's obviously put their heart and soul into their work such as Christina Aguilera's 'Back to Basics' album. Anybody with an ear and some sense can determine that. Ooops sorry, obviously not the Rolling Stone reviewers who seem to have a stick up their asses when reviewing albums from artists like Christina. It's a travesty.

Aug 11, 2006 11:20:37

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Review 6 of 8

dannyb2006 writes:

1of 5 Stars

Are you kidding me? 3 1/2 stars? I am so glad I do NOT listen to the radio any more if this is what is considered great pop music. I have lost so much respect for Rolling Stone after seeing this get 3 1/2 stars and "Back to Basics" only getting 3 stars. Rolling Stone seriously needs to fire some of these reviewers and hire some people with a bit more integrity.

Aug 10, 2006 15:24:41

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Review 7 of 8

artmartin2002 writes:

2of 5 Stars

I just bought this album and listened to it twice so that I would give her a fair chance. I am so dissapointed....I really loved "Me & U" as well as her next single "Long Way To Go"...but the rest of the album lacks that type of beat and sound, even though RS says that it is a constant sound through out the album.

I'm also upset at the fact that she got 3 1/2 stars and Christina Aguilera got 3 stars!! WTF!!! Seriously check this link out:
She can't sing good live! (BET Performance)

Next....3 1/2 stars!!! C'mon that is BS!!! I love her...but she is not deserving of that...think about it Beyonce got 3 stars...Christina Milian got 2 stars.... Kelis got 3 stars.....Amerie got 2 stars.....Jennifer Lopez got 2 stars... and Destiny's Child got 2 stars on their laters album!!! What the hell is up with the ratings??? Can RS please wake up and get some good reviewers and get rid of these people who do half ass jobs!!! I don't even know if they are listening to the entire albums!!!


Aug 9, 2006 22:35:48

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Review 8 of 8

Jessinda writes:

3of 5 Stars

.People are comparing her to Beyonce and thats outta the question.She is a good singer with a soft voice but not like Beyonce.Her cd is good,but it's mostly sexual lyrics and I am kinda iffy about that,but the beats are good and overall I think that she is pretty good.Also she is gorgeous you cant deny that.

Aug 9, 2006 09:58:29

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