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I Love You, I Hate You, Drop Dead!
Originally published in 1965, Barricade Books Edition published in 1997; $17.95

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Here is the new literary cocktail: Marriage-on-the-rocks. The bartender? Celebrated bandleader Artie Shaw. The book, long out of print, recently fetched up to $75 a copy.

Artie Shaw, who was himself married seven times, knows much about marriage and its disintegration. His wives have included movie actresses Lana Turner, Ava Gardner, and Evelyn Keyes.

Shaw, a most evocative storyteller, describes three examples of love gone bad.

When these three short novels were originally published, Terry Southern wrote: "Here is a deeply probing examination of the American marital scene. I flipped over it!"

Robert Lewis Taylor wrote: ", marriage and divorce, an area in which Artie Shaw is uniquely, and perhaps painfully, expert."

To which author Frederic Morton added: "Shaw shows himself to be a highly original and often brilliant literary artist."

In I Love You, I Hate You, Drop Dead! you will encounter passion vs. suspicion, love vs. prejudice, and passion vs. greed. Many readers will recognize themselves in this book, and many a husband and wife, and lover and mistress, will do some quiet introspection after reading it.

The whipped cream on the cake is a new introduction by Shaw in which he names the people who served as the role models for many of his not-so-fictitious characters.

I Love You, I Hate You, Drop Dead! bookcover

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