Coleen Nolan Launches 'Big Brother' Security for Kids

Gone are the days when we could keep our children safe by locking the back door and keeping them home after dark. Today our children are more at risk in their own homes - and parents don't have a clue how to protect them.

Coleen Nolan, TV presenter and mum of three, is launching Sentry Parental Controls ( - a revolutionary personal protection product, designed to safeguard children from online predators and persecutors, around the clock, from anywhere in the world.

Online predators are one of the major threats to the safety of our children today, with a third of young people reporting having received unwanted sexual contact online or by text (CEOP). Equally worrying, more than a third of parents say they don't know how to monitor or control their child's online activity (NCH).

Coleen, who has three children (Shane Jnr, 19; Jake, 15 and Ciara, six), comments: "As soon as you become a parent your number one priority is to protect them from harm. We know to look out for signs of bullying, drugs or underage drinking but what is really terrifying is that my kids and millions like them are so vulnerable to these invisible predators, who can get into your home and your kids' heads so easily. It takes literally seconds to turn a child into a victim - if you don't know about it immediately, you might well be too late. "

"Technology is moving on so fast and I don't know how to monitor what my kids are up to on the net, even if I wanted to, so something as simple and effective as Sentry Parental Controls just gives me that knowledge and control that literally could save their lives."

For the first time ever Sentry Parental Controls will warn British parents of any inappropriate online activity in real time as it happens with alerts sent to their mobile phone, iphone or computer.

The software also lets parents:

- block any unsuitable websites, web chat and applications
- monitor all online activity - surfing, chat logs and email
- protect children from negative situations, such as peer pressure, alcohol and drug abuse
- control time usage and settings.

Leading child protection expert, Mark Williams-Thomas said: "Given the rise in the number of predators using the internet and in particular via social networking sites, any user friendly and practical software or educational tool which assists parents and children in recognising potential offenders and inappropriate conversation has to be welcomed with open arms."

Sentry has been available in the US for two years and is currently used by more than 30,000 American parents. This is the first time it's been available in the UK.

Mother of one, Rebecca Fuchs, who is behind the introduction of Sentry in the UK, said: "The majority of parents are frighteningly ignorant of the 21st Century malaise of online sexual predators as well as the worrying trends cropping up on social networking sites that are putting our children at risk.

"Online predators and bullies have developed increasingly sophisticated ways of targeting and victimising our children, but what Sentry does is help parents to keep one step ahead of any communication by being able to watch and react to any emails or websites their children are accessing, as it happens."

"With one simple installation a child's computer is protected (you do not have to revisit) and it requires no authorisation from the child to be installed. It's up to parents whether they disclose when and how they are monitoring activity. This might seem a little bit Big Brotheresque, but what parent would risk not knowing who their children are speaking to and even arranging to meet?"