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For Busy Professionals

Opiate addiction does not discriminate amongst its victims. Many professionals (e.g. doctors, lawyers, executives, etc.) have the misconception that because, they are highly intelligent and can “handle it,” they are immune from addiction. Unfortunately, their risk of addiction is about the same as anyone else’s. A fact that erroneously appears to support this misconception is that it is possible for a person with an opiate addiction to maintain a highly productive lifestyle. At the same time however, the person is being driven by the twin obsessions of obtaining ever-increasing amounts of drugs to feed their addiction, and of keeping the addiction completely secret. For many professionals, keeping their addiction secret is essential: if exposed, it could lead to a loss of license and livelihood.

Professionals live with busy schedules and demanding lifestyles and for many the old adage “Time is Money” is an absolute truth. When you don’t work, you don’t earn. At ODI, we are all cognizant of these demands on busy professionals. The ODI program is designed to meet your needs:

ODI is Fast:

Short hospital stay for treatment
Back to your life in a week or less

ODI is Safe:

Only State licensed rapid detox program in the US
The patent pending GAAOD procedure limits general anesthesia exposure to 30 minutes
Comprehensive “Executive-Level” physical examination to identify and address any medical issues before treatment
All procedures done at a JCAHO accredited hospital
Outstanding safety record

ODI is Confidential:

All Communications held in strict confidence
Private rooms can be arranged
ODI is HIPPA compliant

ODI is Caring:

We don’t judge patients, we treat their disease
ODI has a team approach to providing the best care for each patient
Each patient receives one-to-one nursing care after the procedure
Each patient receives frequent follow-up calls from doctors and counselors to maximize their rehabilitation opportunities

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