Pharmaceutical industry support

Rethink values the support we receive from pharmaceutical companies as part of a diverse fundraising strategy that includes donations from individuals, charitable trusts and other corporate supporters. This diversity ensures that Rethink, as a membership charity, is able to work together to help everyone affected by severe mental illness recover a better quality of life. Raising voluntary income means that Rethink is not wholly reliant on income from service contracts, and can remain independent and able to provide information and support, and research and campaign on the issues most relevant to our members.

Our financial support from the industry is accompanied by individual partnership agreements. Each agreement covers what the money is paid for and makes clear that Rethink retains editorial control of any publications, conferences or other materials that are produced. We recognise that our pharmaceutical sponsors must make sure that their involvement with Rethink does not breach The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry Code of Practice or any laws.

  • Each agreement also includes a copy of our publicly available sponsorship policy Rethink Sponsorship Policy (68 kb) [doc] which states:
    - The acceptance and continuation of any sponsorship by Rethink is conditional upon Rethink being satisfied that its name will not be used to promote the efficacy of a particular product, service or event.
  • Rethink is open and transparent in its declaration of all substantial sources of funding, including support given in kind in its Annual Review.
  • Funding received in the last financial year, from 1 April 2006 to 31 March 2007:
    - AstraZeneca UK Limited
    - Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceuticals Ltd & Otsuka Pharmaceuticals Ltd
    - Janssen-Cilag Ltd
    - Lilly
    - Lundbeck Ltd
  • The total level of pharmaceutical funding was £235,575 in the last financial year ending 31 March 2007. This represented 0.5% of Rethink’s turnover in that financial year.
  • Our Rethink Sponsorship Policy (68 kb) [doc] states very clearly that the total support from the pharmaceutical sector in any one year will not exceed 1 per cent of our turnover.
  • We also received gift-in-kind support in the year from 1 April 06 to 31 March 07 from:
    Janssen-Cilag Ltd, Lilly, and Bristol Myers Squibb Pharmaceuticals.
  • The largest sum from any pharmaceutical company in our financial year ending 31 March 07 was:
    - £80,000 received from Lundbeck Ltd.
  • Please note that information stated here relates to our last audited accounts. It will be updated to reflect the financial year ending 31st March 2008 once these accounts have been audited and approved (due November 2008).
  • Any further queries regarding the nature and level of funding from pharmaceutical companies in the current year, please contact Paul Corry, Rethink’s Director of Public Affairs. 020 7330 9110 email: