Chip and Veronica

In this skit – an example of using a skit as an advergame – you interact with a potato chip company’s product by (virtually) eating the chips. The woman on the park bench is tempted, enthralled, delighted, even seduced by chips! The message is: these chips are irresistible! Contrast the humor and story-rich appeal of this ‘personality game’ with an abstract casual game such as Pac-Man (in which one could also imagine eating chips).

Toy Store Retailer

Toy Store Retailer screen shoot

Our second advergaming skit – developed for a toy retailer – is a work in progress. In it, the player interacts with various products sold by the retailer. Again, the retailer’s products play a positive and meaningful role in the gameplay. And again, the gameplay is about the personalities of two appealing, memorable characters.

Laundry Pen / Bride

Laundry Pen rough sketch

Yet another work in progress, this simple skit will show how a laundry pen saves the day for a slovenly, self-absorbed bride-to-be.

Soda Maker / Office Worker

Soda Maker sketch

This work in progress will feature an office worker whose passion for his favorite soda makes it tough to concentrate on his work.

The Act

Scene from the Act

Before exploring Flash-based skits, Cecropia developed a coin-operated interactive comedy called, "The Act." The Act proved that the building blocks of sketch comedy – characters, personality, and story – could be used not just as the setting of a video game, but also as the actual game play.

To learn more about The Act, click here.

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