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Sunday, September 02, 2007
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Font Studio 4.1 is here!
Font Studio is my completely free bitmap font generator for use in OpenGL/DirectX/XNA applications. It generates bitmaps from windows fonts, and applies special effects such as a drop shadow, colouring and kerning (space between characters). It provides support for any range of unicode characters you'd want and can output to any sort of file you want via a robust plugin interface.

Developed using Delphi 2006Developed using Delphi 2006.
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Unfortunately, version 4.0+ does not come with source code. You may however, download version 3.0's source code here:
Font Studio 3.0 Source

If you want to develop your own plugins, you may download some examples of the plugin API here:
Font Studio Plugin API Examples

If you make any plugins and would like to share them with the world, send them to me and I'll put them up here.

Version 4.1 changes:
  • Plugins are added!
Version 4.02 changes:
  • Added XNA format XML font export
Version 4.01 changes:
  • Added better small font support
  • Added better cleartype filter support
  • Small changes
Version 4.0 changes:
  • Uses correct character placement using the ABCWidth of each character - ie. It looks just like it would in MS Word but cooler.
  • Multithreaded
  • Unicode support!
  • Drop Shadows and Outlines!
  • Characters are packed into the texture optimally, with customisability
  • Project files are now separate from exported Font files.
  • Exports textures as JPG, BMP, TGA, with a separate alpha file, or as a 32 bit TGA.
  • Exports font data as INI, XML or FNT file, which can be attached to the texture file.
Version 3.0 changes:
  • Much faster rendering of fonts and masks
  • A brand new interface!
  • Auto Character Placement and much more control over character placement options
  • You can now load saved fnt files (v3.0 fnt files only) and re-edit them.
  • Includes a help file/tutorial
Font Studio has been in and out of development since 2003... What was I thinking?!
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