Christina Shuy's Fan Fiction Index

Finally, there's one web site where all of Christina Shuy's works can be found for those of us among the X-Files Fanfic Community who enjoy her work. Right here. For those clueless people who have actually never heard of her (as if! *rolls eyes*), Christina writes stories starring Victoria Jensen, the Raining Sleeping Bags series, and is one of the main driving forces behind the insanity known as Nothing But Trouble. In fact, that's a good place to start.

The Nothing But Trouble series
This series is the one being cowritten with Diana Alexander that describes just how much trouble that two authors can get into when they have headstrong characters. So much trouble, in fact, that it deserves its own page. *grin* It starrs Victoria Jensen and Storm Austin. Oh, yeah... Mulder and Scully are in here, too, I guess. ;)

Games of the Mind
This story is one that the author has been working on for quite a while and has recently finished. It deals with the aliens that we wish we could see on the show, and intriguing characteristics of the main character involved. Despite the fact that this story has induced headaches in some people and can be rather addictive at the best of times, drop by and check it out. It's worth it.

Stories Starring Victoria Jensen
Thanks to one member of Scotland Yard known as Victoria Jensen *grin* Mulder and Scully get either thrown together, or Mulder gets some sense talked into him, or they're paid a little visit. Whatever is required under the circumstances. Then again, there are times when she needs their help instead of the other way around. Take a peek in here to meet DCI Jensen.

Beatles Files
Welcome to the series started with the songfic "Real Love" and turned into a novel length series that illustrates how music can echo what's going on in real life. *grin*

Other Stories and Series
In here, we get a bunch of stuff. Are mothmen good for fertility? What would possess Mulder to decide that he was going to dress up like a woman and dance to Shania Twain? This and other questions can be answered by peeking inside this page. *ggl*

More changes are in the works, y'all... drop by again soon, and hopefully we'll have some more stuff up for you to read. If you like it, drop Christina a line at and let her know.