MPAC Rebukes Iranian President's Comments

December 08, 2005

The Muslim Public Affairs Council today denounced statements made by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who questioned whether the Holocaust took place and suggested that the state of Israel be dismantled and moved to Europe.

Ahmadinejad made the remarks during a summit of Muslim nations convened by the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) in Mecca. Ironically, the meeting concluded in resolutions to condemn terrorism and extremism and stress the themes of moderation and tolerance. This positive and necessary message was stained by the Iranian President's empty and hateful rhetoric.

SEE: "Iranian President Jabs at Israel Again" (Associated Press, 12/8/05)

"Some European countries insist on saying that Hitler killed millions of innocent Jews in furnaces and they insist on it to the extent that if anyone proves something contrary to that they condemn that person and throw them in jail," said Ahmadinejad. "Although we don't accept this claim, if we suppose it is true, our question for the Europeans is; is the killing of innocent Jewish people by Hitler the reason for their support to the occupiers of Jerusalem?"

"If the Europeans are honest, they should give some of their provinces in Europe -- like in Germany, Austria or other countries -- to the Zionists, and the Zionists can establish their state in Europe," he added. "You offer part of Europe and we will support it."

Just as when he called for Israel to be "wiped off the map" in October, President Ahmadinejad is utilizing reprehensible language that does nothing to address the stark realities of the ongoing Palestinian-Israeli conflict. In this critical moment, international leaders should not be discussing how to dismantle Israel, but instead how to build a Palestinian state.

Not only do President Ahmedinejad's statements fail to represent the sentiments of Muslims around the world, they are reprehensible in their attempt to deny history. Historians have documented that about six million Jews were killed at the hands of Germany's 1933-1945 Nazi regime during the Holocaust. The President's statements on one of history's most tragic occurrences are baseless and reprehensible. A leader that can make such unjustified public statements, that are based more on inflammatory rhetoric and not upon sound logical or historical fact, is clearly a leader whose comments cannot be taken to be representative of the Muslim community. It does not serve the interest of the Palestinian people or of the Muslim world to offer any legitimacy to Ahmadinejad's statement. On the contrary, it will only marginalize the efforts for human rights on behalf of the Palestinian people.

The Muslim Public Affairs Council officially endorses a peaceful solution to the Mid-East conflict. MPAC supports the principle of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian crisis, one state of Palestine and one state of Israel, both with secure and defined borders and full rights and autonomy for their people.

SEE: "MPAC Perspective on Palestinian-Israeli Conflict" (May 2002) 

MPAC continues to encourage peaceful dialogue and negotiation as well as a mutually beneficial solution to the Mid-East conflict for the benefit of Muslims, Jews and Christians around the world.