List of Winners

Presented at Origins 2002

Best Game Accessory

D20 System Character Record Folio
Jeff Mackintosh
Green Ronin Publishing

Best Amateur Game Periodical

Alarums & Excursions
Lee Gold

Best Professional Game Peridodical

Dork Tower
John Kovalic
Dork Storm Press

Best Play By Mail Game

Middle Earth FA 1000
Game Systems

Best Game Related Novel

Clan War 7th Scroll: The Lion
Stephen D. Sullivan
Wizards of the Coast

Best Game Related Short Work

Prometheus Unwound
Matt Forbeck
Eden Studios

Best Historical Miniature Rules

Fear God and Dread Nought
Larry Bond, Chris Carlson, Mike Harris, Ed Kettler
Clash of Arms Games

Best Science Fiction or Fantasy Miniatures Rules

D&D Chainmail Miniatures
Skaff Elias, Chris Pramas
Wizards of the Coast

Best Historical Figure Miniature Series

World of the Greeks
Wargames Foundry

Best Science Fiction or Fantasy Miniature

Mage Knight Great Fire Dragon
Kevin Barrett

Best Vehicular Miniature

Mage Knight Atlantis War Machine: The Fist of Fezk
Kevit Barrett

Best Abstract Board Game

Cosmic Coasters
Andrew Looney
Looney Labs

Best Historical Board Game

Axis & Allies: Pacific
Stephen Baker, Rob Daviau
Hasbro/Avalon Hill

Best Science Fiction or Fantasy Board Game

Risk 2210
Craig Van Ness, Rob Daviau, Albert Lamorisse
Hasbro/Avalon Hill

Best Card Game Expansion or Supplement

Apples to Apples Expansion Set 3
Mark Alan Osterhaus, Ellen Osterhaus, Cathleen Quinn-Kinney, Al Waller
Out of the Box Publishing

Best Trading Card Game

The Lord of the Rings TCG
Tom Liscke, Mike Reynolds, Chuck Kallenbach, Justin Pakes, Tim Ellington
Decipher, Inc.

Best Traditional Card Game

Steve Jackson
Steve Jackson Games

Best Graphic Presentation of a Board Game

Todd A. Breitnestein, David Aikins
Journeyman Press

Best Graphic Presentation of a Card Game

The Lord of the Rings TCG
Dan Burns, Joe Boulden, Ed Gartin, Leslie Burns, Mike Schley
Decipher, Inc.

Best Graphic Presentation of a Book Product

Call of Cthulu 20th Anniversary Edition
Sandy Petersen, Lynn Willis, Charlie Krank

Best Illustration

Dork Shadows: cover
John Kovalic
Dork Storm Press

Best Role-Playing Game Adventure

Unseen Masters
Bruce Ballon
Chaosium, Inc.

Best Role-Playing Game Supplement

Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting
Ed Greenwood, Sean K. Reynolds, Skip Williams, Rob Heinsoo
Wizards of the Coast

Best Role-Playing Game

James Kiley, Michael B. Lee, Clayton Oliver
White Wolf Game Studio

Game of the Year

Jolly R. Blackburn, Brian Jelke, Steve Johansson, David S. Kenzer
Kenzer & Co.

Hall of Fame Inductees

Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

As we begin to honor a generation of game designers who also made their mark as novelists, it’s important to note that it all started with two people -- Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman -- and one game line turned literary sensation: Dragonlance. Several of the other nominees on this ballot, as well as some already in the Hall of Fame, would not have had the opportunity to make their mark without the trailblazing work of Weis and Hickman. Their 10 Dragonlance novels (and 9 short story anthologies) were just the start for this duo, who have also contributed such best-selling fantasy and science-fiction series as the Rose of the Prophet trilogy, the 7-volume Deathgate Cycle, the Darksword and Starshield series, and the Sovereign Stone novels.

Settlers of Catan (Klaus Teuber )

A past winner of Germany’s Game of the Year award, Settlers of Catan is one of the most popular boardgames of the past decade. But for American gamers, it has even greater significance. Its success opened the door for scores of other great German boardgames to cross over to American markets, and gave Settlers designer Klaus Teuber a whole new audience to dazzle.