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Flatting Plug-In's for Adobe® Photoshop®

In the production of comics a special trapping method, called "Flatting" is used. The colored area's are butted against each other under the line art. The MultiFill and Flatten Plug-In's assist in "Flatting" and can save a lot of time.
The example below shows the use of these Plug-In's for Flatting. But feel free to use these Plug-In's for other creative purposes.
The Plug-In's are now available for free download.

New versions 1.1, released January 30, 2005 supporting CMYK mode.
New versions 1.2, released August 25, 2007 supporting CS3 on Intel and PowerPC Mac's.
On Windows you can use 1.1 with CS3.

Example of using the MultiFill and Flatten Plug-In's.

1. You start with a scanned image.
Make the line-art 100% black and save a copy in an extra layer.
2. Fill the picture with the MultiFill filter.
  • The palette is chosen to get the colors from. You can make your own palette with the Photoshop Preset Manager. There is also a random colors option.
  • The Join option is set to 3 pixels, this means that any white area's up to 3x3 pixels are joined to the nearest larger area.
  • The Flag option is set to 10 pixels, white area's up to 10x10 pixels are painted with the flag color. Click the swatch to open the color picker for selecting a flagging color.
The result from MultiFill.
You can see the flagged area's in the lower left and right corners. On the middle right are some joined spots.
3. Execute the Flatten filter.
4. The result, with the lineart set to 70% opacity.

System requirements


You can download the MultiFill and Flatten Plug-In's for free. There is no installer, just put the Plug-In's anywhere in your Photoshop Plug-In's folder after extracting them from their archives.


Photoshop 6 - Photoshop CS2
The Mac Plug-In's contain Mac OS X and Mac OS 9 versions. Use Stuffit Expander to extract the .sit archives.

MultiFill Macintosh 200KB

Flatten Macintosh 68KB

Photoshop CS3
Universal binary Plug-In's for Photoshop CS3.

MultiFill Macintosh CS3 192KB

Flatten Macintosh CS3 132KB


The Plug-In's are in .zip archives, please extract them before use. Search with google for extracting zip.

MultiFill Windows 128KB

Flatten Windows 52KB

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