Sam & Max Plunge Through Space

Developer: Infinite Machine Publisher: THQ
Released: Unreleased/Cancelled

Available for: Microsoft XBox

We say: It was revealed that Justin Chin's company, Infinite Machine, was developing a console-exclusive action/adventure title starring Sam and Max during the middle months of 2001. In September the company confirmed it on their site and tossed up some tasty concept art by Steve Purcell, showing the dynamic duo exploring the far reaches of space. However, that was the last update made on Infinite Machine's official site. The following year we learned that the company had gone bankrupt following poor sales of its first release, New Legends.

Soon after this distressing news came to light, LucasArts stepped in and announced they were making Sam and Max Freelance Police. Unfortunately, in March 2004 the game was abruptly cancelled, leaving a very dark blot on the company's reputation. In a decidedly more fortunate turn of events, Telltale Games, a company formed by ex-LucasArts employees (including Freelance Police folk) picked up the rights to Sam & Max after LucasArts' lease on the characters ran out. In 2006, Sam & Max finally made a successful return to our PCs in the form of Sam & Max: Season 1, an episodic game series.

In a November 2005 interview with Steve Purcell that was held not long after Telltale Games acquired the Sam & Max rights, Purcell revealed a bit more about this title:

It was actually based on a story I had written years before called Sam & Max Plunge Through Space. Sam & Max have to recover the stolen Statue of Liberty which they find parked in another galaxy and being used as a casino called Green Mama's. Then they are pulled into interplanetary intrigue with an evil despot and a mysterious hidden world where everyone resembles Max. We were breaking it down into an action/exploration/adventure game and I was pleased with where it was going.
Purcell has said that he hopes to one day make the unused story into a comic.

The August 2006 issue of Computer Gaming World confirmed that the game was going to have the title of the not quite existent comic it was based on.

A bit more about the game, including some concept art and gameplay details, can be found in The History of Sam & Max feature that Telltale Games ran on their web site during the summer of 2007. Included is an interview with Chuck Jordan, a team member on the game. The available art you see below as well as some other Sam & Max rarities can be found in a sketchbook that Purcell sells through Telltale's online store.

You'd think that between this and the more infamous Sam & Max: Freelance Police debacle, there couldn't possibly be any more canceled Sam & Max games in history, but you'd be wrong. Here's the relevant Dave Grossman excerpt from a magazine preview for Telltale's Sam & Max games (original scan here) that confirms the existence of a LucasArts Sam & Max sequel attempted shortly after Hit the Road:
...Dave Grossman meanwhile, lead designer on episodic Sam & Max, didn't work on the nixed Freelance Police project, but he did do time on what he calls "another, even more unfinished Sam & Max 2 design with Steve after Hit the Road came out." And that game's highlight? "Well, there was a giant spaceship shaped like Max's head!" Sam and Max: we hardly knew ye...
We're not giving this game its own page because that's all the evidence we have of its existence, and there were probably other aborted adventure game sequels at LucasArts that no ones knows about that got further along than this one. (It's likely that things like Maniac Mansion 3 or Monkey Island 5 were at least proposed at some point, but you've gotta draw the line somewhere.) Still though. Man.

They say: We're dead.
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