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Welcome to CPC Magazine Covers - a gallery of covers of CPC magazines for you to browse through at your leisure. There were a total of five CPC magazines that appeared on the news stands in the United Kingdom - Amstrad Action (AA), Amstrad Computer User (ACU), AMTIX!, Computing with the Amstrad (CWTA) (which later became CPC Computing), and CPC Attack! There were a lot of CPC magazines in France as well, although only Amstrad Cent Pour Cent (the most well known of them) is available on this site.

CPC Magazine Covers is a nostalgic look at the covers of these magazines, some of which were fantastic. I also think that it's amazing just to look at all the covers together, as well as looking at them individually. I hope that you enjoy this site as much as I do.

To enter the galleries, click of any of the magazine titles at the top of this page. An index displaying thumbnails of all the magazine covers will then load - note that this may take some time. Simply click on any of the thumbnails to display a larger version.

If you have any queries, then you can e-mail me at nich <AT> durge <DOT> org.

A note to anyone who wishes to use these covers in their websites
If you want to use any of these covers in your own websites, you may do so on the condition that you link to this website and give me credit for scanning it. E-mailing me beforehand would also be appreciated (my address is shown in the previous section). A long time ago, someone (you know who you are!) used most of the AA covers and put them on his website without giving me any thanks for it, thus making it look as though he scanned them, which he didn't. Another site dedicated to retro game magazines has also used my covers of AMTIX! and stuck horrible 'watermarks' all over them, again without crediting me for it.

It goes without saying that I am not pleased about this. (By the way, I don't put watermarks on my scans because I think they look ugly.) It takes a lot of time to scan all of these covers and it's just not on for people to do this.

Thanks to...
Brian Watson deserves a special mention here, since I bought nearly all of the issues of ACU, AMTIX! and CWTA off him in an auction. Without him, this website would probably not exist. Well, it might have existed, but there certainly wouldn't be as many magazine covers to look at - before I bought the lot off Brian, I had most issues of ACU from 1989 to 1992, and a nearly complete set of AA magazines.

I would also like to thank Richard Ormson for selling the first sixteen issues of AA to me in an eBay auction, and Alan Cresswell for selling me the three remaining issues of AA to complete my collection. I also bought a large number of AA magazines from someone many years ago; unfortunately, I cannot remember his name, but whoever you are, thanks!

Another person I would like to thank very much is Edouard Bergé (also known as Roudoudou). He is responsible for providing me with his scans of the Amstrad Cent Pour Cent covers. In fact, he has also scanned his entire collection of all 49 issues of A100% (a highly impressive feat!), and you can download and read the issues at the French Abandonware Magazines website. There are lots and lots of other French CPC magazines to read on this site as well!