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Jun 17, 2008

Malayalam flick set to go Hollywood
Monday May 16 2005 18:56 IST


CHENNAI: "Albhuthadweep" director Vinayan has said Hollywood filmmaker Ron Howard is keen on remaking his Malayalam film.

"Albhuthadweep" is about a wonder island and has 300 dwarfs acting in the film. Pakru plays the main dwarf, while the rest of the cast includes Prithvi Raj and Jagathy Sree Kumar.

"They have contacted me. They are interested in my film. They have told me that they will meet me at either Chennai or Mumbai by the month-end," Vinayan told media persons here.

"The dwarfs are what attracted them. They also said that they needed the same dwarfs to act in the Hollywood remake," he said.

"Only after the meeting, we will know for certain what the project will be," he added.



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