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SAT., JUN 14, 2008 - 12:42 AM
50 to 60 miles of Interstate closures as Baraboo River rises
Water overflowing from the swollen Baraboo River caused the shutdown of all or part of the Interstate long an approximately 60-mile stretch from Madison to Oxford and a 50-mile stretch between Madison and Lake Delton Friday afternoon. An official warned the highways could remain closed for as much as a week.

Mike Goetzman of the state department of emergency management said the northbound lanes of I-90-94 are closed from Highway 151 near Madison to Highway 12 near Lake Delton; the southbound lanes are closed from Highway 12 to Highway 78 south of Portage.

I-39 also is closed in both directions from Portage to Highway 82 near Oxford.

Goetzman said about 1,000 feet of the Interstate is flooded near Highway 33 between Portage and Baraboo. He said it didn't make sense to reroute traffic from any closer to the flooded area because many of the roads the traffic would be sent to are flooded as well.

Goetzman warned the closings could last more than a few hours because the river continues to rise and because state officials will have to check the route before it is opened.

"It could be quite a while," he said. "It could be days, maybe a week."

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