Vertical V Hat
Design2004 by Catherine Lindsay
I took my favorite afghan/lapghan pattern and converted it into a hat!Perfect for transitional weather,the chain tassel adds an extra fun element.

Example made with RedHeart Super Saver in Gold & Circus.
You'll Need:2.5oz total worsted weight yarn,I hook.Each color strip(2 rows)takes approximately 10 yds.

V-st=Dc,ch 1,Dc  Beg V-st=Sc,ch 3,Dc
Gauge-2 V-st=1 1/2"
Fringe-Pull knots up tight,trim to 1".Fray ends.

To Make:
Ch 10,place marker in ch below hook(this will be fringe).Ch 31.
Row 1(wrong side):Dc in 4th ch from hook,sk 2 ch,V-st in next ch,*sk next 2 ch,V-st in next ch.Rep from * across(this should put your last V-st in the ch before the marker.Ch 10,fasten off(10 V-st).
Row 2:Ch 10,Beg V-st in first V-st,V-st in each V-st across.Ch 1,turn.
Row 3:Beg V-st in first V-st,V-st in each V-st across.Ch 10,fasten off.
Row 4-31:Rep Rows 2-3.
Row 32:Ch 10,Beg V-st in first V-st,V-st in each V-st across.Fasten off,leaving 1 1/2 yd tail for sewing.
With wrong sides together,matching sts on Row 1 & Row 32,whip stitch back seam.Turn to right side.Weave tail in and out of V-st's at end of rows,pull tight.Secure well,fasten off,weave in end.

Join yarn with sl st in seam.
Row 1:Ch 1,2 sc in end of each V-st around,join with sl st to first sc.
Row 2:Ch 1,sc in same st as joining and in each st around.Fasten off,weave in ends.

Note:This hat would also look cute using scraps!For smaller hat,eliminate rows,for larger hat,add rows.
If you would like this project made for you,
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