Modern structures allow us to offer our clients oppurtunities for motor events and for polifunctional solutions
 Stuctures for activities linked to motor events:
 5.793 km road track (For the Italian F1 GP)
2.405 km junior track
 4.250 km high-speed track
 Straight (800 m) with draining asphalt and an irrigation system for tests on different aphalt conditions (dry/wet) and different grip level.
60 pits of 80 mq (20.65 x 3.90 x h. 2.70) that can be changes to 320 mq and equipped with gas, electric and informatic sockets, TV sockets with screens, running water and toilets.
 Paddock area for a total of 40,000 mq in the rear-pit area, with a second paddock area of 13,700 mq (internal area of the banking) which are equipped with asphalt and water, electric sockets and toilets. 
 Strutturs for social and trading activities
Pit Building
 Two-floor pit building with open terrace which can be cover completely or only in part
 Ground flooor completely occupated by 60 pits
4.250 Km of high-speed track
 Soundproof first floor with air conditioning, served by lift and six stairways, divided into technical area for the staff (Sport and Techical Marshals, Timekeepers) and a Hospitality area which are both in front of the track (pit straight)
Race Control Room
 Technical area ( 1,700 mq)
 Race Control Room (590 sq m), with 21 monitors connected to 21 cameras around the raceroute.
 Secretariat area for officials present on the
circuit at every event
Briefing Room
 Briefing Room (145 sq m) with 120 seats, audio-video system and completely darkened
Panoramic Room
 Panoramic room (58 sq m), a circular structure which looks onto the finishing line.
"Tazio Nuvolari" Press Room
 Media Centre, 1.370 sq m with offices of different sizes, catering area and the “Tazio Nuvolari” Press Room, set-up with high-level
technology, and with 524 work stations, equipped with 160 web-connected TV monitors. The press room is the ideal location for training activity and multimedia entertainment.
Pit Building - Terrace
 Hospitality area (1,090 mq)
 Two large rooms (600 and 490 sq mrespectively) for exhibitions, conferences and/or restaurant.
 4,500 sq m terrace, covering the whole length of the pit building.
The area can be divided in modular units according to requirements, for hospitality, exhibitions or restaurant purposes.
Hospitality Building
 Three floors and a covered terrace, facing directly onto the track, on the starting line, with no architectural barriers, fitted with lifts, hoists for moving cars, service rooms and
food centre. Could be modulated according to requirements and used for meetings and conferences. All the rooms are provided with
high-level technology.4,500 sq m terrace, covering the whole length of the pit building.
The area can be divided in modular units according to requirements, for hospitality,exhibitions or restaurant purposes.
Meeting Room
 Ground floor meeting room (700 sq m) with panoramic windows; it can be used for conferences, exhibitions and restaurant.
 First and second floors (air-conditioned, soundproofed and cables ) have an area of
1,100 sq m each, can be divided into 12 single rooms with a minimum surface of 72 sq m and reserved small stand. It can be used for exhibitions, conferences or restaurant.
Hospitality Building - Terrace
 Covered terrace 1,700 sq m, entertaining
and catering areas.
Hospitality Pits
 Hospitality Pits: nine hospitality units for companies, situated
on the central straight, each one having a small private garden and reserved stand.
Sky Lounge
 Sky Lounge:particular panoramic room which is located on the roof of the Central standings and which was previously used as the room for the official timing of the circuit. It can host up to 30 persons
 Towers: two buildings which are located directly on the track, one in front of the pit lane entrance and the other one at the entry of first Variante. They can host up to 40 persons each
Since the 50s they were used as signalling towers and now they are an elegant hospitality space, for few people and equipped with every confort
Old Pits
 the 30 old Monza pits, in use up until the 1970s, have been rebuilt as offices for rent
 At present, some of them host a safe-driving school.
Exposition Pavilion
 Exposition Pavilion (800 sq m) is lozenge shaped with a domed roof, air-conditioned, with a large fenced garden; could be divided into two independent sectors.i
 Outdoor facilities:
Olympic-sized swimming pool
 Outdoor Olympic-sized swimming pool, surrounded by greenery, open throughout the summer months, provided with:
• Separate children’s pool
• Springboard and diving board
• Bar
• Deckchair and sunbed rent
• Beach volley
• Children’s play area
• Swimming courses
• Aqua gym courses
 with 34,000 sq m of shaded lawns, for tents, campers and caravans, fully lit in the communal areas.
• Access road also allows for the entrance of buses
• 220 bays equipped with electricity
• Toilet facilities with hot and cold water
• Reception area with safes
• Mini-market & Bar
• Children’s play area
• 5 a-side football pitch
• Dance floor area
 Aree Parcheggio:
Parking Areas
 54,000 mq outdoor areas which are completely pavimented and equipped with lights, motive-power and toilets which can be used both for sport or entretaining events (concerts, expositions, meetings) and as car and bus parking areas

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