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Edward Timpson makes his debut

Posted by Jonathan Isaby on 16 Jun 2008  at 22:26 
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The new Conservative MP for Crewe and Nantwich, Edward Timpson, has just delivered a finely crafted maiden speech very much in the traditional vein.

He began, as is customary, by paying tribute to his predecessor, Gwyneth Dunwoody, whom he described as "not only a truly great parliamentarian, but also a uniquely formidable fighter. She stood up and fought for all her constituents and was steadfast in her belief in and defence of the independence of this House.

"Her enduring spirit, acerbic wit and unstinting passion for the Parliament and the people she served will forever remain within the fabric of this House," he added.

He then questioned whether it was really necessary to make the usual verbal whistle-stop tour of his constituency for his colleagues.

"Many, if not all, honourable members have had the great pleasure of visiting Crewe and Nantwich in the last six weeks," he said,  " most, I trust, of their own volition".

He did, none the less, take us on a journey around his new patch, revealing, for example, that the people of Nantwich are known as "Dabbers", although alas without providing his preferred old wives' tale explaining why it is the case.

On the subject of the Children and Young Persons Bill itself, Timpson lamented that social workers too often end up frustrated by the vast amount of "risk assessments, box-ticking and targets" to which they have to adhere, meaning they spend too little time in contact with the children they are charged with protecting.

He also highlighted several parts of the bill he was especially keen to see passed into law and, in keeping with his own personal background, urged the Government to increase the number of registered foster carers.

All in all, it was an assured first performance, and one of which his parents, watching from the gallery, will doubtless have been proud.

The Tory benches also roared with approval. A large clutch of Tory MPs had formed a considerable doughnut around him, and several members of the shadow cabinet - including Dominic Grieve, Eric Pickles, Theresa May and Owen Paterson - also took their places to listen.

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After Thought 16 Jun 2008 23:07

... are born in Nantwich, simply living here isn't enough to qualify; born within the sound of St Mary's bells it might be said. Mr Timpson knows this of course (I hope) but didn't wish to try the patience of his audience.

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