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Institute for Humane Studies

Institute for Humane Studies

Institute for Humane Studies

Description: The Institute for Humane Studies (IHS) provides Humane Studies Fellowships for students who have a clearly demonstrated interest in the classical liberal/libertarian tradition of individual rights and market economies. Students should be interested in applying the principles of the institute's tradition to their work.
Qualifications: Undergraduate juniors or seniors and graduate students are eligible to apply. Awards are based on academic and/or professional performance, relevance of one's work to the advancement of a free society, and potential for success.
Amount: $12,000
Application Process: Transcripts, admission test scores, at least two recommendations, two essays, writing sample, and a $25 non-refundable application fee.


Deadline for recommenders1/16/2008Deadline for recommenders to submit their letters of recommendation
Application deadline12/31/2008Online applications must be submitted


Official WebsiteOfficial website for the Institute of Humane Studies


David L. Martin, II2003-2004
George Michael Gordon-Smith2002-2003
Jocelyn Smith Wikle2002-2003
Brian Scott Wikle2002-2003
Robert Brinton Couch2001-2002
Matthew Joseph Grow2001-2002
Richard Folkman Heaton2001-2002
Stuart Spencer Schulzke2001-2002
Ronald Stephen Smith2001-2002
Brett Valdo Benson2000-2001
Jeremy Alan Fielding2000-2001
Robert David Hunter Floyd2000-2001
Seth Lynn Hanson1999-2000
Linsey Rae Sommers1999-2000
Nathan Brian Oman1998-2003
Tuan M. Samahon1997-2000
Santino Carl Gaitan1997-1998
Charles Eric Schulzke1993-1999

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