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Quentin Tarantino: defending Death Proof
Tarantino on Death Proof

Never one to shy away from controversy (who can forget the furore that accompanied his debut film Reservoir Dogs, back in 1992), Quentin Tarantino was in Glasgow on Monday 10 September for a special preview of his new film Death Proof, which introduces us to Stuntman Mike (Kurt Russell), who has a twisted penchant for killing beautiful young women with his 'death proof' car.

Grant Lauchlan asked Tarantino if he gives any credence to the claims by certain feminist groups that this film encourages violence against women as entertainment. Watch the video above to hear his answer.

Death Proof is released on 21 September. Read our full review in the Edinburgh Film Festival section here.

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Story last updated: Monday, 3 September, 2007, 09:45
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