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About Middle School

In the Shipley Middle School 212 students in grades six through eight, along with an experienced and gifted faculty, participate in an exciting and challenging program specifically geared to the students’ ages and developmental levels. We view learning in the middle school years as not simply an academic experience; teachers are always considerate of the physical, social, and emotional, as well as the intellectual abilities and needs of each individual student. A strong academic curriculum, supplemented with a course on time management and study skills, builds a firm foundation for future studies in the Upper School.

Each grade is divided into four heterogeneous sections. The core academic subjects are English, math (in which classes are grouped by ability), history, science, and foreign languages (French, Spanish, and Latin). In addition, all students develop skills in computer, studio art, and theater. The music department offers opportunities in choir, instrumental ensembles, hand bells, private lessons, and general music.

Students in grade six have the option of participating in a strong physical education program or in Middle School interscholastic athletic competition. Middle School sports include: soccer, cross country, basketball, squash, swimming, baseball, tennis, and lacrosse for boys, and soccer, field hockey, tennis, volleyball, basketball, swimming, softball, and lacrosse for girls.

Life in the Middle School is governed by three important Principles of Community Life:

Respect yourself
Respect others
Respect your environment

All members of our community-students, teachers, and parents-are asked to use these principles as a guide to ensure a healthy environment in which all can learn and grow. Each student has an advisor who is available to help in developing an understanding of the principles of our community life. Advisors meet with advisees several times a week to monitor the advisees’ personal and academic progress and serve as a liaison between home, student, and school.

Service learning provides opportunities for all members of our community to learn through participation how to truly live our Principles of Community Life. Some students visit a local nursing home with the Head of Middle School while others may choose to help distribute food collected by PhilAbundance. All students participate in a variety of service projects.

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