305 lbs.

LIKE MIKE Supporting 20TH Century Fox / John Schultz Dir.
AUSTIN POWERS in GOLDMEMBER Supporting New Line Cinema / Jay Roach Dir.
MEN IN BLACK 2 Supporting Sony Pictures / Barry Sonnenfeld Dir.
DIZZYLAND Supporting Chamberlain Prods. Inc. / Dennis Hackins Dir.
TALE OF THE MUMMY Supporting Carousel Pictures / Russel Mulcahy Dir.
BALLAD OF THE NIGHTINGALE Supporting Nightingale Prods./ Guy Greville-Morris Dir.
RIVER OF STONE Co-Star Gecko Films / David Z. McMahon Dir.

MALCOLM IN THE MIDDLE Guest Star Regency Television Prods. Inc./ Todd Holland
XENA, WARRIOR PRINCESS Recurring Guest Star Pacific Renaissance Pictures
THE X-FILES Guest Star Ten Thirteen Productions / Michael Watkins Dir.
2 Episodes
20TH Century Fox Television
STAR TREK VOYAGER Guest Star Paramount Pictures / David Livingston Dir.
SCARE TACTICS Supporting Tri-Crown Productions / SciFi Network
SPY TV Supporting Next Entertainment / Jeff Boggs & Wesley Eure
DEAD LAST Guest Star Warner Bros. Television / Kevin Dowling Dir.
MINOR ADJUSTMENTS Co-Star Witt/Thomas Productions / Gil Junger Dir.
TRACEY TAKES ON Co-Star takes on... Productions / Michael Lange Dir.
FATHER FROST Co-Star Plaza Entertainment
DAYS OF OUR LIVES Featured Corday Productions / NBC
PERVERSIONS OF SCIENCE Supporting Two Fisted Productions / Russel Mulcahy Dir.

PENZOIL (NATIONAL) Passport Films/Nico Beyer, Dir.
CITRA COLA  (WILDSPOT) Coppos Films/Craig Gillespie, Dir.
NIKE (NATIONAL) Wieden & Kennedy

PINK w/Aerosmith Propoganda Films/Doug Nichol, Dir.
HITCHIN' A RIDE w/Green Day Sattelite Productions/Mark Kohr, Dir.
SWORN & BROKEN w/Screaming Trees UGround Productions/Dean Karr, Dir.
ISRAEL'S SONG w/Silverchair Squeak Pictures/Nigel Dick, Dir.
JULIE'S SONG w/Van Gogh’s Daughter Automatic Productions

HAMLET Simi Valley C.A.C. 1997 Guildenstern Clayworks Theatre Company / Paul Schrier Dir.

Geoffrey Horn / Strasberg, NYC Method Acting Miami, FL
Michael Stark Cold Reading (On camera) Miami, FL

Character Suits, Prosthetics, Scuba Diving (PADI Certified), Firearms, Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Swimming, Bicycling, Baseball, Horseback Riding, Waverunners, Snowmobiles, Boats (Power & Sail), Motorcycles, Weightlifting