Mallala Motorsport Park 18/05/2008

There Has Been 25091 Accesses
Since Tue Oct 1 17:36:52 1996

16/05/20080830F1Ironfarmers HQRA National Series - PP120 Mins 42626n/a
16/05/20080855F2Kerrick Sports Sedans National Series - PP120 Mins 77236n/a
16/05/20080920F3Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge - PP120 Mins 55926n/a
16/05/20080945F4Shannons V8 Touring Car National Series - PP120 Mins 63922n/a
16/05/20081010F5Kumho Tyres Australian F3 Championship - PP130 Mins 61929n/a
16/05/20081045F6Tankworld Australian Supertruck Nationals - PP120 Mins 22921n/a
16/05/20081110F7Ironfarmers HQRA National Series - PP220 Mins 31425n/a
16/05/20081135F8Kerrick Sports Sedans National Series - PP220 Mins 67328n/a
16/05/20081200F9Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge - PP220 Mins 40219n/a
16/05/20081225F10Shannons V8 Touring Car National Series - PP220 Mins 48318n/a
16/05/20081315F11Tankworld Australian Supertruck Nationals - PP220 Mins 16317n/a
16/05/20081340F12Ironfarmers HQRA National Series - PP320 Mins 29624n/a
16/05/20081405F13Kumho Tyres Australian F3 Championship - PP230 Mins 51024n/a
16/05/20081440F14Kerrick Sports Sedans National Series - PP320 Mins 56024n/a
16/05/20081505F15Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge - PP320 Mins 36619n/a
16/05/20081530F16Shannons V8 Touring Car National Series - PP320 Mins 41219n/a
16/05/20081555F17Tankworld Australian Supertruck Nationals - PP320 Mins 20216n/a
17/05/20080830P1Tankworld Australian Supertruck Nationals - PRACTICE20 Mins 18518n/a
17/05/20080855P2Ironfarmers HQRA National Series - PRACTICE 115 Mins 36324n/a
17/05/20080915P3Shannons V8 Touring Car National Series - PRACTICE20 Mins 46220n/a
17/05/20080940P4Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge - PRACTICE20 Mins 36123n/a
17/05/20081005Q1Kumho Tyres Australian F3 Championship - QUALIFYING 120 Mins 69230n/a
17/05/20081030Q2Kerrick Sports Sedans National Series - QUALIFYING 130 Mins 77625n/a
17/05/20081105P5Ironfarmers HQRA National Series - PRACTICE 215 Mins 25020n/a
17/05/20081125Q3Shannons V8 Touring Car National Series - QUALIFYING 120 Mins 42118n/a
17/05/20081150Q4Tankworld Australian Supertruck Nationals - QUALIFYING15 Mins 21116n/a
17/05/20081240Q5Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge - QUALIFYING20 Mins 37219n/a
17/05/20081310Q6Ironfarmers HQRA National Series - QUALIFYING20 Mins 35432n/a
17/05/20081340Q7Kumho Tyres Australian F3 Championship - QUALIFYING 220 Mins 62332n/a
17/05/20081410Q8Shannons V8 Touring Car National Series - QUALIFYING 220 Mins 31918n/a
17/05/20081440Q9Kerrick Sports Sedans National Series - QUALIFYING 230 Mins 57019n/a
17/05/20081515Q10Tankworld Supertrucks - CO-DRIVERS - QUALIFYING15 Mins 10213n/a
17/05/20081540R1Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge - RACE 110 Laps 4052024
17/05/20081605R2Ironfarmers HQRA National Series - RACE 15 Laps 4613843
17/05/20081620R3Shannons V8 Touring Car National Series - RACE 111 Laps 4081819
17/05/20081650R4Kerrick Sports Sedans National Series - RACE 110 Laps 7192624
17/05/20081710R5Tankworld Supertrucks - CO-DRIVERS - RACE 17 Laps 1671317
17/05/20081845R6Ironfarmers HQRA National Series - RACE 239 Laps 4243256
18/05/20080820W1Tankworld Australian Supertruck Nationals - WARM UP15 Mins 10313n/a
18/05/20080840R8Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge - RACE 211 Laps 3972328
18/05/20080910R9Shannons V8 Touring Car National Series - RACE 211 Laps 3881913
18/05/20080940R10Tankworld Australian Supertruck Nationals - RACE 17 Laps 1941318
18/05/20081030R11Ironfarmers HQRA National Series - RACE 36 Laps 3893241
18/05/20081055R12Tankworld Australian Supertruck Nationals - RACE 2
Reverse Grid
7 Laps 1641418
18/05/20081115R13Kerrick Sports Sedans National Series - RACE 2
13 Laps 6663530
18/05/20081200R14Kumho Tyres Australian F3 Championship - RACE 114 Laps 6793946
18/05/20081230R15Shannons V8 Touring Car National Series - RACE 311 Laps 3002425
18/05/20081300R16Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge - RACE 312 Laps 3412127
18/05/20081330R17Tankworld Australian Supertruck Nationals - RACE 3
Reverse Grid
7 Laps 1401918
18/05/20081410R18Ironfarmers HQRA National Series - FINAL12 Laps 3703040
18/05/20081440R19Tankworld Supertrucks - CO-DRIVERS - RACE 2
Reverse Grid
7 Laps 1231514
18/05/20081505R20Kerrick Sports Sedans National Series - RACE 310 Laps 5483834
18/05/20081550R21Kumho Tyres Australian F3 Championship - RACE 214 Laps 6474748
18/05/20081620R22Tankworld Australian Supertruck Nationals - SUPERPRIX10 Laps 2032023
Meeting Points
V8TShannons V8 Touring Car National Series270n/an/a
PGT3Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge247n/an/a
SSEDANSKerrick Sports Sedans National Series364n/an/a
F3Kumho Tyres Australian F3 Championship413n/an/a

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