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  Wed, Jun 18, 2008


The Word Dome - Inside


Take a Virtual Tour of The Word Dome!

Virtual Tour

When God instructed Pastor Mike to build a 3,000-seat dome sanctuary debt-free, many would have said, "That is impossible." But, according to Matthew 19:26, "With men it is impossible, but with God, all things are possible."

God's Word was heard, believed, and spoken. As members, we embraced the Word in our hearts and confessed the existence of the Dome for years before we saw the manifestation. Faith was then added along with giving our tithes and offerings with no outside financial resources, such as loans, utilized. "How could this have been done?" you ask?
Because God is always faithful to His word to perform it.

Facts about the Inside of the Word Dome:

Total square footage - 74,500  feet (60,500 main level, 14,000 second floor)
Seating capacity - 3,015 people
Height - 72 feet
Cost: $15 million - DEBT FREE!

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