IGN BEST PC GAME OF E3 2004  Awesome news as Rome: Total War not only receives best PC strategy game of the show but also best PC game as well!

GAMESPY BEST STRATEGY GAME OF E3 2004 :  Best Strategy Game of E3 Award 2004, for Rome: Total War. Amazing news as Rome: Total War scoops best PC strategy game of the show for the second year in a row!

BEST OF SHOW E3 2004 Rome: Total War receives best of show from!

BEST IN SHOW E3 2004 Rome: Total War receives best in show from Firing Squad!

GAME REVOUTION BEST STRATEGY GAME OF E3 2004 :  Best Strategy Game of E3 Award 2004, for Rome: Total War. Great news as Rome: Total War scoops best Strategy game of the show.!

PC Games Developer of the Year ECTS 2003 This is the second successive year CA has won this award and we are all delighted. ECTS is the only show in Europe where the entire interactive entertainment industry comes together for three days to do business.

BEST STRATEGY GAME OF E3 2003 : The Game Critics Awards are the only independent E3 awards, voted on by editors from nearly 40 leading outlets that cover games - including the top magazines, online sites, newspapers, and television programs.

IGN BEST STRATEGY GAME OF E3 2003 : Best Strategy Game of E3 Award 2003, for Rome: Total War. Also runner up for PC game of show.

GAMESPY BEST STRATEGY GAME OF E3 2003 :  Best Strategy Game of E3 Award 2003, for Rome: Total War.

EDITORS CHOICE GameSpot Best of E3 Award 2003, No. 5 for Rome: Total War.

Best of E3 Award  Wargamer Best of E3 Award 2003, for Rome: Total War.

PC ZONE ESSENTIAL  Award for Medieval: Total War Viking Invasion. "The expansion pack of the year."

Editors' Choice Award (August 2003)  Computer Gaming World Award for Medieval: Total War Viking Invasion.

BEST GAME OF ALL TIME Fantastic news as we take the top spot in PC Gamer's top 100 PC games of all time (2002). After several years at number one, Half-life bows out gracefully to third place while Medieval: Total War lords it at number one, directly above Deus Ex. With two other such outstanding games sharing the podium, this is a stellar achievement and the whole team at Creative Assembly are over the moon to receive this honour.

"It was the only contender."
PC Gamer Issue 166.

GAMESPOT BEST STRATEGY GAME 2002 : Best Single-Player Strategy Game on PC Award 2002, for Medieval: Total War.

GAMESPY BEST STRATEGY GAME 2002 : Best Strategy Game on PC Award 2002, for Medieval: Total War.

BAFTA INTERACTIVE ENTERTAINMENT AWARDS : We were delighted to accept a Bafta for the music in Shogun Total War Warlord Edition.

DEVELOPER OF THE YEAR In addition to all the accolades we've been receiving for Medieval: Total War, we were particularly proud to have recently been awarded one of the most prestigious awards in the European interactive entertainment industry. We won the PC Gamer sponsored PC GAME DEVELOPER OF THE YEAR award. This is a remarkable achievement - and is the icing on the cake for all the hard work that the entire Medieval team have put in to the game over the last year or so.

EMMA The Creative Assembly becomes a 2002 International EMMA winner with Medieval - Total War in Technical Excellence - Sound.
"The game soundtrack and score is lush, well-mixed, and adds dynamically to the gameplay. The extensive diverse musical tracks sound authentic and fully engage the user. Bravo!"

WarGamer.Com 2002 Strategy Game of the Year- Medieval: Total War

WarGamer.Com readers selected: 2002 Strategy Game of the Year- Medieval: Total War

WarGamer.Com 2002 Game of the Year Bronze- Medieval: Total War

WarGamer.Com 2002 Developer of the Year Bronze- Creative Assembly Seal Of Excellence"Medieval set high standards for itself and achieved its goals. The forums at Creative Assembly are chock-full of warnings to newcomers that wife and children (or husband and children) won't understand your new attachment to your computer." Seal Of Excellence.
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Medieval Total War was featured on the 2002 September cover of "Giochi per il Mio Computer" magazine. We got 9/10 in the review and "Game of the Month Award".vist

PC GAMER: PC GAMER GAME OF DISTINCTION 2001: 95%. "Total War, total strategy, total genius. Strategy gaming doesn't get any better than this."

"Hear these words and hear them well: this is the best strategy game money can buy."

"When we talk about strategy gaming as a whole, it's Shogun that rules supreme. And now it's even better."

"...confirms that Shogun dominates the genre."

"Creative Assembly have somehow managed to add several layers of depth and originality to an already critically acknowledged masterpiece"

"One of the most absorbing multi-player experiences you're ever likely to play."


Check out for a complete list of online reviews. 9.5/10 June 2000
"Shogun meets and exceeds expectations, from the finely constructed scene-setting movie for the campaign, which combines in-game, rendered cut-scenes with 500-year-old Japanese illustrations, to the excellently balanced strategy game combining resource management with intrigue, conquest and 3D battles."

Computer Gaming World: 4.5/5 and the Editor's Choice Award. September 2000
"Shogun possesses an impressive amount of depth and replay value in both strategy and tactical gameplay making it the leading candidate for strategy game of the year."

PC Gamer: 92% and Game of the Month. May 2000
"...the whole spectra of conflict within a game."

Gamers Central: 5/5 July 2000
"This gem of a game shines with great features that have been honed and polished by the designers. They have been implemented to near perfection giving the game a sleek feel and making it a complete package."

PC Player: 94% and Player Slayer Award. May 2000
"Shogun is the next step in gaming, as accessible and fun as C&C but with vast scope and grand aspirations." 5/5, Award for Excellence August 2000 and runner-up Game of the Year 2000.
"...a brilliant, unique game package which has been put together with great care and attention to detail; the entire game was created with a sensitive artistic touch, making it a strong contender for best wargame of the year, and certainly meriting The Wargamer Award for Excellence."

Arcade: 5/5 and PC Game of the Month. June 2000
"If you take into account the excellent multi-player game, then not only is this warfare on an epic scale, it’s gaming on an epic scale as well."

PC Zone: 93% and Classic Award. June 2000
"This is the game that all new RTS titles will be judged against. The most realistic, involving and playable strategy game you’re likely to find."

PC Format: 91% and Gold Award. July 2000
"...borrows the best elements from turn-based strategy, weaves in an exciting campaign, and succeeds in moving the genre beyond the C&C wannabe-stagnation that's set in over the last couple of years."
PC Gaming World: 5/5 and Essential Game Award. June 2000
"...brilliant turn-based strategy, brilliant real-time strategy. My choice for the best strategy game of the past two years."

PC Gameplay: 92% and Gold Award. June 2000
"Incredibly playable - an epic real-time strategy game with enormous depth, historical accuracy and gorgeous 3D battlefields."
EA Sports Rugby for the PS2

"An enjoyable romp that captures the spirit of the sport with fast paced action and simple controls." PS2 Station Magazine: 85%.

EA Sports Rugby 2001 for the PC

"EA's Rugby is a significant step forward for the sport and deserves a place in any sports fan's game collection."

"If you're a fan of Rugby I have three words for you...BUY THIS GAME."

"With motion-captured action, superbly realistic skins and models, greener-than-green grass, and almost photo-realistic venues, Rugby 2001 looks fantastic - and you can play it in video options ranging all the way up to 3d-accelerated 1600x1200 in 32-bit colour."

"The crowds roar, the forwards grunt, and the bone-crunching tackles sound truly bone-crunching. The commentary is professional and from two commentators who know rugby inside-out."

"Scarily lifelike reproductions of the real players' and teams' characteristics, this is as real as it gets. And the ref plays a nice advantage too! Artificial Intelligence gets 10 out of 10."

"Slick and professional, Rugby 2001 maintains EA Sports' high standards. The box is pretty, the installer is entertaining, and the pre-game menus and configuration screens look great."

"Up to four players can play at once using the same PC, and it's great fun."

"9 out of 10...BUY THIS GAME. Get some payback."

All quotes taken from PLAYNOW.COM review of RUGBY 2001