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On its major-label debut, this Long Island quartet keeps up the mildly nuanced emo sound trotted out on 2003's pretty good Deja Entendu: There's an eerie choir ("Degausser"), a power-pop facsimile ("Archers") and a ballad suaver and sexier than most emo slow jams ("Jesus Christ"). But the selling -- and sticking -- point is still dark drama, with shadowy, shimmery textures, agonized choruses and frontman Jesse Lacey yowling away and dropping ponderous poetry like a guy with his heart on his sleeve and a couple of philosophy books on his shelf. Brand New's attack can be action-packed, as the shredding "You Won't Know" proves, and unlike many of the group's peers, the soft parts aren't there just to set up the loud parts. But too much of The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me is just kind of heavy, and very so-so.


(Posted: Nov 15, 2006)


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Review 1 of 41

PlayCrackTheSky writes:

5of 5 Stars

"The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me" is my favorite Brand New album. Brand New has surpassed my expectations, releasing three fantastic albums, back to back to back. Each album has its own distinct sound, each more lyrically and artistically mature than the last. "The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me" is arguably the best of all the Brand New albums. For hardcore fans of "Your Favourite Weapon", this disc might not be what you were hoping for, less pop oriented and more dramatic than the first album. But for those partial to "Deja Entendu", this album won't disappoint, taking the lyrical genius from "Deja Entendu" and adding new twists. Another bonus? Brand New is absolutely astonishing in concert performing songs from their most recent album. A Brand New fan could not ask for more.

Jul 19, 2007 11:16:14

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Review 2 of 41

ashleytometich writes:

4of 5 Stars

one thing that amazes me about brand new, is that they have exceeded my expectations for the devil and god are raging inside me. I was worried that deja entendu would be their peak.this album is beyond adjectives would do any justice.the devil and god are raging inside me is on a whole new level. A level of music and art I never knew exsisted. the only reason i didnt give this cd 5 stars is because brand new is like a rose to me. every album is like a new layer of petals blossoming.each one is different and beautiful in its own way.

May 15, 2007 22:23:50

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Review 3 of 41

angie051884 writes:

5of 5 Stars

OK...I must admit that when i first heard it, it wasn't what I was expecting and it did just get better and better. Simply said. Now, i still cannot take it out of my CD player except when I am afraid i will get sick of it. :) The lyrics and musical value have imprinted into my whole self in that way that i cannot rid. I think that the album is on most levels, genious. If it takes three years to create something this perfect yet not, give them four more. It is almost like being spoiled but i dooo want more. The good alone is so much better than the bad that the best makes it almost perfect.

Mar 15, 2007 08:28:09

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Review 4 of 41

MysticalGenesis writes:

5of 5 Stars

The more I listen to the album, the better it gets. The band has definitely made a concerted attempt to distance themselves from the emo/pop-punk movement they were lumped into in the early part of the decade. The tracks on this new offering are for the most part unsettled, stuttering and shifting, moving from channel to channel, vocals across and on top of vocals. It's much more dense and difficult than anything the band has ever done.

For one thing, this gives vocalist Jesse Lacey a chance to expand his delivery. He takes completely different vocal approaches to most of the songs, such as the pop-inflected Archers, the paranoia throughout Limousine, and Not the Sun, which honestly sounds like it features a number of guest singers.

Lacey isn't the only one that's changed; the band have improved their skills since we last saw them. Vin Accardi has developed into a dynamic guitarist, infusing songs with energy, macabre, beauty, or despair, as each track calls for. Drummer Brian Lane can be seen taking risks with paraddidle in Archers, banging upon his toms on Millstone, or moving across time signatures in Not the Sun. Even at the most modest position in a rock band, bassist Garrett Tierney deserves mention. He provides a unique voice to tracks like Degausser, as well as anchoring the band when they start to noodle in tracks like Limousine.

Throughout every song, the guitars are thicker and more omnipresent than on Deja Entendu. They stutter and stomp and build tension, and the band wears this newfound sense of dynamics proudly, showcasing it boldly in the opening track, as well as in tracks like Degausser and You Won't Know. Hell, even the two instrumental tracks (aghast! Instrumental emo!) are worth listening to, with Welcome to Bangkok providing the most effective pure guitar attack on the album.

My only complaint might be that with Deja Entendu, the music served as the foil for Lacey's lyrics; the imagery came first, and the instrumentation second. Now, in attempting to expand the sonic palette in their new recording, Lacey seems to have neglected his wordplay, resulting in sometimes clunky metaphors and a generally underdeveloped flow.

The overall impression, however, is one of a band that has found a unique voice, driving their music and their passion forward, while not completely alienating their fans from previous albums. Brand New has cemented their place in the alternative rock landscape, and the band remains one to watch in the years to come. I can't wait to see what the kids from Long Island have up their sleeves for their forthcoming release. Highly Recommended.

Jan 18, 2007 16:30:50

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Review 5 of 41

patrick11144 writes:

5of 5 Stars

Christian Hoard has no idea what he is talking about and manages to sound foolish and arrogant at the same time. Granted, some people have different musical tastes, but there should be no denying the beauty, genius and talent that are apparent on this album, even if it's not your favorite.

It took only a quick google search of Christian Hoard's reviews to reveal that many people think his reviews are ignorant and lazy, and some people very strongly believe he should be fired. One of the only bands I found that he gave a favorable review for was the Yeah Yeah Yeah's. Point proven.

Two words of advice for Christian. Listen to a CD more than a couple times before you give it a review. And don't call this album emo; it just makes you sound stupid. To everyone else: this is a masterpiece of a concept album. Please don't let Christian's bias against anyone once labelled emo turn you away. Expect more greatness from these guys in years to come (and check out Deja Entendu as well, an equally amazing album for completely different reasons).

Dec 15, 2006 06:16:38

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Review 6 of 41

ilikemusic23 writes:

4of 5 Stars

4 1/2 Christian's review is insufficient at best. For an album
as layered and thick as this one, i would have expected the
reviewer to have written at least double what we see above.
Had Christian looked a little closer he would have found a
band that has long transcended the emo label, and has
stepped into territory very few are exploring. The devil and
god is a heavy album ripe with an honest exploration of life's
most important and horrifying questions. Very rarely do i see
an artist explore this subject with such a flawless poetic
stroke, as we see here. Lacey captures the depths and
nuances of an existential crisis with raw and honest insight.
Listening to the album may cause you to feel an overwhelimg
sense of being lost, as the loneliness of the search bleeds
through musically and lyrically. Lacey has a perspicacity that
is very rare among artists today and he is one that cannot
simply be glossed over. The album is riddled with biblical
references (millstone, jesus christ are the most obvious ones),
and if caught they provide a hidden layer of lyrical content
that is not always apparent on the first listen. This album
may require a little research, and if done it makes the album
that much more rewarding. Musically this album captures the
tone that one searches for answers in. Heavy, wailing, yelling
at times. Musically matching the emotions and feelings of an
artist who is searching for some understanding in the midst
of loss and confusion. If grief, confusion, and an honest
search got together and made an album, it might sound eerily
similar to the Devil and God are Raging Inside Me.

Dec 10, 2006 12:48:48

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Review 7 of 41

clayinyrhands writes:

3of 5 Stars

I have been a big fan of Brand New since their early "Your Favorite Weapon" days. Their ability to create such honest songs in such an original way is a rare thing to find in their particular "emo rock" genre. Their musical progression from "Your Favorite Weapon" to "Deja Entendu" was quite clear, more defined and less of a pop sound. When I first listened to "The Devil and God..." I was a little confused to hear how the guitars seemed to drown out Jesse's great vocals. Where "Deja Entendu" was a sound dedication to his ability to weave original poetic melodies, blunt lyrics, soaked in honesty. "The Devil and God..." is more of a tribute to the honest, edgy side of their sound. Jesse's more aggresive vocals compliment this sound very well. In my opinion, the first half of the album is better than the second half. However, overall my favorite song on the album is the 12th track "The Archers Bows Have Broken." Like I said, overall a good album, but if you're looking for a similar sound to "Deja Entendu", or "Your Favorite Weapon", you wont find much of it here.

Dec 2, 2006 10:49:50

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Review 8 of 41

Yurfrendenmein85 writes:

4of 5 Stars

"Deja Etendu" was a pretty decent record. However, this record shines even more so. Brand New did a really good job progressing as artists. I say artists for a reason. I think Laceys voice follows the music in this album really well. I also enjoy the balance on the record. It sooths you and rocks your face off, equally. I was falling asleep with my girl and I had the record playing quite quietly and it was amazing. My girl passed out but I stayed up and rocked out, staring at my ceiling. This record is Brand New's best effort thus far. And folks, it's only going to get better from here.

Dec 1, 2006 06:46:15

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