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Last Updated: June 19, 2008 12:16 AM

SLIPKNOT To Release Free Single On Friday - June 18, 2008
According to, SLIPKNOT will release a brand new track, "All Hope Is Gone", as a free download single this Friday (June 20). The title cut of the band's new album will be available for free from the Roadrunner Records web site for a period of 24 hours beginning at midnight EST, then will be available as a download single from digital retailers like iTunes and Napster on June 23.

"'All Hope Is Gone' is a classic-style SLIPKNOT track pure and simple, but this fucker is jacked up a few thousand volts!" drummer Joey Jordison told Kerrang! "The song, music and theme speak for itself. It's a song about the world at stake: all the situations at hand, be it personal or worldly, and trying to turn things into a positive. Sometimes you have to face the grotesque to bring about something amazing."

Jordison revealed that "All Hope Is Gone" is a true collaborative effort and was one of the final songs recorded for the band's follow-up to 2004's "Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses)", which is also called "All Hope Is Gone".

"I actually demoed this song alone and didn't know what would come of it as we were nearing the end of the album," he said. "I was hoping it would make it. I knew it would, once everyone spewed their venom upon it.

"A lot of the grind riffs for the verses changed into riffs Paul [Gray, bassist] had years ago, way before SLIPKNOT," he added. "Funny how things won't die. Mick [Thomson, guitarist] came in and fucking set fire to the track and Jim [Root, guitarist] followed as well. Once Corey [Taylor, frontman] put his fucking vocals on it, that was it, man. That guy's voice and conviction could sell narcotics to a nun."

SLIPKNOT's new album, "All Hope Is Gone", will be released on August 26 via Roadrunner Records. The CD was recorded this spring in SLIPKNOT's home state of Iowa and was co-produced by the band and Dave Fortman (EVANESCENCE, MUDVAYNE).

"All Hope is Gone" is more of a statement than a record. Singer Corey Taylor commented, "Every album we have made is a statement about that space in time. I think this era is the most mature, most beautiful and the most powerful. We have made an album that will show the road behind, the road ahead, and where we are as men. I think it's the best thing I've ever made. And I challenge anyone to prove me wrong."

Taylor told last month that "All Hope Is Gone" will "rip your face off," adding, "I don't think the world will be ready for this album." Taylor described the new record as having "so much power in it and yet there are so many great spots for melody...It's a controlled chaos that hits you right out of the gate."

Taylor, who also fronts the more melodic STONE SOUR, said that his vocals are in a similar vein on this SLIPKNOT outing. He explained, "I got to the point where I was tired of pretending that I couldn't sing every time I made a SLIPKNOT album, so this time I'm going all out."

As for the album's lyrical direction, Taylor revealed, "Instead of bitching about what went wrong in my life, I'm bitching about what's wrong in life, period."

The album's first single, "Psychosocial", will be delivered to radio on June 30 and will be available digitally on July 1. A complete track listing will be announced shortly.

New images on SLIPKNOT's official web site have hinted at a change in the masks and costumes that are a trademark of the Iowa-based nine-piece. Taylor described the new outfits as "evolved," adding that they are "very dark and will fit in everything image-wise that we're making with this album."

The Rockstar Energy trek, which SLIPKNOT is co-headlining with DISTURBED, kicks off on July 9 in Seattle.

(Thanks: Danny Stone)
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COMMENT | Good Track...
posted by : Cloud Connected
6/18/2008 10:41:13 AM

and I thought all hopes were gone for slipknot after vol3...

posted by : smoothie133
6/18/2008 11:00:05 AM

the song sounds good its a mix of all the things they have done but it sound more like Iowa era

posted by : Frankz0rz
6/18/2008 11:05:12 AM

Its been leaked since June 16.. It was available on the french iTunes for a short while..

posted by : The Grand Wizard
6/18/2008 11:18:08 AM

Is it anti-Bush? I only support anti-Bush music.

COMMENT | amazing track
posted by : krztoff
6/18/2008 11:25:21 AM

Grabbed it a few days ago and I can't stop listening to it. Killer riffs, nice solo, and amazing drumming. The new album will be their best.

posted by : Haunted/Hated
6/18/2008 11:33:57 AM

The first couple of posts sounds like actual opinions instead of the usual stupid comments, well with the exception of The Grand Wizard...

I think this could be a promising album...

COMMENT | I can't wait!!
posted by : mastronaut
6/18/2008 11:43:37 AM

It HAS to be better than Stone Sour, That band is killing Corey's aggression with the constant touring. Fun band, but keep it in the garage!

COMMENT | Great track....
posted by : lucaplakia
6/18/2008 11:57:57 AM

The rawness of the production seems to be back from the first album. I'm really digging that. The song is catchy as fuck. Let Joey write and arrange everything from now on. I'm hoping the album has 10-12 others that rock like this one.

COMMENT | !!!!!
posted by : Gutbuster
6/18/2008 12:16:19 PM

Seriously, why are these guys still around? Stop polluting the world with crappy music!!!!! ENOUGH ALREADY!!! I CAN'T STAND THIS F'N BAND!!!!!

Now Playing = Celtic Frost - Dethroned Emperor
(real music with substance and lasting appeal!)

posted by : GODSMACKER
6/18/2008 12:31:55 PM

Bad ass song! If the song sounds like the rest of the album then it will be a killer one indeed!

COMMENT | Kiler song
posted by : jeanrigo
6/18/2008 12:40:57 PM

I agree. I hope the album folow this track style.

COMMENT | crap
posted by : cronos14616
6/18/2008 1:02:38 PM

sounds awful...

posted by : krztoff
6/18/2008 1:19:38 PM

"Now Playing = Celtic Frost - Dethroned Emperor
(real music with substance and lasting appeal!)"

Get the fuck out of here with your black metal garbage. Real substance? Yeah, let's worship Satan, burn down churches, and pretend to drink blood, because that sort of content is FULL of substance and lasting appeal, right? We're such badass Satanists, man, so don't fuck with us!

Slipknot > any black metal band ever

Oh, and even though I don't believe in measuring a band's worth by their popularity, popularity still speaks volumes about lasting appeal.

-Myspace Hits-

Celtic Frost: 573,562
Slipknot: 18,075,610

HAHAHAHAA 18 MILLION vs. half a million. Yeah, Celtic Frost is REALLY APPEALING!

COMMENT | nice
posted by : muzikwhore13
6/18/2008 1:30:59 PM

I'm looking forward to seeing what they pull out of their ass. Mature aggression and painfully thumping riffs.... is what i hope for. We'll see.............

COMMENT | wow thats all i got say wow
posted by : jsoto12
6/18/2008 1:46:24 PM

The song sound s so clutter i wish they get rid of the other members or just use them as props lol... and theres a solo in the song wtf they taking a q from Machine Head , solos are good but seriously this band would sound better if they where 5 piece band not 9 because the other 4 dont actually play instrustments except maybe the dj or whatever they lable it.. off course i bet when the album comes out there probably better songs on it just like VOl 3 the single was okay but alot of the songs were great but thats my opinion...

COMMENT | To quote an equally shitty band,
posted by : hurricane hugo
6/18/2008 1:54:03 PM

"Gotta get away from the same-old same-old"



COMMENT | Hats off to krztoff
posted by : smarX
6/18/2008 2:00:22 PM

krztoff, you're my hero. I've never seen slipknot bashing dealt with so perfectly.

stay sic till 8-26!

COMMENT | krztoff = mallcore loser
posted by : Gutbuster
6/18/2008 2:12:34 PM

Well i guess there are 18,075,610 loser Slipknot fans like you still living in mommy and daddys basement thinking this crap is real music. Yeah great comeback kid, go worship some mask wearing no talent hacks. Real men listen to black metal, go on kid and stay "safe" with Shitknot. Lame, very lame.

posted by : mastronaut
6/18/2008 2:29:23 PM

Celtic Frost: 573,562
Slipknot: 18,075,610

HAHAHAHAA 18 MILLION vs. half a million. Yeah, Celtic Frost is REALLY APPEALING!

krztoff you are a fucking joke! Thats not even Black Metal, they're glam rock, go listen to Belphegor 'Bondage Goat Zombie' who stomp
on Celtic Frost, hell even Dimmu Borgir annihilate those fags....

COMMENT | "Mom's basement"
posted by : cirkis
6/18/2008 2:32:47 PM

I find the "Living in Mom's basement" arguement comes up on blabbermouth quite often. It's sort of the ultimate insult around here. I'd just like to go on record and say that if any of you really do live in your Mom's basement, I take no issue with that, depending on the quality of said basement. If I lived in the same state as my parents, I would take no issue living in their basement, due to the overall aesthetic value and quality, not to mention free rent. I have a nice apartment in a rather affluent Chicago neighborhood, but it costs me well over $1000 a month. And it's still not as nice as my Mom's basement.

I guess the main point of this post is that I have no opinion on Slipknot, one way or the other.

COMMENT | Celtic Frost glam rock???!!!
posted by : Gutbuster
6/18/2008 2:36:22 PM

Did i miss something here? Since when is Celtic Frost glam rock (besides the Cold Lake CD they released, i know, i know what an embarrassment!). Dimmu Borgir are better than Celtic Frost, are you on drugs son? Dimmu Borgir are nothing but lame, girl appealing bubble chewing "black" metal, just like Cradle Of Filth. And Belphegor are just lame 4th rate black metal at best. Get your facts straight!

COMMENT | SlipSour StoneKnot
posted by : DeChoader666
6/18/2008 2:41:37 PM

This track is decent. I found it on Playlist a few days ago. It doesn't melt your face off, but it's got more balls than pretty much anything off Vol III (not saying much). Corey seems to be singing somewhere between the early days and StoneSour's latest.

posted by : krztoff
6/18/2008 2:46:27 PM

"Well i guess there are 18,075,610 loser Slipknot fans like you still living in mommy and daddys basement thinking this crap is real music. Yeah great comeback kid, go worship some mask wearing no talent hacks. Real men listen to black metal, go on kid and stay "safe" with Shitknot. Lame, very lame."

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH! Wow, Gutbuster, you got me good, I must certainly not be a "real man" since I don't listen to black metal. First of all, if you look at the post below yours by mastronaut - who apparently likes black metal, too - he makes very amusing comments regarding your gay-ass psuedo-black metal band Celtic Frost. What's worse than a satan worshipping, untalented black metal band like Belphegor or Dimmu Borgir (both of whom are fucking gay as shit)? A FAKE BLACK METAL BAND like Celtic Frost hahahahahaha. So go fuck yourself, Mr. I'm a real man because I listen to black metal.

And I also love the ridiculous assumption you make about knowing something about me, aside from my preference to Slipknot over black metal. I'm 27 years old, asshole, and I work as an audio engineer at a major studio here in my city (which I'll leave out so as not to provide too much information about myself; I wouldn't want some homo-ass black metal worshipper to look me up and try to rape my while screaming about your love for satan). But good job at projecting yourself onto me; it's now obvious that you're some depressed goth kid-turned black metal. I won't speculate on whether you still live at home or not, because in all honesty it's not relevant to musical preference anyway; but, if I had to make a wild guess, I'd say you're about 20 years old, broke, fat, unintelligent, wildly flamboyant and a closet homosexual, and living in some shithole basement apartment because you decided college wasn't as "man enough" as devoting your life to satanic endeavors.

You're pathetic, and it's hilarious. Have fun being a "real man" as the rest of the world goes on not giving a shit.

posted by : Bonzi
6/18/2008 2:46:34 PM

I love when they always pull out the "still living in mommy's and daddy's basement" line, or calling everyone a kid. True keyboard warrior style. Go study some old blabbermouth threads and get some new material.

Real men listen to black metal? Just...haha.

On a real note. If the album is anything like this track, then it sounds extremely promising. Good to hear Slipknot maturing with each album released.

posted by : krztoff
6/18/2008 2:48:28 PM

Unlike you, I do not worship ANY band. I merely respect their talent and like their music, dickweed.

Worship is for brainwashed turds like yourself.

posted by : Sidgeaberration
6/18/2008 2:50:02 PM

there is something lame about name dropping bands that have suposed more credability than others
anyway i like the tune

COMMENT | krztoff
posted by : Gutbuster
6/18/2008 2:53:07 PM

krztoff, you really have a problem with me? By the way douche, I'm 35 with a masters degree in construction and mechanical engineering and make $188,000 a year as vice president of a major construction company here in the city, feeling stupid aren't you?
Do the world a favor and just die, go away little boy, mommys calling you. Go fetch.

COMMENT | Can't hold my tongue any longer...
posted by : The Commish
6/18/2008 2:59:15 PM

You know I've been visiting this website for years now and I have never been compelled to respond or voice my opinion until today. I'm just sick and tired of people thinking they're opinion is THE FACT OF THE MATTER. First of all, if everyone listened to the same exact bands, the metal scene in general would be pretty fucking boring like pop music is. Secondly, this tired argument of a band not being worthy of people like gutbuster's ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY seal of approval is more washed up then say, CELTIC FROST? Yes, slipknot has a lot of fans, Celtic Frost does not. Are YOU cooler because you've got the inside track on what "real" metal is? Or is it that you have an identity crisis and the only thing that saves you from your own dull existence is the fact that you think you're special because you happen to like a band that doesn't have as much, say, mass appeal? The 15 year old kids listen to what they listen to because they LIKE IT, not because they're trying to prove something about their "thorough" knowledge of metal music. And yes, I at one time would not like a band simply because they were popular, but I've grown up. Perhaps a few of you should do the same....

Oh and bye the way, all of you slamming slipknot because they're slipknot, YOU ARE the ones who have superficial reasons for liking a band. Listen to what sounds good to YOU and otherwise shut the fuck up!!!

PS- The new slipknot is a step back in the right direction, in my HUMBLE opinion.

posted by : krztoff
6/18/2008 3:01:45 PM

Well, if you're really 35 years old and you still listen to black metal, that makes you even more pathetic than I initially thought.

Secondly, seeing as how it's either 1, 2, or 3pm (depending on where you are in the states) and you're sitting here arguing with me, I sincerely doubt you maintain the position you claim to have. Wouldn't a 35 year old vice president who makes almost $200k a year have something more important to do with his time than post nonsense on blabbermouth? LOL! On the other hand, I DO have time to sit here and argue because, frankly, I find it highly entertaining, and, secondly, I speak the truth about my profession, and I do not have a band coming into the studio until 8pm tonight, so I can go all day long, buddy!

And, also, if you're REALLY 35, then you're obviously just a moron because you can't think of anything more creative than reverting back to the comments about calling me a "kid" or "little boy". What kind of insult is that, anyway? If I were really a kid, I'd take no offense to it; but seeing as I'm an adult, it's merely laughable and entertaining to witness your infantilism.

Keep on being a man! But let me tell you, if you really construct buildings, I'd love to know where so I can stay the hell out of them. If your insults reveal anything about your intelligence, then those buildings are going to crumble anyday now!

COMMENT | the commish
posted by : krztoff
6/18/2008 3:03:10 PM

THANK GOODNESS.....there's at least one person on here with a significant amount of intelligence.

COMMENT | The Commish
posted by : Gutbuster
6/18/2008 3:04:51 PM

I'm not pushing my seal of approval as to what "real" metal is, and i'm not saying i'm cooler than everyone here, i'm just expressing my opinion, thats all, just like you. To me, Shit = Shit and thats what Slipknot is, thats something that will never change.

COMMENT | Truthfully
posted by : SlackerOne
6/18/2008 3:05:51 PM

This may be the first Slipknot album I hear. So much hate for them by trendsters like gutbuster compell me to listen.

COMMENT | how about this?
posted by : smarX
6/18/2008 3:07:11 PM

they should make a TV show like the old jerry springer show and the guests would all be blabbermouth users. I'd watch it.

COMMENT | krztoff
posted by : Gutbuster
6/18/2008 3:13:18 PM

I have all the time in the world little man, all the time in the world, my work day starts at 5:30am while your still in bed sucking on your thumb caressing your little Slipknot dolls while i do something important in my life and help better society. At the end of the day what did you accomplish krztoff? Sitting in a studio all day long doing nothing? Playing with knobs, i hear you're really good at that! Real accomplishment there! AND your so called "comebacks" are really lame, i don't have time to play with insignificant jackoffs like you, go die, your done!!

COMMENT | For what it's worth...
posted by : DeChoader666
6/18/2008 3:14:14 PM

Arguing on the interweb is a lot like the special olympics. Even if you "win", you can still end up looking pretty F'n retarded. I am a 7 and a half yr old who lives in my mom's basement and make zero dollars a year. I do construction as well...with Legos. I even dabble a tad in the audio realm via my RockBand alter ego. I get paid in Oreos and that's alright by me. My favorite band is Goatwhore and I love second grade. Have at it!!!

COMMENT | DeChoader666
posted by : Gutbuster
6/18/2008 3:17:01 PM

DeChoader666, HAHAHAHAHA!!!! You just made my day brother, thank you, that was really funny!!!! :-)

COMMENT | hey everyone
posted by : dedman88
6/18/2008 3:24:34 PM

youre ALL living in mommy and daddys basement. why? because you all whine like 15 years!

COMMENT | ...and the infantilism continues
posted by : krztoff
6/18/2008 3:27:21 PM

"Help better society"

-How, by releasing copious amounts of carbon emissions into the atmosphere with the terribly fuel inefficient trucks and other machinery that contractors use all day long? Or maybe it's all the chemicals that you release into the nearby streams/rivers/oceans with the various factories your company utilizes to make supplies that go into the buildings? No, no, I got's creating skyscrapers that are ever-larger so that the next terrorist attack can take out tens of thousands of people!

Give me a break and get over yourself. Rarely do I hear such blatant pretentiousness spewing like vomit from a moron like yourself. Your profession obviously creates jobs for people, but it's far and away something that helps better society. Some examples of people who TRULY help better society? How about the teachers who help spread knowledge to children? Social workers who devote all of their time to helping the underprivileged, or activists who fight to maintain freedom or who help to fight hunger in third world countries. Perhaps the doctors and scientists who constantly strive to rid the world of cancer, AIDS, and other horrific diseases, or the firemen who risk their lives every single day to save someone else. THOSE are examples of people who help shape our world for the better. Your job is just a job, so get over yourself.

And to point out the obvious contradiction of you accusing me of not doing anything with myself - I would NEVER in my right mind assert that my profession helps change the world. I'm an audio engineer, a slave to the entertainment industry. But guess what? Without people like me, bands would not have the opportunity to make albums; and seeing as how you hold music so dear to your heart, well, without people like me even shitty bands like Celtic Frost wouldn't be fuck off.

And, please, keep on coming at me with the childish comments about me sucking my thumb of playing with Slipknot dolls; yet again you revert back to this stupid shit. Do you realize how ridiculous you sound? Or can't you get that through your thick skull? Do I need to spell it out in blood for you, since that's what you seem to like? Get the hell out of here. I'm done with you, I just had to put my last 2 cents in.

COMMENT | to kjackoff
posted by : dedman88
6/18/2008 3:32:10 PM

cant everyone have an opinion? youre an ass btw. and in my OPINION i think celtic frost is better slipknot. what are you gonna do? make fun of me too?

posted by : cirkis
6/18/2008 3:33:33 PM

So I'm going to the bar after I get out of the office. My drinkin' buddies have elected me in charge of picking the venue. These are the two best bar specials tonight:

Choice #1) $5 any entree, $3 any draft

Choice #2) 10 cent wings, $12 bucks of beer (Coors Light)

What are your thoughts? Help me decide.

posted by : Siam Star
6/18/2008 3:35:19 PM

I'm looking forward to this album. I've always been a fan of slipknot, they've evolved well. I could do without the stupid masks and all that bullshit but the music is always good and that's all that matters.

posted by : Siam Star
6/18/2008 3:37:40 PM

Are you guys seriously arguing over who has the better job? Fucking pathetic.

COMMENT | dedman88
posted by : krztoff
6/18/2008 3:40:25 PM

I've grown tired of arguing with imbeciles, but I'll agree with you on one thing; an opinion is an opinion, and opinions are obviously subjective. I don't care whether someone likes a band more than another one. But what's the point of expressing your dislike for a band in the comments section when you know damn well it's going to start a controversy. I didn't start attacking gutbuster because he came here and said something like, "I like Celtic Frost better than Slipknot"; instead, he comes here and starts talking garbage by saying something to the extent of, "Slipknot is shit, go listen to some REAL music like Celtic Frost." That type of comment is opinionated, but it's also a direct attack at the band who a lot of people like. There's a difference between expressing an opinion and talking shit. THAT's why I went at him. If you can't understand that, then you can kindly fuck off, too.

COMMENT | we are slipknot
posted by : dedman88
6/18/2008 3:40:34 PM

we r br00tal with our turntables and super crappy riffs. maggots are so fuckin nu metal "how dare you insult 'knot im gonna write a song about you and its gonna have rapped vox and turntables. ill show you, meanie!"

COMMENT | Siam Star
posted by : krztoff
6/18/2008 3:41:27 PM

I'm not arguing over who has the better job. Read more closely; he claims to have a job that 'betters the world'. I had to point out how pretentious and stupid that comment is.

COMMENT | kjackoff
posted by : dedman88
6/18/2008 3:46:45 PM

i get what youre saying but youre no better than him when you put dumb shit like "you can kindly fuck off too" or what the fuck it was that you said. it takes two to argue and you were definately involved that screaming match with him you teabag. neither of you proved anything.

posted by : Siam Star
6/18/2008 3:47:32 PM

This board has to be easier to troll than any other board on the entire intraweb. All you have to do is start each post with "This band SUCKS!" And people will write an entire novel explaining to you exactly why this band doesn't suck.

Words on a screen, man. Just words on a screen.

COMMENT | kjackoff
posted by : dedman88
6/18/2008 3:52:54 PM

shut the fuck up, you were arguing and if you werent, he wouldnt have been arguing back. teabag.

COMMENT | uhhh?
posted by : krztoff
6/18/2008 3:56:49 PM

Did I ever say I wasn't arguing? GODDAMNIT LEARN TO READ PEOPLE.

And I really don't know what a teabag is or why it's an insult, so keep on calling me whatever you want. I'm done with arguing, this has gotten really old.


posted by : Siam Star
6/18/2008 4:04:58 PM

I think it's obvious that some of you failed to read the rules...

"As a registered user, you agree not to post any abusive, obscene, defamatory, racist, homophobic or threatening material"

I can understand abusive, obscene, defamatory, racist, and even threatening material not being allowed in the posts but homophobic??? Come on! What's a message board without a couple of good fag jokes.

posted by : Gutbuster
6/18/2008 4:07:53 PM

I just got home from work, logged on and laughed my ass off, krztoff doesn't know what "teabag" means?!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! Priceless!!!! This guy has issues, WOW, what a loser!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

COMMENT | Gutbuster VS. krztoff
posted by : faithnomore4ever
6/18/2008 4:10:43 PM

Main event Next monday night on WWE raw.

Just after that John Cena VS. Triple H match.

Seriously guys you are both adults, but still even more enterntaining than a 12 years old catfight.... ssshhhhh!!!! Catfight!!!

Keep on going my day's kind of boring at work today.

Anyways Faith No More and Voivod blows away both Slipknot and Celtic Frost (even if I like them both as well)

COMMENT | gutbuster
posted by : dedman88
6/18/2008 4:15:51 PM

of course he doesnt know what a teabag is, he's teabag! i mean fuck, all he did was act like was better than the black metal guys. "slipknot rocks, how dare you disagree!" and to siamstar, fag jokes make this site awesome lmao

COMMENT | faithnomore4ever
posted by : Gutbuster
6/18/2008 4:17:21 PM

HAHAHAHA, very funny faithnomore4ever!!! I love your idea bro, but me vs. krztoff in a standard match on Monday Night RAW would be rather boring don't you think? I'll take him on in an old school barbed wire match (and not the phony barbed wire matches they have nowadays) so i can see his flesh tear apart, that would bring such joy to me, or better yet, since i am a 3rd degree black belt in taekwondo, i could just annihilate him in less than 60 seconds in a UFC style fight, just a thought.

COMMENT | hey!
posted by : dan_pablo
6/18/2008 4:18:46 PM

did you ever hear the one about the irish cat that went for a shit and buried itself?

COMMENT | dedman88
posted by : Gutbuster
6/18/2008 4:19:33 PM

I agree dedman88, for some reason fag jokes never get old and they do make this site awesome!

posted by : The Commish
6/18/2008 4:20:22 PM

Guys, all the arguments are obsolete ones. We all know that DEEP BLUE SOMETHING takes the gold. Slipknot and Celtic Frost can only dream of fighting for second with those guys in the world.

COMMENT | deep blue something
posted by : dedman88
6/18/2008 4:27:52 PM

who the fuck is that?

COMMENT | dedman88
posted by : cirkis
6/18/2008 4:29:54 PM

If memory serves me correctly, they sang "Breakfast at Tiffany's"

COMMENT | Gutbuster...
posted by : faithnomore4ever
6/18/2008 4:32:39 PM

Glad you liked my idea, but I don't think you really have a clue what sarcasm is. Like DeChoader666 said, arguing on the internet is like the special olympics, even if you win, you're still a retard, so my point was... YOU'RE BOTH IDIOTS. But keep on going, as I said, slow day at work today.

posted by : dan_pablo
6/18/2008 4:32:48 PM

think your right there,chap

posted by : dan_pablo
6/18/2008 4:34:08 PM

about breakfast at tiffanys,i meant!

COMMENT | My bad!!!
posted by : mastronaut
6/18/2008 4:35:29 PM

I didn't mean to blast on krztoff, I meant the comments that were made by goatballs 'gutbuster'. Here are your heros as posuers...

They suck!!!!!

COMMENT | faithnomore4ever
posted by : Gutbuster
6/18/2008 4:39:40 PM

Gee, faithnomore4ever, you didn't realize that I was being sarcastic also you MORON!! WAKE UP!!!!!

COMMENT | Final Words
posted by : SlackerOne
6/18/2008 4:58:34 PM

My daddy can beat up your daddy.

nuff said

posted by : Motleysixx69
6/18/2008 5:22:01 PM

fucking slipknot.

posted by : jakob187
6/18/2008 5:29:06 PM

Gutbuster is a prime example of John Gabriel's Greater Internet Dickwad Theory:

normal person + anonymity + audience = total dickwad

Frankly, what does anyone care whether someone listens to black metal or Slipknot or whatever? You like what you like. Opinions and assholes, people...opinions and assholes. You don't like what someone else listens to, Gutbuster? Then WHY in the hell are you trolling around on a news thread about a band you don't even like?

See previous formula.

Now, how about YOU GTFO and let us converse while you wank off in a corner to your retarded high-pitch castration bullshit?

Getting to the topic of the thread...I haven't heard the new song, but I'll check it out later. Given that I haven't been disappointed by Slipknot yet, I honestly don't think I'll hate this one either.

posted by : Siam Star
6/18/2008 5:47:52 PM

I hope Slipknot remade Breakfast at Tiffany's on the new album, only with more cowbell.

COMMENT | they should just do an all metal album
6/18/2008 5:49:28 PM

forget all the stupid radio songs. "Through Glass", my fucking ass.

posted by : wooten
6/18/2008 5:49:45 PM

Politics in music sucks. It's what you write about when you run out of lyrical ideas.

COMMENT | The award for funniest comment of the day goes to.....
posted by : skaryguy
6/18/2008 5:51:18 PM


Fuckin hilarious dude!

New song sounds decent, I must be the only person here who hopes the new album isn't all that different from Vol.3...but what are you gonna do...I suppose I'm to be made fun of if krztoff and his retarded playmate gutbuster have anything to say...

You two are pathetic, you make for entertaining reading though, so for that I'll applaud you.

Since when is it mature to (seemingly) brag about your jobs? You are both like a pair of 7-yr olds!

Honestly krztoff makes the best arguments so I'd give him the win but due you're still pathetic with all your "Oh you listen to black metal so your a satan worshipper" bullshit! Really, really mature stuff there.

But the award (yes, I AM starting a daily blabbermouth awards thing, before anyone asks) for most pathetic guy on today's thread without doubt goes to Gutbuster...

You know I'd ask how a 35-yr old vice president of a construction company can be so immature but you know what, you're American so that explains doubt George Bush and Dick Cheney would use the same insults! And I'm sorry to any other non-immature Americans that might read this, but lets face it, your country seems to stand out when it comes to sad, pathetic, immature retards. If you are intelligent enough you've probably even realised it yourselves.

posted by : Siam Star
6/18/2008 5:59:18 PM

Entertaining reading? Reading the back of the shampoo bottle while I'm taking a shit is more entertaining than those two douchebags arguing back and forth.

COMMENT | Wow this is all terribly confusing
posted by : BrunoMacD
6/18/2008 6:05:43 PM

I thought Vol 3 was magnificent, enjoyed the last Stone Sour album, and didn't hate Breakfast at Tiffanys

I'm also not "now playing" Celtic Frost or Dimmu Borgir, and am not the president of anything. Oh, and my parents have never had a basement. I feel I've missed out on a crucial developmental stage

I'd love to venture an opinion on the hopefully excellent single but Roadrunner seem to have stomped on the leaks

COMMENT | good start
posted by : TravBlitz86
6/18/2008 6:36:30 PM

i think this is a good track. Its definately got that 'controlled chaos' feel a la slayer... I'm looking forward to hearing the next single and the rest of the album.

posted by : jakob187
6/18/2008 8:08:55 PM

"Entertaining reading? Reading the back of the shampoo bottle while I'm taking a shit is more entertaining than those two douchebags arguing back and forth."


Either way, checked the track out. Sounds like slop, but we'll see what happens. I enjoyed Iowa, but I'd rather they don't try to write the same album twice. Seems like a step backwards from Vol. 3, and frankly, I really really really dug Vol. 3. It was tight and well put together.

Nonetheless, it'll still get bought...but not on day one.

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