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Our aim is to help the Family Historian with their Finnish ancestry and to network the 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation Finnish-Americans with their serkuksia (cousins) in Finland. If you have your Finnish ancestry on the WWW, we would like to add your site to the list! Kiitos for stopping by!

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Finnish Genealogy Sites

Sukutietotekniikka ry Hiski- HISKI: Sukutieto's parish record extract search.GREAT!!!

The Genealogical Society of Finland

Finnish Surname/Farmname Sites

Esa Aro's Surnames- Lots of Finnish Ancestry

Michael Clay's Surnames- Some Finnish Ancestry

Berndt Holmström's genealogy- Mostly SwedeFinns

Steve Johnson's Surnames- Focusing on Mytty and Halme

Juntunen Family History Project- Juntunen family information

Hans-Erik Krokfors- SwedeFinns in Karleby and elsewhere

Christopher Rumbaugh's Surnames- Alavus, Kuortane and Kruunupyy families

Saari Family Research Interests- From the Kaustinen and Veteli parishes

Finnish Genealogy FAQs

Beginner’s Guide to Finnish Family History Research

Tutorial—Finnish Surnames and Farm Names

Taxation, Court, and Military Records

Common Terms and Abbreviations Used in Finnish Parish Records

Terms and Abbreviations in the Finnish Communion Book Headings

Finnish and Swedish Forms of Given Names

Finnish-Swedish-English Word List

Swedish-Finnish-English Word List

Various Finnish Related Sites

Finnish Parish Info- In Finnish

Topographical map of Finland

Civic coats of arms for Finland - Find your parish, lääni, or see the national coat of arms!

Usenet Newsgroups

Finnish Family History Newsgroup- sfnet.harrastus.sukututkimus

Scandinavian Family History Newsgroup- soc.genealogy.nordic

Scandinavian Culture Newsgroup- soc.culture.nordic

Mailing List

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