Translation of
Memorial at Truc Bach Lake

"Here on 26 October 1967 at Truc Bach Lake in the capital city of Ha Noi John Sidney McCain was shot out of the sky in his A4 aircraft by local (militia?) citizens defending Yen Phu.
There were 10 other planes shot down on the same day."

During the month of October, 1997, some 30 years after the shootdown of John McCain, some 24 years after McCain returned to the United States, a 60 Minutes interview with Mike Wallace aired on CBS. John McCain, being herald as the potential GOPs nominee for President in the year 2,000, stated that he was a war criminal because he had bombed, "innocent women and children."

Even if you overlook the Keating 5 scandal, his links to organize crime in Arizona, his philandering on his first wife, and even if you overlook his stance on lifting the US imposed trade embargo against Vietnam against the wishes of the majority of the POW/MIA families; and even if you overlook his stance on normalization in direct conflict with the POW/MIA Families; and even if you overlook the way he gutted a bill in the Senate that would protect future potential American Prisoners of War; you cannot overlook the fact that John McCain is so influenced by his time spent in captivity that he still considers himself an "air pirate" which is how the North Vietnamese referred to captured American pilots.

I am a war criminal; I bombed innocent women and children.

This is not a man who we can trust to make some tough decisions with regard to Southeast Asia, which all indicators point toward the fact that we will be in tough negotiations with in the coming years with regard to protection of American business interests in Vietnam, the US Navy's interest in leasing Cam Ran Bay, etc.

We need someone who will be able to look across the table at their former enemies and not feel guilt.

And not feel like a war criminal.

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