James - Who Were You Collecting Psuedophedrine For To Make Meth With?

The mate who brought around that "pure, liquid" Meth was a "cook" obviously? You are real close to the "source"? Does your mate in the "Feds" know about this?

How is your "garden" going? The one around at your mates place?

Have you been down to Centrelink yet? are you registered for the "dole"? How do you pay the rent?

There are jobs going at my work. Do you want me to put a word in for you?

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GAHAHAHAHA, I don't have a "garden", and no one I know makes meth, fat-so. Your "beans" are duds Brendon. Maybe you should "spill" them to the police instead, because your blogs are boring.

Crimes of Zion | Thu, 2007-08-23 15:01

You guys know each othe personally?

I liked your stand for Christ Crimes of Zion.


Peacetroll | Thu, 2007-08-23 15:02

GAHAHAHAHA, I don't have a "garden".

Peter Poseidon confirms this when he stated:

"My suspicion about Linton being "in the US" is easily explained by his irregular sleeping patterns. Jamie showed Suzette his home and gardens via webcam, and she could see that it was daylight. She could see the trees outside, and also saw some documents like his driving licence and ATM card."

"You guys know each othe personally?", asks Peacetroll.

Michael. | Fri, 2007-08-24 05:55

As a matter of fact there isn't hardly anywhere in Mt Lawley that doesn't have a "garden"

Then again Mount Lawley is a very exclusive place to live and would require a substantial income to reside there.

Michael. | Fri, 2007-08-24 06:23

Michael, he was talking about a cannabis "garden", which I don't have. I told O'Connell I used to grow dope hydroponically, just like I told him I used to use meth heavily, which he's decided to drag into the present tense in order to "destroy" me (he said in an email that "destroying you will be fun"). O'Connell told me he used to grow weed too, but I haven't as yet said anything, because I'm not a despicable, traitorous lowlife like he is.

Crimes of Zion | Fri, 2007-08-24 10:40

Grim Reaper | Fri, 2007-08-24 11:51

"Stop judging by appearances, but judge justly."

Christopher Marlowe | Fri, 2007-08-24 12:07

James...you spilt the beans easily to me because you were still affected by "pure, liquid Meth" which you had taken the night before. I came to your place in the afternoon the following day.

You stated a "mate" had come around. He was a "cook", hence the great Meth. Straight from the source. You did add that you were pissed because you did not want back into that scene.

I even tested you a few days later and you passed again with flying colors but then again...meth users and dealers are good lyers.

You have a source to protect.

Yes, i grew marijuana from 2001 to 2003. The Judge described it as a "marijuana factory". Indeed it was. Many people know about this because I speak openly about all over the web. It is no secret and you do not have to hide it. :-D

The point is two fold...

If you want to go deeper into the scene then you had better be squeeky clean because past and present day activities will bight you in the arse.

Also, I am still unsure of you. You have semitic features which could be simply Mediterranean in origen. You live in the heart of jewtown, West Oz. You are easily blackmailed with your past. You associate with Feds next door. You hate Christ and Christians - your artwork speaks for itself. You link to some pretty base sites like Crescent and cross yet refuse to link to TFC and the EXCELLENT "Jewish Racism.Com" and Jim Condits site. THIS ALONE SPEAKS VOLUMES. In short you cannot be trusted as you simply rehash what we already know...Zionist Jewry and Larry Silverstein are intimately involved in 9-11 and world domination. Duh.

You are unemployed yet are not on the dole as you explained to me. You claim you received an "inheritance" from a relative...yeh ;-).

No, you did not recieve an inheritance...you are a drug dealer who stated to me that he had a friend growing for him. I believe you deal in far more than pot. Pot is often the starting point for money to deal in 'other' substances.

"Tall Stories" about the origins of income are part and parcel of the dealers "rehearsed" script for how they get by in the world. others include..."I am a professional gambler". Or..."I have a small business". Or..."I play the stock exchange". I have heard the "inheritance" one before.

James, there is also the issue of your sick sense of humor. Someone pointed out to me some of your online statements like..."fucking your mother" and some other pretty sick stuff. You have also blasphemed Christ disgustingly. In effect I think you have alot of growing up to do.

In closing, James - You have ALL the hallmarks of a VERY marked man open for all sorts of 'underworld' activities. Whether it is all smoke or there is some fire their will have to be up to the individuals discretion. All I know is I'm glad I steered clear of you.

In the end you answered my original question to you in an opening e-mail..."How did you get involved with that lunatic Kerr"?

Well, I believe the question has been answered.

Birds of a feather.

Brendon OConnell | Sat, 2007-08-25 07:15

Followed those links.

There is something wildly funny but also bizzare about the amount of time spent by certain individuals attempting to piece together the parts of a non existent puzzle.

The CIA, nor Oz or American Feds send agents to sites such as this. They monitor sites like this to watch out for "rat bag elements" keen to blow something up when they run out of medication. Jim Kerr is a case in point.

Disinfo is far more subtle. Inconsistent posting and people changing their minds mean NOTHING. It is the consistent fairy tale teller like a WADOSY on L.F that is the dead giveaway. A man who will not budge from his "Global Warming is causing Israel to take over the Mid East" fantasy. Just like the 'fantasist's' who insist the U.S is in the Mid East to protect and dominate oil supplies when it is their to protect and expand Israels borders and wipe away the last vestiges of opposition to Zionist/Globalist fantasies.

The thrust is that it is indeed unfortunate that these wars are taking place but you can understand them - the West needs the oil OR Israel will be inundated by the sea hence it's aggressive posture in the Mid East. But it cannot be said that Israel is the product of powerful Jewish Banker occult interests who wish to make the ancient land the "Seat Of The Anti-Christ" and LITERALLY take over the world.

That is undigestable for most. If not nearly all.

Anyone who has spent years looking into this stuff who still pushes ANY line other than the completion of the Judaic Supremacist fantasy of ruling the world from the redeemed land of Israel is a fraud or stupid. Take your pick.

As for Jim Kerr and this POSEIDEN idiot...puleeeeze. Anyone who gives that nut bag Kerr even a sideways glance needs to be assessed by a psychiatric emergency team immediately if not sooner. That anyone would exchange a single e-mail with that thoroughly discredited, mentally ill cretin amazes me but then there is alot of it going around.

Brendon OConnell | Sat, 2007-08-25 08:03

All this from a two-faced, dope-dealing, drug convicted idiot who has friends in the Feda, WHAT A "%100" NARK<./a>!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Always appears when Crimes of Zion is screwed. What an actor!

Michael. | Sat, 2007-08-25 08:28

Drugs were introduced to keep ordinary people from the truth and keep them diverted.

Growing dope so you can get enough money to "get out" is not an option.

You "get out" the old honest way..."work".

As a fully fledged member of team Quo...do you all share the same psychiatrist?

Serious question. :-D

Brendon OConnell | Sat, 2007-08-25 08:35

I don't just have friends in the Feds. :-)

I've lost contact with alot of people but I used to know alot of ex/serving SAS on a casual basis (Home of the SAS is Perth). I used to know "Wayne Prime". He was a NCO in M.I back in early 2002. He stayed at my house where he was having "relations" with my roomie. He was an extremely nice guy. Just finished interrogating the murderous militias in East Timor who were hacking men, women and children to bits.

In fact the Feds and the military in Oz are FILLED with good decent people. Most of them family men and women who want to protect people. Only idiot's who receive their knowledge through Hollywood movies (thats team Quo et.al) believe that FEDS and the military as a whole are not to be trusted.

This is why I find the whole deal that British SAS were planting bombs as TOTAL bullshit. Family men (which most of them are) do not blow up innocent men, women and children in local markets...the Israeli's do that.

Alot of them know well that Israel is a snake of the highest order. In Oz it is evidenced by the sending home of a long line of Israeli diplomats and a few warnings to Lubavicher, nutter drug money/diamond launderers like "Diamond Joe Gudnik".

So tell me Michael...when will you and your merry band of desperately bored dole bludgers (you cant be working due to the time spent online) be producing the next "explosive" masterpiece of imaginary "dot connecting"? :-D

P.S - did you know I sat down at the same table as an Israeli/Jew former IDF fighter pilot who now has high security clearances within the Oz military?

You and team Kerr knock yourselves out! :-D :-D :-D

Brendon OConnell | Sat, 2007-08-25 08:52

Dr Donnie O'Connell: The "Narcissistic" Nark:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Michael. | Sat, 2007-08-25 09:00

I don't mind what you say, O'Connell, but get it right you lying sack of fat.

  • I'm not a meth addict, or even a regular user. I used a lot in my twenties, ending about 8 years ago. And that's what I told you.
  • I'm not a dealer, of anything, let alone meth.
  • I don't have a "garden".
  • I don't have a meth charge. I have an LSD charge and a possession of cannabis charge.
  • No one brought anything over for me to "shoot up". That, like most of the rest, was a complete fabrication, wasn't it fuckface?
  • I didn't "collect" "Psuedophedrine" (sic) for someone so that they could make meth.

    James - Who Were You Collecting Psuedophedrine For To Make Meth With?

  • For the record, that isn't even based on truth, although I told the traitorous prick that a mate of mine used to make it. That, too, was about 8 years ago, and I don't see him anymore.

    You lied about those things, didn't you O'Connell? You say you're a Christian, O'Connell, so swear to your savior that I'm a meth addict, go on. Swear to Christ that I'm a dealer and that I "shoot up". Let's see how Christian you really are, Mr Porky.

    Seeing as you're such a lying, rat, snitch, lowlife cunt, O'Connell, let's have a look at you, shall we, minus the lying.

  • Hasn't had a fuck since '01 or '02, probably because he's too fucking fat (I can't remember exactly how long to be honest, but it was years. Maybe O'Connell can reiterate. When I took him out to lunch at a cafe [which I paid for because, yes, O'Connell was unemployed] he was drooling over the 17 year old waitress that served us. O'Connell is 36.
  • Unemployed since '01, newfound sense of self-worth now that he's been working as an orderly for 4 weeks. The last time I worked was '05, but O'Connell makes out that I'm the loser.
  • When I told O'Connell that I made $85 grand one year growing dope, he told me that he'd made 200 (But I immediately sensed that he was bullshitting just to be competitive, because he's an habitual fucking liar. O'Connell also told me that he beat the crap out of "six South African boxers" one night at a nightclub, and that he knows agents in Serbian intelligence that are willing to give interviews).
  • Rocked up at my house uninvited when I didn't even know him, and immediately assumed that we would "work together" on some yet-to-be-decided who-knows-what project. Something about the Russian Orthodox Church running the show in Russia (load of crap). O'Connell told me at the cafe that he was disallusioned with his life and was feeling "lost", but that he was happy to have met me because now he felt like "something was happening". No, it wasn't. I was never gonna work with O'Connell; I didn't even want anyone to know that I'd met him, because of his dubious, multiple-handle antics on the internet, and his propensity for bullshit.
  • Despite writing this though, B.O hasn't contributed a single thing to the troof moovement except a foul stench:

    I'm curious as to when any of you will be doing anything original?

    Will any of you be quoting from a book or is the copy and paste method from the net just too convenient?

    Oh, lo, B.O, Mighty King Connell, you fat, quivering pustule of wisdom, do show us it's how it's done, we beseech you. What the fuck he had to offer any potential joint project between us is something he's yet to reveal.

    O'Connell continues:

    In fact...can anyone here claim to be anything other than a bunch of bored twits with delusions of grandeur and in need of a feeling of group solidarity and company while you plaster your details and your PICTURES all over the web?

    How do you hypocrits claim to be fighting "Dastardly/Evil/Murderous/Zionists" while making your details of every kind open for all to see?

    But no one has 'plastered their details all over the web' like B.O Connell:

    Drivers Licence

    Letter from real estate agent

    Medicare card, library card, video card

    Raise your right hand if you've ever uploaded articles of your ID to an internet server. No, I didn't think so. Put your feet down O'Connell, two hands is enough.

    You're a fat, lying, stupid, racist traitor, O'Connell. Fuck off.

    Crimes of Zion | Sat, 2007-08-25 09:12

    You'll be pleased to know i've dropped 12 kg. I'm now 108kg and looking good.

    For the record...

    ""I swear by Almighty God and His only begotten Son Jesus Christ, that what I stated here is the truth to the best of my recollection. Any mistakes are small and unintentional. The main thrust holds.""

    You however have made some whoppers. Fairly pathetic ones.

    But no, I haven't had sex since June 2001. Mainly because I was running a giant marijuana "factory" for 3 years and I feared the running extraction fans might be a dead giveaway. Also I was focussed on "getting out"...not getting my end away. I was remedying that by renting a separate unit with which to "socialize" just before I was busted by my fave police sergeant "Steve Beswick". If you can find a June 13th 2003 West Australian you will find my "operation" in full color in their.

    After 2003 I fully considered joining a Orthodox monestary in the Blue Mountains. I had been living like a virtual monk doing "inner work" for some time and celibacy is no problem for me. I will be remedying that soon however or do you beleive me to ugly to "get a bird"? Will I have to place my handsome face on the net James like you in the hope of scoring with a N.Y nympho/honeypot? And just WHO was drooling over that 17y/o? I certainly was! She was hot and I do believe you were too. :-D Or has that flown from your memory like your infantile attachment to that honey pot Nina?

    As for how much money I made. It was actually about $180,000 dollars but to be honest I lost count. Towards the end I was making $5000 per week but quite miserable. I do not like having to live a double life and it gets hard when someone asks you..."what do you do for a living".

    I gave thousands away to charities and people on the street.

    The 6 South African boxers of which I described occurred out the front of the old "Aqua" night club across the road from the "Vultures" cafe. It is only your opinion that this did not happen as I explained.

    Bottom line is you thought I was a female or at least a "whimpy" male nurse. The look on your face was PRICELESS when I came around at YOUR request! As you asked in your e-mail. I just chose the day of my choosing. Again...the look was PRICELESS!

    Do you still think you can take me on physically Jamie? Do you think that Meth racked body of yours can hold up? Would you like to try man to man? Name your place? We could film it and post it for all to see? What say you? Or maybe I will just rock up to your house unannounced like the last time?

    Do you really want to try me or have you moved? I BET you have! This is why you were so quiet and have only NOW had a go at me! Why didn't you make these statements originally?

    Lets get back to what YOU stated to me the first time we met...

    I asked you if you had been "on it" and you stated you had. YOU stated that a "friend" had come around with a fresh batch of Meth which was a clear liquid. You shot it up and you stated that it was grade A gear. You have friends that ARE "cooks". That is a fact. I am merely asking if you have ever collected "psuedophedrine" for them in the form of Psuedophed tablets? Have you James?

    Why you were so willing to divulge this is simple...you were still high. Thats why Judeo/Masons give drugs to potential blackmail victims...to loosen their tounges. Your's was loosened that afternoon was'nt it James?

    You at least stated that you were not happy taking Meth. That you were over it. I do not necessarily believe you. You CANNOT explain HOW you live except by the lame notion that you had an "inheritance". Yeh right ;-). You are not on the dole. You live in Maylands (admittedly with 2 others) in a run down house which must be costing you at least $100 a week between you. Will the Fed "lifestyle & Income" division be looking up Mr James Lynton and his "lifestyle" Vs income statement?

    As for my job...while I "Re-Register" for nursing I am working as an orderly. I have already been offered a job in the ICU upon completion of the course. Can you tell me what you have done intellectually lately Jamie besides be your own drug guru ala Timothy Leary? Lets not forget how you stated you lived on "glue sniffing" (forgot the technical name) for a couple of years as a street kid. It shows with your memory lapse.

    It's all gone pear shaped for you has'nt it James? Do you wonder why? Do you think it's because you are a lying little criminal informant? I think so. I think you were as high as a kite when you made that threat to me that you would sic your next door neighbor onto me. High...oooo so high. And now James?

    You have reaped what you have sown. You continue to focus on dead issues already pounded at by TFC, Jewish Racism.Com and Jim Condit. It's out there...move on. But of course you dont. In fact you dont even link to three of THE most important web sites on these issues! NOT ONE! But you do link to Mark Glenn and others of dubious repute. You smell to high heaven. We have still to resolve your location and semetic features. Perhaps we never will.

    I believe Jim Kerr and his associates are 'sincere' mentally ill nut jobs who are vital for our entertainment. You i'm not so sure will be missed.

    Does it hurt Jamie?

    You bet it does.

    If I see around town I advise you to keep a wide berth. Perth is to small for both of us. I am not known for holding my tounge. I think your skinny little Meth physique needs a little shaking about. Or are you gonna "take me on" like you claimed at NOLAJB? :-D That was a classique!

    I really want to get that look again on film to post. Wide eyed and mouth slightly open. "O dear...maybe he is a little big for me". :-D

    Brendon OConnell | Wed, 2007-08-29 16:11

    Your comment...

    ""Raise your right hand if you've ever uploaded articles of your ID to an internet server. No, I didn't think so. Put your feet down O'Connell, two hands is enough.

    You're a fat, lying, stupid, racist traitor, O'Connell. Fuck off. ""

    Firstly, no piccie of me in full frontal mode is on the web. This i leave up to you and all the pretenders who treat this issue like a social festival and networking venue while proclaiming that we are in the clutches of murderous buffoons capable of killing everyone.

    No 'identifying' material was posted and I made sure my original stuff was taken off your laptop. Smart move by me.

    As for me being a "traitor". It was you who made the disparaging remarks in your usual style. Whats up? Like I said...dont come out to play if you cant handle what the deal is outside your safe little internet world. How do you think you would manage if put under pressure by the Judeo/Masonic movement and their divisions of lackey's? You would crumble in seconds.

    Here is an olive branch...admit that what I have stated is as close to your original statements as possible. Then we can move on.

    I dont like you NOR trust you completely because of your sick sense of humor and drug use. Cease that behavior and good luck to you.

    You are also a blasphemous cretin towards Christ. Hence why you are drowning right NOW in your own filthy puddle of your own making.

    I dont believe you are a bad person.

    Just be a man and fess up. It will show you are not as sick in the head as that narcissistic twit Jim Kerr.

    We all sin. Just some admit to it sooner than others.

    No one on this forum is squeaky clean. The amount of time spent by some people online shows they are either on a pension for their mental illness or are drug dealing.

    P.S - as for the "racist" remark. What? Are you taking a leaf out of the book of the Judaics? I know you are a recent lover of the 'ad hominem' attack but say it is'nt so?

    My 'baiting' of a particular Muslim n this forum was an attempt to get him and his ilk to wake up to the fact that as long as Islam continues to operate from the barrel of a gun they will LOSE to the Judaics.

    That was obvious.

    But then you have been hanging around Jim Kerr alot lately and I guess grasping at ever decreasing straws was bound to spread.

    Brendon OConnell | Wed, 2007-08-29 16:23

    ..listen you bloated pile of crap:


    ..and CoZ, that was not very smart to let this provocateur know anything about you!

    Grim Reaper | Wed, 2007-08-29 16:38

    You stated that you no longer grew.

    You also stated that a "friend" was growing for you instead as you did not want to risk jail with your record.

    For the record.

    Brendon OConnell | Wed, 2007-08-29 16:53

    ""..and CoZ, that was not very smart to let this provocateur know anything about you!""

    Lets see if I've got this right...

    James Lynton threatens to have me "found" by his Fed next door neighbour.

    James Lynton is a CURRENT drug dealer.

    James Lynton does not work.

    James Lynton refuses to link to the BEST anti Judeo/Masonry sites on the web.

    James Lynton did'nt notice that Jim Kerr was a raving lunatic until he had his own falling out.

    James Lynton lives in the HEART of Judaic territory.

    I could go on and on.

    My name is Brendon O'Connell.

    Whats your name?

    I know Darryls name. I know Erics name. I know Jim Condits name and I know Christopher Jon Bjerknes name.

    Whats your name?

    Brendon OConnell | Wed, 2007-08-29 17:16

    unclesam wakeup

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    Take a WILD guess!

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