Dawn Yzaguirre

Catherine looked up from the book she’d been reading as Vincent entered his chamber. She smiled as she closed the cover and put it aside. “I thought I’d wait for you here.”

Vincent took off his cloak and put it on the hook by the chamber entrance. “I felt you enter the tunnels while we were in the lower tunnels.”

Catherine rose and walked across the chamber gently putting her arms around his waist from behind. “I’ve missed you these last few days.”

Turning in her embrace he put his arms around her waist pulling close to his chest. “I’ve missed you as well and that’s what I need to talk to you about.”

Catherine looked up at him. “Is something troubling you?”

Vincent sighed and tightened his hold on her just a bit. “I’ve had something very important on my mind.”

Moving out of his arms Catherine led him toward his desk chair. He sat down then she knelt down on the floor in front of him. Squeezing his hands she spoke again. “You know you can tell me anything especially after all that we’ve endured in the last months.”

Vincent sighed and squeezed her hands. “We have endured much.”

Looking up he pulled at her hand. “Come sit with me.”

She stared at him shocked at his request for a moment, then she rose and slowly sat down on his lap.

Vincent tightened his arms around her holding her tenderly but securely. “You know that I’ve never wanted you to give up any part of your life for me.”

Catherine nodded. “I know but you must understand by now that I’d gladly give up everything for you.”

Vincent smiled one of his very rare smiles. “Yes, you proved that by going into the darkness and bring me back.”

Catherine laid her head on his shoulder, tightening her arms around his neck as the memories of that time came back to her. “I was so frightened that I was going to lose you.”

Vincent pulled her even closer, trying to banish all her pain. “Shh Catherine that’s in the past. Now we’ve got to look at our future.”

Catherine lifted her head from his shoulder. “What do you want our future to be?”

Vincent thought for a moment. “I want us to live every moment that we have together to the fullest.”

Catherine smiled. “That sounds lovely.” Then she sobered. “I’ll try to come below more often.”

Vincent squeezed her gently. “I think I’ve got a solution to that if you’d like to hear it.”

Catherine nodded enthusiastically. “I’d love to.”

Vincent grew very serious after a moment. Looking deeply into her beautiful eyes he spoke the words that she’d waited so long to hear. “Come below and be my wife.”

Catherine’s eyes filled with tears. “You mean that?”

Vincent pulled her close again. “I’ve never meant anything more in my life.”

With those words Catherine started to sob as she once again threw her arms around his neck. “Oh Vincent, I’d love to live in your world and be your wife!”

Vincent moved her back and cupped her cheeks in his large hands and gently dried her tears with his thumbs. “You realize that I’m asking you to quit your job?”

Catherine turned her head and kissed his palm. “I was growing weary of risking both our lives.”

Vincent held her close once again. “We’re going to have a wonderful life together.”

Catherine sighed in his arms. “Yes, my love, we are.”

They didn’t move from that position until the pipes announced dinner. Rising from Vincent’s lap Catherine put on her shoes. Vincent rose and put his cloak back around his broad shoulders. Looking over his shoulder at the woman that had stolen his heart the night he found her, he held out his hand. “Shall we go to the dining hall and tell everyone our wonderful news?”

Taking his hand Catherine moved toward him. “I can’t wait to tell everyone that I’m going to be your wife.”

Vincent put his arms around her waist. “I’ve always wanted to hear those words.”

Catherine smiled up into his beautiful blue eyes. “And I’ve always wanted to say them.”

Bringing his head down Vincent’s lips found hers in a loving kiss that held just a hint of the passion that lay underneath his calm exterior.

Parting a few moments later he put his arm more securely around her waist and pulled her close to his side. “Come we’ve got some wonderful news to share.”

With that they walked out of the chamber happy that they’d endured all the pain from their past and that they were now facing a bright future…Together!

The End