Finding the Way Home

Dawn Yzaguirre

This is an SND story.  In this story the rooftop scene from TLBL never occurred.  Catherine is alive but being held by Stephen Bass.  When she returns to Vincent the tunnel community discovers that Lisa was involved in the plot to separate the couple.


As Catherine awoke she felt wonderful at first.  Then she suddenly felt very sad and alone. She had just had the most horrifying dream.  She and Vincent were walking arm in arm through the tunnels.  They were happy and very much in love.  But then the dream quickly turned into a nightmare.  Someone approached them and was pulling her away from Vincent. She was screaming and begging him to help her.  Vincent was screaming her name and running through the tunnels trying to reach her.  They could not reach one another and they were doomed to be separated for an eternity.  Catherine shivered suddenly and sank back on the pillow.  She silently wept for her love.  Once she was calm again she realized that she was not in New York.  She knew this because everything was too quiet.


As she was getting out of bed she heard a key in the door.  She turned toward the door wanting to see who this person was that was apparently holding her. She wondered if she were still with Gabriel. Then she remembered that he had left her for dead.   Maybe this person whoever they were could tell her what was going on.  The door opened and Catherine gasped in horror.  The smiling face of Stephen Bass entered the room.  “Good morning darling welcome back.” He told her as he put down her breakfast tray. Then he slowly approached her. He was about to take her into his arms when she jumped back.  “Stephen what the hell is going on here?” She demanded.   He smiled maniacally and sat down on the bed.  “Sweetheart I we rescued you from a life with that freak.” He told her.  “I was not going to let him defile you any longer.” He added.  He was so sure that he could make her fall in love with him once again.


Catherine was angrier now.  “I love him not you!” She screamed. “I would let him touch me before I ever let you.” She continued.  Stephen suddenly became very angry.  “You bitch!” he screamed. “I will have you again and you better get used to that fact!” he demanded. Catherine stood her ground.  “No I will never give in to you!” She cried. “I love only one man and he is definitely better than you.” She told him.  Stephen suddenly grabbed her and forcefully kissed her.  Once he released her Catherine was so angry that she slapped him across the face.  “Don’t you ever touch me again!” She screamed.  Once he had recovered from the blow Stephen rose from the bed. He started to turn away from her when he suddenly backhanded Catherine across the face.  She fell onto the bed and grabbed her face.  “Cathy darling you will never have to see that freak again.” Stephen told her trying to soothe her.  “I promise you he will never find you here in Virginia.” He commented.  Catherine sat up and looked at him in shock.  “Virginia?” She asked. Stephen smiled once again and nodded.


“Now darling I have brought you your breakfast.” He told her trying to act very casual.  Catherine knew that she had to find out more about where she was.  “Stephen please tell me what is going on.” She requested.  She tried to act very sweet toward him so that he would tell her everything she wanted to know.  Stephen smiled at her change in attitude. “Cathy I will tell you everything as you eat.” He commented. Then he led her toward the table.  She sat down and started eating the breakfast that he had brought to her.


As she ate he began to explain what was in fact going on.  “You were brought to me by Gabriel’s lover.” He began.  “She wanted you out of the way so that she could have a life with that freak even though I cannot understand why.” He told her.  Catherine looked up at him.  “This woman knows him?” She asked.  Stephen nodded. “Yes her name is Lisa and she apparently grew up with him.” He commented.  Catherine could not believe that a psychopath and a bitterly lonely woman were dictating her and Vincent’s lives.  “We figured that you and he were not meant to be together.” He told her.   “She found me and realized that I still loved you so she brought you to me after your supposed death.” He continued.  With that he stood up.  “Now do not worry about anything you are with me now and you will never have to see him again.” He told her.  “We are going to be married later in the week and I promise that you will be happier than you ever dreamed.” He concluded.


That was the last straw. Catherine threw down her fork and jumped to her feet. “I will never marry you!” She screamed.  “I do not love you and that will never change.” She added.  Stephen became enraged again. He grabbed her by the hair and yelled at her. “You will marry me and we will be very happy!” he demanded.  “Now you cooperate and maybe I will not hurt you.” He added.  He released her and walked toward the door.  “I will bring your lunch to you later.” He told her as he opened the door. Then he left the room locking the door behind him.  She moved over toward the bed and sat down.  She began to tremble and suddenly broke into tears.  Vincent my love I will come home to you. She thought as she cried.


Later that afternoon Stephen entered the room again. “I brought your lunch.” He commented as he sat the tray down on the table.  Catherine rose and smiled sweetly.  “Thank you Stephen.” She told him as she sat down. “Now this is the type of reaction I wanted.” He told her.  Catherine had decided to act more cooperative toward him to get answers that she wanted.  She ate the dinner that he had brought her. Then Stephen picked up the tray and started to leave the room.  As he was about to walk out of the room he turned to address Catherine once again. “Darling I have to leave for a business trip tonight.” He commented.  “How long will you be gone?” Catherine asked as her heart began to soar.  “I will not return until very late tomorrow night.” He told her.  Catherine looked up at him and smiled. “All right Stephen.” She told him.  “Darling I see no need to lock you in the bedroom if you will be a good girl.” He told her as he started to close the door behind him.  She smiled once again at him. “I will.” She told him.  “Fine I will see you when I return.” He told her.  When he closed the door and locked it Catherine hugged herself.  Stephen I will not be here when you return. She thought to herself.  Later in the evening Catherine smiled when she heard his car back out of the driveway.  She finally saw her opportunity to get home to her beloved Vincent.


A while later She opened the bedroom door and walked out into the living room. She looked around and smiled when she realized that she was alone.  She searched through some drawers and found some extra money.  Then she grabbed a jacket off the coat rack. She opened the front door and ran into the front yard.  She noticed a van sitting in the driveway. She ran over and opened the door. She climbed in and went to start the motor then she realized that the keys were gone. She silently cursed Stephen for this.  Then she began searching the van for the keys. She finally found them hidden above the sun visor on the passenger side. She smiled as the motor started. Then she backed out into the street and headed north.


While this was going on in the tunnels below New York Vincent was sitting in his chamber lost in his memories of Catherine.  He was so miserable without her.  He could not get over the feeling of loss that enveloped him in his grief.  He had become a friend with Diana after they had recovered Jacob.  Diana had expressed deeper feelings for him at first but they had worked through this and remained close.  Then she had begun to have deep feelings for Devin. He had returned after Catherine’s ‘death’ and had decided to stay.  Vincent was happy that his brother was home and that he had found a woman to love.  But it could not erase his feelings of loneliness and despair.


Then one day Lisa returned to the tunnels.  Everyone was very worried about how her presence would affect Vincent.  While she was there she tried to rekindle their relationship.  Vincent would not hear of this. He began to resent how she was trying to replace Catherine.  The last straw came one evening when Vincent walked into his chamber and heard Lisa talking to baby Jacob. “Oh sweetheart I love you and your father so much.” She told the baby.  “I will be good to him.” She stated.  “And I will be a good mother for you.” She concluded.


She was interrupted when she heard Vincent take a deep intake of air. She looked up to see him glaring at her. He quickly moved toward her and took Jacob out of her arms. The child sensing his father’s distress began to cry.  “Lisa you will never be his mother!” he declared.  “My son has a mother and she is the only mother he will ever know.” He added.  Lisa rose and shook her head.  “But Vincent how fair is that for Jacob?” She asked. “Catherine is dead and will never come back.” She stated matter of factly.  Vincent walked over and gently put Jacob in his crib.


 Then he turned back to Lisa. “Don’t you think I know she is dead?” He asked through clenched teeth.  “I am the one who carried her body back to her apartment.” He told her.  “I was the last one to see her.” he added.  Then he turned away from Lisa. She saw his pain and approached him.  She placed her hand on his shoulder.  The feel of her touches almost burning his skin.  “I can take her place if you will allow that.” She whispered. Vincent suddenly spun around. “No!” he yelled. “I will never allow anyone to take Catherine’s place with me or my child!” he seethed.  This reaction startled Lisa. She slowly backed up from him.  “Vincent please calm down.” She pleaded.


“Lisa please leave and never come back.” He requested.  Lisa was now angry.  “No!” She yelled.  “Vincent we can go somewhere below and raise Jacob as our child.” She begged.  Vincent was so angry that he began pacing.  “No I will never raise my son with you or any other woman.” He told her. “He is the result of the love between Catherine and myself.” He commented.  “We created him and no one will ever take her place with him.” Lisa stood there defiantly.  “Vincent you would condemn this child to that kind of life?” She asked. “Catherine never cared for you or she would have been here to give birth to your child with you.” She argued.  “Lisa you know how she was kidnapped.” He told her in dangerously even tone. “If not for that she would have been here to have Jacob.” He commented.  Lisa smirked at this statement.  “I truly doubt that.” She commented.  “Vincent women like her can never commit to one man they have to play the field.” She told him.  Vincent was now angrier than before.  “No one will ever speak of Catherine in that manner!” he screamed at her.  “She was the one true love of my life and she will always live in my heart and soul!” He yelled.


Just as he finished speaking a very worried Father, Diana, and Devin rushed into the chamber. “What is going on here?” Father demanded. Diana rushed over and picked up a very distraught Jacob. Then she returned to Vincent’s side.  He took the child in her arms and gently soothed him.  “Do not cry my son no one will ever replace your mother.” He crooned.


Upon hearing this Devin shot an angry look toward Lisa.  “I believe my father asked you a question.” He told her.  She squared her shoulders defiantly and began to speak.  “I told Vincent that I would be willing to be a mother for Jacob.” She told them.  “Lisa he has a mother.” Diana told her.  “She may not be here physically but she will always be here in spirit.” She added.  Vincent looked up at her with a look of appreciation.


Then Diana sat down beside Vincent on the bed and took Jacob in her arms.  “Lisa this child is the only legacy that Catherine left behind and no one has the right to take that away from Vincent or him.” She commented. Then Father spoke once again.  “Lisa I was afraid that your return would be harmful to my son.” He began.  “Now I must demand that you collect your things and leave.” He commented.  She looked at him angrily.  “I am no longer a girl you cannot send me away again.” She argued.  “That is true you are not a girl any longer.” Vincent told her as he stood.  “But I believe I have the right to make that decision.” He commented.  “I want you gone by dinner.” He ordered.


Then he turned and took Jacob in his arms once again.  “Father we are going to the chamber of the falls.” He informed his parent. Devin looked at him concerned. “Can we join you?” he asked. Vincent nodded then he left the chamber followed closely by Diana and Devin.


Once they were gone Father turned to leave the chamber.  “You think you have won again don’t you?” Lisa asked angrily.  Father turned toward her and glared at her.  “I will do whatever I have to do to protect my son and my grandson.” He told her.  “They do not need protection from me.” She commented. Father thought for a moment then spoke.  “I am not so sure about that.” He stated.  “Now I believe my son told you to gather you belongings.” He commented. With that he left the chamber.


 Later that eevening Lisa carried her bags into Father’s study. There she found him with Vincent, Diana, Devin and baby Jacob.  “I see you are ready to leave.” Father commented. She looked at her bags and nodded. Then she looked pleadingly at Vincent.  “Vincent please I only want to make you happy.” She begged.  Vincent rose and walked toward Father’s desk.  “The only way that will happen is for you to leave me in peace.” He commented.  Lisa could see she was defeated she picked up her bags and left the chamber.  As she walked out of the drainage tunnel in the park she got a far away look on her face. Then she smiled maniacally.  I will have you Vincent because you will never know that Catherine is alive. She thought to herself.  Then she walked into the park.


As this was going on Catherine had made it all the way to New Jersey.  Her heart was leaping as she happily thought of her reunion with Vincent.  She reached a diner and decided that she needed to contact Peter.  He would come get her and take her home.  She could stay above with him until she was back with Vincent.


Later that afternoon Devin entered his and Diana’s chamber. “Honey do you need me to stay here this afternoon?” He asked. She put down her book and looked at him.  “No do you want to go somewhere?” She asked as she rose and approached him.  “Since all that with Lisa this morning I thought I would go see Peter.” He commented. “I think he should know what she tried to pull so that he can be on guard in case she tries to get his help.” He told her. “Do you really believe she would do that?” Diana asked.  Devin turned to face her. “Honey I have known her all my life and I always knew she would hurt my brother this way.” He told her.  “I just have to take further measures to protect Vincent and Jacob.” He added.  Diana smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck.  “I love how protective you are with them.” She told him.  “I would protect my brother and nephew from anything.” He commented. Then he kissed her.  When they broke apart Devin left the chamber to go see Peter.


Peter was working on paper work in his office.  Suddenly there was a knock at the door. He looked up when he heard a knock on the door. “Come in.” he called. Devin entered the office and smiled.  “Hi Peter I thought I would find you here.” Devin commented as he sat down.  Peter chuckled slightly.  “Yes I have paperwork to do and I can get lost in it.” He commented.  Devin nodded in understanding. “I know you miss her.” Devin told him.  Peter sighed sadly.  “That girl was like a daughter to me I just cannot reconcile that I will never see her again.” He commented. He turned and saw Devin nodding. “I understand what you mean Peter.” He commented. “I think her death has hurt all of us.” He continued.  “But no one more than Vincent.” Peter remarked.  Devin nodded once again.  “He seems so lost and alone.” He commented. “I thought that when I moved back to the tunnels that it would help but he seems so lost.” Devin remarked.  “Devin I know that having you here has helped him but we have to give him time to grieve for her.” Peter commented. Devin sighed and nodded.


A while into their conversation the nurse buzzed a call through to Peter’s office.  “Dr. Alcott there is a woman on the phone who insists on speaking to you.” She told him.  “Who is it Janice?” He asked.  “She would not give me her name.” She commented.  Peter looked up at Devin and shrugged.  “All right put the call through.” Peter told her.  Devin rose to leave the office.  “Peter I can come back some other time.” He remarked.  Peter shook his head. “No Devin please stay this should only take a few moments.” Devin smiled and sat back down on the couch.


Peter picked up the receiver and spoke to the caller.  “This is Dr. Alcott how may I help you?” he asked.  “Peter you may not believe this but this is Catherine.” She told him.  Peter was shocked at hearing her voice.  “Is this truly you?” He asked.  “Yes Peter it is.” She answered.   Then Peter looked up at Devin who looked confused.  “May I put this call on the speaker?” he asked Catherine.  She thought for a moment then spoke.  “Yes go ahead.” She told him.  Then he spoke once again.  “All right you can speak again.” He told her.  “Peter I cannot explain everything at the moment but I guarantee that this is Catherine.”


Suddenly she heard a gasp in the room. She became suddenly frightened.  “Peter who is there with you?” She asked the fright coming through her voice.  Devin heard this and quickly rose from the couch.  “Chandler it is me Devin.” He told her as he approached the desk. “Devin it is so wonderful to hear your voice.” She told him.  “And it is a miracle to hear yours.” He told her.  “Peter can you come get me?” She asked.  Peter looked at Devin and smiled. “Chandler just tell us where you are and Peter and I will come for you.” Devin told her. “I am in New Jersey.” She told him.  “Where exactly are you honey?” Peter asked.  “I am at the Sixth Street Diner.” She commented.  Peter smiled brightly. “I know exactly where that is.” He commented.  “Chandler just sit tight and don’t speak to anyone.” Devin told her. “We are coming to get you.” He told her.  “I will be waiting.” She told them. Then she hung up the phone.  “Peter this is amazing.” Devin told the doctor.  Peter rose and smiled. “Yes now let’s go get our girl.” Then they left the office.


About an hour later they pulled into the parking lot of the diner.  “I am going inside to get her.” Devin told Peter as he stepped out of the car.  When he entered the diner Devin looked around until he caught glimpse of Catherine. He smiled as he approached her.  “May I join you?” He asked teasingly.  Catherine slowly looked up about to refuse when she saw him.  “Oh God Devin I am so glad to see you!” She cried as they embraced.  Devin smiled and pulled her to her feet. “Come on let’s get you home to my brother.” He commented.  They paid her bill then left the diner.  As they walked into the parking lot Peter quickly got out of his car.  “Cathy are you all right?” he asked as he happily embraced her.  “Yes Peter I am fine.” She commented. “Now I just want to go home.” She continued. Peter looked over at Devin and smiled. “Well that can be arranged.” He commented. They all got in the car and headed for the city.


As they got closer to New York both Peter and Devin noticed that Catherine had grown extremely quiet.  Devin placed his hand on her shoulder.  “Cathy what is bothering you?” He asked.  She looked up at him tentatively.  “Devin will Vincent accept me again?” She asked.  Devin and Peter were both shocked.  “Of course he will accept you.” Devin told her. “I just do not want him to hate me for this.” She commented. “Cathy he could never hate you.” Peter told her.  Devin nodded his head in agreement.  “Peter is right.” He commented.  “He will be shocked at first but he will be very happy that you are alive.” Devin told her.  “I hope so.” She commented.  “I just do not want to cause him anymore pain.” She added.  “Cathy look at me please.” Devin directed. She turned slightly to meet his eyes.  “My little brother is in more pain now than I have ever seen.” He told her.  “He is so lost without you.” He added.  “But once you are back in his arms all that hurt will vanish.” He assured her.


Catherine fell silent for a few seconds then she asked the one question that had been burning in her mind.  “Devin has there been anyone else?” Devin looked up at her shocked. “No Cathy there could never be anyone else.” Peter answered.  She smiled slightly and sighed with relief.  Then she noticed that they were pulling into Peter’s driveway. She smiled happily as the car came to a stop. “Oh I have truly missed this city.” She told them.  Then the three of them got out of the car.  They entered the house and Peter turned to Catherine. “I think we should wait here while Devin goes below to prepare Jacob.” Peter told her.  Catherine smiled and nodded. “Yes I would not want him having a heart attack.” She stated teasingly.  Then Devin moved toward the tunnel opening. “I will let you know when and where to meet us.” He commented. Then he entered the tunnel.


A few minutes later Devin entered Father’s chamber.  There he found him with Mary.  “Devin we were getting worried about you.” Mary commented.  “Sorry but Peter and I had to go to New Jersey this afternoon.” Devin remarked as he sat down.  Father and Mary looked at one another then back at him.  “Why in the world did you go to New Jersey?” Father asked.  “Dad that is what I need to speak to you about.” Devin commented.  Mary rose from her chair. “I will go and check on the children.” She commented.  Devin put his hand on her arm.  “No Mary you need to hear this also.” Devin told her.  She nodded then sat back down in her chair.  Then Devin scanned the rest of the chamber.  “Where is Vincent?” He asked.  “I believe he went to the falls.” Mary commented.  “Should I get him?” She asked as she prepared to rise again.  Devin shook his head. “No this may be too hard on him right now.” He commented.  “What on earth is this about Devin?” Father asked impatiently.  “Dad the reason we went to New Jersey was to pick up Catherine.” Devin told them.  Father and Mary looked at each other then back at him.  “Devin what are you talking about?” Mary asked.  “We all know that Catherine is dead.” She commented.


Devin was about to respond when a sudden movement in the chamber entrance caught their eye.  They all looked up and saw Catherine standing beside Peter.  Mary slowly rose from her chair and walked toward the younger woman.  “Catherine is it truly you?” She asked hopefully.  Catherine smiled as her tears began to fall.  “Yes Mary I am alive.” She cried.  As Mary reached Catherine she raised her hand and cupped Catherine’s cheek.  She gently caressed her face then suddenly felt the scar in front of her ear.  “Oh God Catherine!” Mary sobbed as she pulled her into her arms. Both women stood there crying happily for the next few moments.


When they broke the embrace Mary turned and faced Father and Devin.  “Jacob this is Catherine.” She told her husband.  Father stood up and hobbled toward them.  Catherine walked away from Mary and met him.  “Dear Catherine welcome home!” Father exclaimed once they were face to face.  “Father I have missed you so much!” Catherine cried as they embraced.  “We have missed you also dear.” Mary told her.


Then Catherine looked around the chamber.  “Where is Vincent?” She asked.  “I believe he is at the falls.” Father commented.  “Father I want to go to him.” Catherine told him.  Father thought a moment.  “I am not sure how wise that would be.” He told her.  “Father we have been apart for too long.” She told him. “We need to make up for the time that was stolen from us.” She continued.  Father thought then smiled. “Yes you are right Catherine.” He told her. “Go to him.” Catherine smiled then ran from the chamber.


Once she was gone Father smiled and sat back down. “Was that a wise idea Jacob?” Peter asked.  Father nodded. “Yes the only way that he will believe that she is alive is to see her for himself.” He told them.  “Now shall we have some tea?” He asked. The three of them smiled and nodded. Then sat down at the table with Father.


A few moments later Catherine entered the chamber of the falls. She smiled when she noticed Vincent sitting looking out over the waterfall.  She knew from experience that he was here to think.  And that she could not just walk into the chamber and sit down beside him. She had to approach this very delicately.  After a few seconds she decided to make her move. She walked slowly toward him.


When she was directly behind him Catherine gently placed her hand on his shoulder.  “Hello Mary.” Vincent said without looking back.  Catherine smiled then prepared to speak.  “It’s not Mary my love.” She whispered.  Vincent’s head snapped up and he was instantly on his feet. He spun around and came face to face with her.  “Catherine?” Vincent asked desperately hoping that she was real.  Catherine smiled as her tears began falling.  “Yes my darling I am here.” She whispered.  Vincent raised a shaking hand and gently touched her cheek.  Catherine closed her eyes and smiled at the feel of his touch.  “Oh God you are real!” he cried as he gathered her into his arms.


A few moments later they parted slightly.  “I cannot believe this.” Vincent mused as he smiled at her.  “Neither can I.” Catherine commented. “I never thought I would be in your arms again.” She remarked.  Vincent pulled her into his arms again and held her tightly to him.  “I had lost all my hopes when I lost you.” He told her.  Catherine was now crying.  “Vincent I will never leave you again.” She declared. “I love you and I only want to be with you from now on.” Vincent smiled.  “Yes my Catherine you are home.” Vincent told her. “Has anyone else seen you?” He asked. Catherine smiled and nodded. “Yes Devin and Peter were the ones who brought me home.” She commented.  “They came to get me when I got to New Jersey.” She continued. “Where were you my love?” Vincent asked.  Catherine smiled and put her hand on his cheek. “I will tell you everything but now Father and the others are waiting for us.” Vincent smiled and nodded. He then put his arm around her waist and they left the chamber.


As they approached the tunnel leading to Vincent’s chamber he suddenly stopped. He smiled and looked down at Catherine.  “Love before we go to Father’s chamber there is someone in my chamber that you must meet.” Catherine looked down a moment.  She suddenly felt a pang of fear come up inside her.  “Catherine what is it my love?” Vincent asked. She sighed and began to speak.  “I was afraid of this.” She commented.  “Afraid of what Catherine?” he asked as he turned her toward her.  “Vincent I understand that you had to go on with your life.” She whispered.  “But I cannot meet her.” She continued.


Suddenly Vincent understood what she was talking about. He pulled her into his arms again and held her tightly.  “No my love that is not what I mean.” He whispered. “Catherine I could never love anyone but you.” He continued. “You are my heart and soul.” He stated vehemently.  “There could never be another woman in my life.” Catherine was now confused. She looked up into Vincent’s beautiful blue eyes.  “Vincent who do you want me to meet?” She asked.  Vincent smiled and led her toward his chamber.


When they reached the chamber they found Brooke and Jamie there.  Both girls were busy reading when Vincent and Catherine entered the chamber.  Brooke was the first to hear them she looked up and gasped.  Jamie heard her and looked up to see what was going on. Then she saw Vincent and Catherine.  “Oh God Catherine is it really you?” Jamie asked as her tears began to fall.  Catherine smiled and embraced both girls.  “Yes I am alive and finally home.” She commented. Then Vincent moved past them into the chamber. He walked over toward the cradle that lie near the bed.  Catherine noticed this and stared at him.  Jamie smiled knowingly at Brooke then both girls left the chamber.


Once they were alone Vincent bent down and gently picked up the infant from the cradle. He turned toward Catherine and smiled. “I would like you to meet Jacob Chandler Wells.” He commented. Catherine gasped and put her hand to her mouth.  “Oh God you found him!” She cried.  Vincent smiled and approached her.  “Yes we found him.” he commented.  “Who helped you?” Catherine asked.  “Devin’s fiancée Diana you will meet her soon.” He told her.  Then he gently laid the baby in Catherine’s arms. She smiled down at the baby as he looked up at her. “Oh Vincent he is even more beautiful than the day he was born.” She cried.  Vincent put his arm around her and led her to the bed.  “Come and sit down.” He directed.


They sat down and looked down at their son.  “Hello my baby I am your mother.” She told Jacob. He looked into her eyes and cooed.  Catherine chuckled as she gently stroked his face.  “You are the most beautiful baby I have ever seen.” She continued.  “He is as beautiful as his mother.” Vincent interrupted.  Catherine looked up at him and smiled. “I love you so much.” She whispered.  Vincent smiled and pulled her against his side.  “And I love you.” He whispered. Then he gently kissed her.  The kiss was broken when Jacob squealed. Both parents looked down concerned until they found him reaching for Vincent’s hair.  The proud parents laughed at their son.


After a few minutes Jacob fell asleep once again.  “I will put him down.” Vincent whispered.  Catherine looked at him.  “No please let me do it.” She requested. Vincent smiled and kissed her again.  “Of course my love you have been denied too much of caring for our son.” He commented.  Catherine rose gently and walked toward the cradle. She gently placed Jacob down and sat down on the floor next to the cradle.  Vincent rose and touched her shoulder. “I will be back in a moment.” He whispered.  Catherine looked up at him and smiled. “Of course love please hurry back.” She answered.  Vincent smiled and nodded. “Of course I will my darling angel.” He answered. Then he put on his cloak once again and left the chamber.


A few moments later he reentered the chamber with Brooke and Jamie. They suddenly stopped when they heard Catherine quietly singing her mother’s lullaby to Jacob.  They stood and watched until she rose from the floor.  She turned to see them standing there.  “I thought that they could watch him while we go and talk to Father.” Vincent told Catherine.  She smiled and nodded. “Of course they can watch him.” She replied.  Vincent extended his hand. “Shall we go?” He asked.  Catherine smiled and took his hand. “Of course love.” She answered. Then they left the chamber.


As they approached Father’s chamber they both heard Devin and Peter’s voices.  Catherine squeezed Vincent’s hand lovingly and smiled.  “Dad when will Catherine come back?” They heard Devin ask. “I am dying to know how Vincent reacted.” He continued.  “Well Devin you do not have to wait any longer.” Vincent remarked as he and Catherine entered the chamber.  Everyone there looked up and smiled.  Vincent had his arm protectively around Catherine’s waist.  “Well it is about time you two show up.” Devin teased. “We have all been dying of curiosity.” He continued.  “Hey speak for yourself you have been the one complaining that they were taking too long.”  Catherine saw the woman who spoke but did not recognize her.  Vincent noticed this and led Catherine toward her. “My love this is Diana.” He introduced.  Catherine looked back at the redheaded woman and smiled happily. “I have so much to thank you for.” She commented.  “No I was just doing my job.” Diana defended. “Diana you know that is not entirely true.” Devin commented.  “You have truly become one of us.” He continued.  “Yes and I hope we become close friends.” Catherine commented. Diana smiled happily.  “I am looking forward to getting to know you.” She remarked.


Father cleared his throat to get their attention.  “Now we should all sit down.” He stated.  Vincent and Catherine moved toward a chair that was beside the desk.  Vincent sat down in the chair.  Catherine started to move slightly away to another chair. But Vincent would have none of it. He smiled then pulled her into his lap.  Everyone including Catherine were surprised by this action. But she quickly burrowed down into his lap.


Once everyone were sitting Father turned and addressed Catherine.  “Now I for one would love to know what happened to you.” He commented.  Catherine smiled lovingly at the older man.  “I was in Virginia.” She commented.  Everyone was quiet as they listened to her.  “Love who do you know in Virginia?” Vincent asked.  Catherine looked at him. “Until a couple of days ago I thought I did not know anyone there.” She commented.  “When I awoke from the coma I was lying in a strange bedroom.” She began.  “I was very confused and I wondered where I was because I knew that I was not in New York.” She continued.  “Cathy how on earth do you know you were not in the city?” Devin asked.  Catherine turned her head and looked at him.  “Well Devin you know just how noisy this city can get and it was far too quiet.” She commented.  Devin smiled and nodded.


Then Catherine braced herself to tell them about Stephen.  “As I was lying there I heard someone unlock the door to the room.” She continued.  “I sat up and watched the door because I wanted to see just who I was dealing with.” She commented.  She then looked into Vincent’s eyes and directed her words to him.  “Vincent the man who unlocked that door was Stephen.” She told him.  She suddenly felt his arms tighten around her. He pulled her against him and held her.  “Oh Catherine I thought he was still in the institution.” He whispered.  Catherine sat up and looked at him again. “So did I.” She whispered.


Suddenly Vincent’s anger surfaced. “I should have killed him when he attacked you before!” He seethed.  Catherine suddenly threw her arms around his neck.  “No!” She cried. “Vincent please listen to me now.” She requested. She gently placed her hand on his cheek.  “I know that Stephen hurt us but Gabriel is the one who is to blame for our separation.” She soothed.  Vincent suddenly calmed down. “Thank you my love for helping me with that.” He whispered.  Catherine smiled and gently kissed him.  “I will always be here to help you.” She responded.


After a few seconds of silence Diana interrupted their revelry.  “Catherine who is this man?” She asked.  Catherine looked up at her.  “Diana he was at one time my fiancé.” Catherine commented. “We were engaged when we were in college.” She continued. “But I broke off the engagement.” She stated.  “Then a couple of years ago he contacted me once again.” She remarked.  “He still had plans for us to be married but by that time I was already involved with Vincent.” She told her.  “I tried to be his friend but he took me to a house he had bought a few miles from the city where he held me hostage.” Diana was shocked. “How did you get away from him?” She asked.


This is where Vincent picked up the story. “I had been having a foreboding feeling about Catherine and then I realized that it was about Bass.” He commented.  “I had told her about my fears but they only made me look jealous.” He whispered.  Catherine put her hand on his cheek again.  “Love there is no need to feel bad about your feelings at that time they proved to be real.” She whispered.  Vincent then began to speak again.  “I felt through our bond that Catherine was in danger so I went to her.” He commented.  “When I found her Bass was trying to strangle her to death so I struck him then I started to kill him but luckily Catherine stopped me and brought me out of the rage.” He concluded.


Then Devin spoke up.  “How did you end up with Bass?” Catherine looked up at him.  “I was apparently taken to him by Gabriel’s lover.” She responded. “What kind of woman would be involved with a man like Gabriel?” Mary asked.  Catherine hesitated for a moment. She knew that this would hurt Vincent very much.  “The woman who did this was Lisa.” She stated. Everyone was shocked.  “Lisa did this to us?” Vincent asked.  Catherine silently nodded. “No wonder she wanted to take Catherine’s place with you.” Devin told Vincent.  Catherine looked at Vincent confused.  “What is he talking about?” She asked.  Vincent tightened his arms around once again. “Catherine a few weeks ago Lisa came back here and tried to rekindle our relationship.” He stated.  “I stayed away from her until the last day she was here.” He remarked.  “On that day I found her in our chamber with Jacob.” Catherine got a frightened look on her face.  “Did she harm our baby?” She asked.  Vincent shook his head. “No my love I would never have allowed her to harm him.” He assured her. “We started arguing about you then I demanded that she leave the tunnels.” He stated. “She tried to get me to change my mind but I insisted.” He told her proudly.  “She left and we have not seen or heard from her since.” He concluded.


As she finished talking Catherine rose from Vincent’s lap.  “Where are you going my love?” He asked as he watched her.  She turned and smiled at him.  “I am going to our chamber to see our baby.” She told him.  Vincent smiled and rose. “I will come with you.” He commented.  Catherine nodded then took his hand.  “Father we will see you later.” She told the tunnel elder. He smiled and mutely nodded. “Yes my dear children go be with your son.” He told them.  Vincent put his arm around her waist and pulled her close to his side.  Then they left the chamber.


When they entered their chamber they found Jamie and Brooke playing with Jacob.  “Was he good?” Catherine asked as she took her son from Jamie.  Both girls looked up at her and smiled. “Oh Cathy he is an angel.” Brooke told her.  “We love spending time with him.” Jamie added.  Catherine looked at Vincent and smiled. “Well we will have to let the two of you baby-sit at times.” She commented. Both girls smiled and rose. “We would love that.” Both girls told her.  “We will see you both later.” Brooke called as they ran from the chamber.


Once they were alone Catherine sat down on the bed with Jacob.  Vincent walked over and sat down next to her.  “They truly love him.” Vincent told her.  “Ever since we brought him home everyone has been anxious to spend time with him.” he continued.  “He is a miracle that they never thought would exist.” Catherine stated.  Vincent put his arm around her and pulled her against his side.  “I also never thought that he could exist.” He commented.  She looked up at him and smiled. “I have known how special he would be since I discovered that I was carrying him.” She stated. “I just wish you had been able to tell me about him.” Vincent told her. “I tried that night I came to see you but you were so upset that I worried about what the news would do to you.” She recollected.  Vincent kissed the top of her head.  “Catherine that is the one regret I will always have.” He whispered.


She suddenly rose and put Jacob in his cradle. Then she came back to the bed and knelt down in front of Vincent. She smiled as she cupped his cheek.  “Love I am home with you and our son now so you can forgive yourself.” She told him.  Vincent sighed heavily.  “Catherine if you had been able to tell me that night I would have never let you leave the tunnels.” He commented.  Catherine smiled at him. “I know but that is in the past and we have our future to look forward to.” She stated.  Then she leaned forward and wrapped her arms around his neck.  She smiled lovingly at him. “Now would you please kiss me?” She asked. Vincent smiled.  “Of course my love.” He whispered. Then he captured her lips under his in a passionate kiss.


Once they separated Vincent smiled lovingly at Catherine.  “Now my love we have both had a very long day we should get some rest.” He commented.  Catherine smiled seductively at him.  “Are you truly that tired?” She asked.  Vincent looked into her beautiful eyes and smiled.  “No my love but I want you to get the rest you need.” He remarked.  “No Vincent I have all the time I need to rest I want you now.” She told him huskily.  “We have wasted too much time apart.” She added.   Vincent was about to protest once again when Catherine leaned up and kissed him passionately.  As she moved back she smiled at him.  Vincent smiled then pulled her to him once again.  “I have missed you so much.” He whispered as he started kissing her.  Catherine moaned as she felt his lips travel down her neck.  “Do you know how much I want you at this moment?” He asked huskily.  Catherine leaned back and smiled at him. “No my love how much?” She asked.  Vincent smiled and moved away from her.  He walked toward the entrance of the chamber and put down the tapestry.  “Now we will not be disturbed.” He commented as he approached her again.  Catherine smiled as Vincent swiftly picked her up and carried her toward his bed.  “You are the greatest part of my life Catherine.” Vincent whispered as he lay her down on the bed.  Catherine shook her head.  “No my love you are my greatest treasure.” She whispered.  Vincent was about to speak once again when Catherine placed her finger over his mouth.  “No more words just love me Vincent.” She told him.


Vincent smiled at her as he began to slowly unbutton her blouse.  She shivered as his hands touched her skin.  She moaned as she felt him brush the blouse from her shoulders.  “Catherine I still cannot believe that we can love like this.” He whispered.  Then he began to trail kisses down her neck once again.  “Yes my love we are one in every way and this is something that we both want.” She told him breathlessly. Vincent finished undressing her and looked down at her.  “Catherine you are the most beautiful woman that I have ever seen.” He stated as he slowly began caressing her.  Catherine was becoming more and more aroused.  Soon she could not take it any longer.  “Please Vincent I have to see you!” She begs.  Then she rose to her knees and started to untie his tunic. Once it was undone Vincent shrugs out of the clothing and it falls to the floor of the chamber.  Next she pulls his sweater and thermal shirt over his head.  Catherine smiled as she ran her hands through the hair on his chest.  Vincent moaned as she touched him.


They were about to kiss when they both heard someone approaching the chamber.  Catherine rose quickly and grabbed the robe that lay close to the bed.  She quickly put it on and tied it.  Vincent picked up his thermal shirt and pulled it back on over his head.  He was about to move away from Catherine when he looked back at her with a look of extreme annoyance on his face.  “Vincent may I come in for a moment?” Mary called out.  Catherine smiled and nodded her head.  “Yes of course Mary.” Vincent called trying to sound as normal as possible.  “Oh I am sorry if I interrupted something but I thought I would come get Jacob so that the two of you could have a quiet night alone.” Vincent looked over at Catherine for her opinion.  She smiled at him.  “Of course Mary we would appreciate that.” Catherine told her.  Mary smiled and picked Jacob up. She smiles at Vincent and Catherine then leaves the chamber.


After Mary was gone Catherine rose to her feet from the bed and untied the robe.  She smiled as it fell to the chamber floor.  “Now where were we?” She asked.  Vincent smiled at her and removed his shirt. Then he walked over toward the bed.  He reached out and pulled her to him once again.  “I believe we were right about here.” He commented as he bent his head and kissed her.  Catherine wrapped her hands through his thick mane.  She returned his kisses very avidly.  As they broke apart Catherine was breathless.  “Vincent I need you please love me now!” She moaned as he once again kissed her neck.  Vincent lifted his head and looked deep into her passion filled eyes.  “Yes my Catherine I need you.” He breathed.  Then he lifted her and lay her down on the bed.  He removed the remainder of his clothing then he lay down beside her.  Catherine smiled as she snuggled into his arms. “Vincent I love you more than anything in my life.” She told him as he eagerly began to explore her body.  Vincent looked up at her and smiled.  “And I love you my beloved.” He whispered.


After a while they were both worked into a frenzy of passion.  Vincent moved over Catherine.  “Are you ready for my love Catherine?” Vincent asked huskily.  She smiled and wordlessly nodded.  “Oh yes Vincent I need you so much.” She told him.  He smiled down at her then he once again kissed her.  He moved down her neck until he reached her breasts.  Vincent smiled as he gently played with the taut nipples.  Catherine feeling his mouth on her squirmed under him.


Then he took her nipple into his mouth and suckled her.   Catherine moaned and entwined her hands in his mane.  “Oh Vincent do you know what your touches do to me?” She asked breathlessly.  “No my Catherine what do my touches do to you?” He asked.  “Every time you touch me it sends flames through my entire body.” She cried.  “I am so deeply in love with you.” She continued.  “And I my angel am just as in love with you.” He told her.  Catherine looked up at him eagerly.  “Now Vincent please love me!” She cried.  He smiled down at her and wordlessly nodded.  “Yes Catherine it is time.” He commented.  Then he joined their bodies.  Catherine moaned with immense pleasure.  They moved together until their passion overtook them.  Crying out in ecstasy Vincent fell against Catherine’s shoulder breathless.  Once he was calm he moved over beside her.  Gathering her to him they held one another as they fell into a wonderful deep sleep.


The next morning Catherine awoke to the wonderful sounds of her son babbling as Vincent carried him into the chamber.  “Good morning how are my men this morning?” She asked happily.  Vincent smiled and approached her.  “We are both fine but this little boy wanted to see his wonderful mommy.” He remarked handing the baby to her.  Catherine took the baby and began speaking to him.  “Good morning my baby.” She crooned as she looked down at him.  Vincent smiled and handed her Jacob’s bottle.  She smiled then began to feed him.


“Catherine I just found out something that you should know.” Vincent told her as he sat down next to her on the bed.  Catherine looked up from Jacob.  “What is it love?” She asked.  “Father told me that Peter came below last night and told him that Bass was shot and killed yesterday by the police.” Catherine looked up at him shocked. “What happened?” She asked.  “Apparently when he returned and found out that you were gone he went on a rampage.” He commented.  “He held up a bank and held some people hostage.” He continued.  “Then he was shot when he tried to kill a police officer.” He concluded.  “But before he died he confessed everything that he and Lisa did to you she was arrested early this morning.” He remarked.


Catherine remained quiet for a few moments. “Well maybe now he can be at some kind of peace.” She commented.  Vincent was somewhat surprised by her statement.  “Catherine you amaze me at how you can forgive him for what they did to you.” He stated.  “Love it wouldn’t change anything that happened for me to hate Stephen.” She told him.  “Besides he wasn’t always like that.” She stated.  Vincent nodded and looked down. “Yes and you loved him once.” He whispered.  She placed Jacob down on the bed between them. “Vincent please look at me love.” She requested touching his face. “That was a different time and a very different Stephen.” She commented.  “Besides I really do not think I knew what real love was until I found you.” She stated.  Vincent smiled then he leaned forward and kissed her.  The kiss was broken when Jacob squealed.  Vincent and Catherine looked down at him and saw him play with Vincent’s hair. They smiled at one another then turned their attention to their son.


Later that afternoon Father and Mary held a gathering in the main chamber to welcome Catherine back.  All the tunnel residents who knew her were overjoyed that she was home again.  And the newest tunnel residents were able to finally meet this amazing woman that they had heard so much about.  “Aunt Cathy when are you and Vincent getting married?” Little Cathy asked as Catherine held her.  Catherine looked down at her namesake then looked up at Lena.  “Honey don’t ask such personal questions.” Lena told her daughter.  Then she took the child to her new father Brian.  When Lena returned Catherine looked just as shocked as she did before.  “Cathy I am so sorry about that.” Lena apologized.  Catherine shook her head.  “No Lena don’t worry about it.” Catherine told her.  Then Lena noticed that Brian was motioning to her.  “I better go see what’s up.” She told Catherine.  The two women hugged as Lena moved away from her.


A few moments later Catherine felt someone guiding her toward a chair.  “Catherine love are you alright?” Vincent asked as he knelt down in front of her.  When she snapped out of it she looked at his worried face.  She smiled and touched his cheek. “Yes my darling I am fine.” She assured him.  “I saw the look on your face and then I felt the turbulent feelings inside you.” He stated as he smiled.  Catherine suddenly looked at him and smiled. “Vincent you felt my feelings?” She asked hopefully.  Vincent smiled and nodded. “Yes my love it seems that our bond has returned to us.” He told her.  She smiled brightly as her tears overflowed and fell down her face.  “Oh Vincent I missed our bond so much!” She sobbed.  Vincent pulled her into his arms and held her tightly.  “So did I.” He commented.


Suddenly Catherine became very still in his arms.  Vincent moved back slightly and looked at her concerned.  “What is it my love?” He asked.  Catherine smiled through her tears. “Vincent I feel your feelings now.” She cried.  Then she embraced him tighter.  By now everyone was watching them concerned.  Father came forward and moved toward them.  “Vincent is everything alright?” he asked.  Vincent looked up at his parent and smiled through his own tears.  “Yes Father we just realized that our bond is back and now Catherine can feel it just as strong as I can.” He commented.  Father smiled brightly and patted Vincent’s shoulder.  “That is wonderful.” He told them.  “Father we are going to take Jacob and go back to our chamber.” Vincent remarked as he and Catherine rose.  Devin moved forward and smiled. “Here we go buddy here are your parents.” He told the giggling child.  Catherine smiled and took him into her arms. Then they turned and left the chamber.  Everyone smiled as they watched them go.


Later that evening as they lay in bed Vincent turned toward Catherine.  “What were you and Lena talking about today?” He asked.  She smiled shyly as she remembered Little Cathy’s question.  “She was apologizing to me for a question that little Cathy asked.” Catherine told him.  Vincent rose onto one elbow. “And what question was that?” he asked.  “She asked me when you and I were getting married.” Catherine stated.  “And what did you say?” Vincent asked.  “I did not tell her anything because Lena ushered her toward Brian.” Catherine told him.  “What would you have told her?” He asked.  Catherine shrugged her shoulders.  “I don’t know what I would have said.” She stated.  Vincent took a deep breath then got out of bed.  He put on his robe and sat down in his chair.


Catherine seeing this rose and put on her robe. She was suddenly very concerned about him.  “What is it Vincent?” She asked as she sat down on his lap.  “I am not sure.” He told her.  “Are you ill?” She asked.  “No Catherine but I am sick at heart.” He commented.  “But why sweetheart aren’t you happy that we are here together?” She asked.  Vincent suddenly looked up at her.  “Catherine please never doubt that I love you and that I am so thankful that you are here with me again.” He told her.  She put her hand on his cheek and looked deep into his blue eyes. “Then what is the matter my love?” She asked.


Vincent took a deep breath and smiled. “Catherine will you marry me?” He asked suddenly.  Catherine just stared at him.  “Catherine please say something.” He pleaded.  She then sat down on his lap.  “Vincent you did not have to propose because of what little Cathy asked.” She commented.  He put his hand on her cheek and caressed it. “Catherine I proposed to you because I have been trying to ask you since you returned.” He commented.  “Little Cathy’s question only showed me that now was the perfect time.” He continued.  “Now Catherine back to the original question.” He remarked. “Catherine Victoria Chandler will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?” He asked again.  Catherine smiled as her tears started to fall.  “You already know the answer to that.” She commented. “Yes Vincent I will marry you.” She answered.  She then threw her arm around his neck and hugged him tightly.  Vincent held her tightly for the next few minutes. Then Catherine leaned back and looked at him. “Now love can we go back to bed?” She asked seductively. Vincent smiled and rose with her in his arms. “Anything you wish my beloved angel.” He remarked as he kissed her.


A couple of days later Catherine was sitting in their chamber. She smiled when Father entered. “Father is something wrong?” She suddenly asked. Father smiled and shook his head. “No Catherine I just wanted to talk to you about something.” He commented.  He pulled a chair over and sat down beside her. “Catherine I have something that I wanted to say to you.” He started. Catherine looked at him and smiled. “What is it Father?” She asked as she put her hand on his. “Catherine I must ask for your forgiveness.” He stated. Catherine looked at him confused. “Whatever for Father?” She asked. Father took a deep breath then once again started to talk. “Catherine for so long I tried to discourage your relationship with Vincent.” He stated. Catherine nodded. “Yes I remember.” She whispered. “But now I can see just how wrong I was.” He told her. “You have been wonderful for Vincent.” He stated. “Father can you truly say that after all the times I placed him in danger?” She asked. Father smiled and touched her cheek.  “Catherine please listen to me I know now that Vincent would have done anything to protect you.” He told her. “And I also know that you would never have placed him in danger purposely.” He continued.  “I can never apologize enough for my mistrust and I can only ask for you to forgive me for being a foolish old man.” He told her sadly.


After a few moments Father spoke once again. “Catherine we need to contact Joe Maxwell about Lisa’s role in your ordeal.” He stated.  Catherine was shocked. “Father you know Joe?” She asked. The tunnel elder smiled and nodded. “Yes I went above to speak to him while you were missing.” He stated.  Catherine was very moved by this. “Father you did that for me?” She asked. He smiled and put his arm around her shoulders. “Catherine I have truly grown to love you as one of my own family.” He commented. “And now that you and Vincent are marrying you will be family.” He told her.  Father looked over and noticed that she was crying. “Catherine what is it dear?” He asked. She looked up and smiled through her tears. “Oh Father I have waited for so long to hear you say that.” She cried.  He smiled as his own tears began to fall.


As they parted a very winded Vincent ran into the chamber. Catherine and Father both looked up at him surprised.  “Love what is it?” Catherine asked as she rose and approached him. He put his hands on her shoulders and looked into her eyes. “Are the two of you alright?” He finally asked. Catherine looked at Father who smiled and rose. “Yes my son my daughter and I are fine.” He stated. Vincent smiled when he realized that the two people he loved were finally coming together again. He drew them both into his arms and hugged them. “Now love you can go back to work.” Catherine commented when Vincent released them. Vincent removed his cloak and smiled at her. “No I cannot.” He remarked.  “Why ever not?” Father asked. Vincent looked at him and smiled. “Devin told me that he did not want to see me in the lower tunnels again today.” He stated.  “Well I always said your brother was a smart man.” She commented wryly.  Vincent looked at Father then they all laughed.


Later that evening Catherine and Vincent were summoned to Father’s study. “You wanted to see us Father.” Vincent remarked as they entered. Father rose from his chair. “Yes I just wanted to tell you that we have company.” He stated. Then he moved aside.  Catherine smiled as she saw Joe and Jenny standing there. She handed Jacob to Vincent then moved down the steps. “Oh Cathy I am so glad to see you.” Jenny cried as they embraced.  “I have missed you Jen.” Catherine cried. Then she looked up at Joe. “Hey there Radcliffe.” He commented. Catherine moved over and hugged him. “Joe you look wonderful.” She stated. Joe looked over at Jenny and smiled. “Well I suppose marriage agrees with me Cathy.” He stated. Catherine suddenly moved back and looked up at him. “You are married now?” She asked.  Vincent walked up behind her. “He and Jenny married a short time ago.” He stated. Catherine looked at him then back at their friends. “Oh that is wonderful!” She exclaimed as she hugged them again. “Well shall we sit down?” Father asked. They all sat down and started to visit.


After a little while Joe looked at Father. “Jacob your message mentioned something about Catherine’s disappearance.” He commented. Catherine put her hand on Father’s. “I will tell him.” She stated. Father smiled and nodded. “Joe after I went into the coma I was taken to Virginia.” Catherine began. “Cathy why Virginia?” Jenny asked. Catherine looked at her and answered. “Jen when I woke up from the coma I was being held against my will by Stephen Bass.” Jenny was shocked. “Oh Cathy are you alright?” She asked concerned. Catherine smiled and nodded. “Yes Jenny I am fine.” She stated. Then Jenny rose and began pacing. “Cathy I truly hate that man!” she exclaimed. Catherine rose and approached her. “I know but now I don’t ever have to worry about him again.” She remarked. Jenny looked at her confused. “What do you mean?” She asked. “Honey he was killed by police a few days ago.” Joe told her. “See I am safe now.” Catherine told her as she hugged Jenny.


Once they sat down again Catherine began speaking once again. “Joe the person who took me to Stephen was Lisa Campbell.” She commented. “I recognize that name.” He remarked. “She was a ballerina who testified again Len Taggert a couple of years ago.” Catherine told him. Joe nodded. “Oh yes I remember.” He stated.  “Well after that she left the state and apparently became involved with Gabriel.” Joe was shocked. “Cathy how could she be involved with him?” He asked. Vincent suddenly broke in. “I believe she became involved with him after she left to get back at me.” He stated. Joe was confused. “Vincent you know her?” He asked. “Yes Joe she grew up here.” Vincent remarked. “She almost came between us when she was here before.” Catherine told them. “Lisa was my first love.” Vincent told them hesitantly. Catherine seeing his discomfort moved over and sat down on the arm of his chair. “Love it is alright.” She whispered. “We are together now and that is all in the past.” She commented. Vincent looked up at her and smiled. He gently put his arm around her waist. “Thank you my love you are right.” He stated.


As Joe and Jenny watched this exchange they smiled at one another. “Well what is all this about?” Joe finally asked. Catherine looked at him again. “Joe she took me to Stephen because she wanted to come back here and reclaim Vincent.” She commented. “Hey wait a minute Cathy wasn’t she arrested a few weeks ago?” Joe asked. Catherine nodded. “Yes she was.” She stated. “Well I will prosecute her for her part in this.” He stated. Catherine smiled and nodded. “Thanks Joe.” She remarked. Then Joe and Jenny rose from their seats. “We hate to do this but we have a dinner to go to tonight.” Jenny told them as she hugged Catherine. “We will come see you again soon.” Joe told her when they embraced. Then they left the tunnels.


The next morning Joe entered the conference room in the District Attorney’s office. He had requested a meeting with Lisa.  As he entered the room he saw her sitting at the table wearing a jail uniform. He noticed how different she looked from all the photographs that he had seen of her.  “I am District Attorney Joe Maxwell.” He introduced himself as he took his seat.  Lisa nodded slightly and smiled. “Yes I know who you are.” She commented.  “I requested this meeting to talk about your part in Catherine Chandler’s disappearance.” He stated. Lisa seemed genuinely surprised by this. “Mr. Maxwell I believe that Catherine Chandler is dead.” She stated. Joe opened the file in front of him and took out a piece of paper.  “This is a declared confession by Stephen Bass.” He commented. He noticed that Lisa flinched as he mentioned Stephen’s name.  “Lisa I believe you know as well as I do that Catherine is very much alive.” He stated. Lisa could not stand this any longer. “I wish to leave now.” She commented.  Joe shook his head. “No you will leave when this is done.” He told her. “Mr. Maxwell this is ridiculous Catherine Chandler is dead and you need to accept that.” Lisa stated. This made Joe extremely angry. “No Miss Campbell I have seen Catherine for myself and I assure you she is alive!” he yelled. Lisa was shocked. “What did you just say?” She asked.  Joe looked at her hard. “You heard exactly what I said!” he seethed.


Suddenly Lisa rose from her seat and started to pace. “Mr. Maxwell I was forced by Gabriel and then Stephen to participate in all this.” She pleaded. “I truly have nothing against Catherine personally I only wanted a chance to have a real relationship with Vincent because it was stolen from us before.” She commented. “Well Miss Campbell it is truly too late for that.” He told her. “No it will never be too late!” Lisa yelled. “Miss Campbell he is now with Catherine once again and they are truly happy.” He stated. “In fact they are now planning their wedding.” He continued.


Lisa suddenly swung around and glared at him. “I will never allow that woman to marry him!” she exclaimed. Joe rose from his seat.  “Miss Campbell there is truly nothing you can do about it now.” He commented.  Then he turned and opened the conference room door.  Just as he was about to leave he heard Lisa’s voice again. “Mr. Maxwell could you please ask Catherine to come see me?” She asked. Joe stopped suddenly. He swiveled around and slammed the door once again. “I will never ask her to come see you!” he screamed. “You have hurt her and Vincent for the last time.” He continued.  “But Mr. Maxwell I love Vincent and I want to talk to her woman to woman about what is best for him and little Jacob.” She stated. Joe could not believe the audacity of this woman. “Miss Campbell you do not love him or you would have never done this to him or Catherine.” He stated. “How do you know how I feel about Vincent?” She asked angrily.  “Because I know the kind of man he is and I know how much he loves Catherine.” He remarked. “I did this so that he could be spared the pain of her leaving him in the future when she becomes tired of him and the tunnels.” She stated. “That will never happen she is very happy with him and she loves those tunnels very much.” He told her.


Lisa was not out of arguments yet.  “What was I supposed to do let her continue this so called relationship with him and hurt him?” She asked. Joe just glared at her. “That relationship is the truest thing I have ever seen.” He stated. “I have never seen two people more in love with one another.” He added. Then Joe rose and approached the door again. “So will you give her the message?” Lisa asked. Joe turned around and stared at her. “No! I will never give her any messages from you!” he yelled. Then he opened the door and left the room slamming the door behind him.


In their chambers Catherine and Vincent were sitting in their chamber happily playing with Jacob.  “Vincent may I come in?” Father asked from the entrance of the chamber.  Catherine and Vincent rose from the bed.  “Of course you can Father.” Vincent told him.  “Vincent I hate to do this but there is an emergency in the lower tunnels.” He stated.  Then he looked over at Catherine who held baby Jacob in her arms. “Catherine I am so sorry about this.” He told her apologetically. She smiled and shook her head. “No Father it is truly alright I know it must be serious.” She assured him. Father nodded. “Yes there is a threat of flooding.” He commented.  Vincent moved over and put on his cloak. “I will leave in a few minutes.” He stated. Father smiled slightly and nodded. “Yes the other crew members will be waiting for you.” He commented.  Then the tunnel elder turned and left the chamber.


Once he was ready to leave Vincent turned toward Catherine. “Will you and Jacob walk me down?” he asked as he cupped her cheek.  She smiled and looked down at their son in her arms. “Of course we will my darling.” She told him.  Then they left the chamber.  As they reached the lower tunnel entrance Vincent stopped.  He turned and faced Catherine.  “I will miss you both.” He told her.  She smiled up at him. “We will miss you too my beloved.” She responded.  Then he learned forward and gently kissed her.  After they broke apart Catherine smiled and handed Jacob to his father.  Vincent took the child in his arms and smiled down at him. “Now my son you take good care of your mommy until I return later this afternoon.” Vincent told the baby.  Then he gently kissed the baby on the cheek and once again handed him back to Catherine.  She smiled as she took him into her arms.  Then with one more gentle caress of Catherine’s cheek Vincent moved toward the work crew.


Later that afternoon Catherine was sitting in their chamber reading.  “Catherine can we come in?” Father asked. She rose and smiled when she saw Joe. “Of course come in.” She told them.  They entered the chamber and sat down. “Now Joe please tell us what this is all about.” Father commented.  Joe took a deep breath and nodded.  “I interviewed Lisa Campbell this morning.” He began.  “What did she have to say?” Catherine asked. Joe shook his head. “Nothing much really.” He commented. “But she did say something that I should know about.” Catherine commented.  Joe looked up at her and nodded. “Yes she did.” He stated. “What in the world did she say Joe?” Father asked.  Joe rose and started to pace. “Joe what is it?” Catherine asked again. Joe stopped pacing and turned to face her. “She wants to meet with you.” He stated.  Catherine was about to comment when another voice broke in. “That is out of the question!” They all turned to see Vincent and Devin standing in the entrance of the chamber. “I agree with you on this one Vincent.” Joe told him. “I just thought that Catherine should know.” He remarked.


Catherine rose from her chair again and walked over to the cradle where Jacob lay sleeping. “I will meet with her.” She stated.  Vincent was across the room in seconds. “No Catherine please leave this alone.” He begged.  Catherine turned and embraced him. “Darling I have to see her to find out exactly what she was going to get out of this.” She told him. “If I don’t do this I will always wonder about her motives.” She added. “And I do not want anything to distract me from you or our son and our life together.” Vincent shook his head. “Catherine I am afraid for you to meet with her.” he stated. Catherine smiled and nodded. “I know darling but this is something that I must do.” She told him. “Hey little brother how about I go with her?” Devin offered.  Vincent looked back at him. “I would appreciate that.” He stated. “Of course I will.” Devin remarked. “And Vincent I will be in the room with them.” Joe promised. “I will never leave Catherine alone with her not even for a second.” He stated.   Vincent smiled at their friend. “Thank you Joe I appreciate that.” He stated. “When can we leave?” Catherine asked. “We can go right now.” Joe told her as he and Father rose. “We will wait for you in my chamber.” Father commented. Then they left the chamber.


After they had left the chamber Vincent once again gathered Catherine in his arms. “Please promise me you will be very careful.” He begged. Catherine moved back slightly and smiled up at him. “Of course I will my love.” She told him.  “I would die if anything happened to you now.” He commented. “Vincent I will be with both Joe and Devin and they will never let her hurt me in any way.” She told him.  “Now would you please kiss me before we go to Father’s chamber?” She asked. Vincent smiled then leaned forward and kissed her.  As they parted Catherine smiled at him. “We will discuss that kiss more thoroughly later.” She whispered. Vincent smiled again. “Oh yes we will.” He growled. Then Catherine turned and picked Jacob up. She smiled up at Vincent then they all left the chamber.


A few moments later they entered Father’s chamber. “Are you ready Cathy?” Devin asked. She smiled slightly and nodded. “Yes I am ready.” She answered. Then she turned and handed Jacob to his father. “Please be careful.” Vincent begged. She smiled up at him and cupped his cheek. “We will my love.” She whispered. Then she kissed him tenderly on the lips.  As they broke the kiss she moved toward Devin. “Shall we go?” Devin asked. Then the three of them left the tunnels.  Vincent held Jacob tightly as he watched them go. Father hobbled over and placed his hand on Vincent’s shoulder. “She will be fine.” He commented. “I hope so Father.” Vincent whispered. “Now if you will excuse me I would like to spend this time alone with our son.” Vincent remarked. Then he turned and left the chamber. Father watched him go and shook his head. Please God let Catherine come back from this meeting safely because Vincent needs her so much. He prayed silently. Then he moved over and opened another ledger on his desk.


Meanwhile above Catherine, Joe and Devin entered the District Attorney’s office. Catherine suddenly noticed that the place was deserted. “I told everyone to go home early so that we could have this meeting if you wanted to go through with it.” He told Catherine. She smiled and nodded. Then they walked to the conference room.  Joe opened the door and the three of them entered the room. Inside they saw Lisa sitting at the table waiting.  “Hello Catherine.” She commented. They sat down then Devin spoke to Lisa. “Dispense with all the niceties Lisa what do you want?” he asked angrily. Lisa thought for a moment then spoke once again. “Catherine may I speak to you privately?” She asked. Devin was about to respond when Catherine put her hand on his shoulder. “No Devin let me speak.” She commented. She then looked at Lisa again. “No Lisa anything you wish to say to me you will have to say with them here.” She commented. “I promised Vincent that I would never be alone with you.” She added. “Vincent could not have made you promise that.” Lisa told her. “He would never think that I would harm you.” She added. Catherine suddenly became angry. “And what have you done to us all this time but harm us? Catherine asked. “I only wanted a chance to be with the man that I love.” Lisa argued.


Catherine rose and started to pace. She kept the bond with Vincent wide open so that he would know what was happening. Ever since it had returned after their reunion it was stronger.  “Lisa I am the only woman that Vincent loves.” Catherine remarked. “He could have learned to love me again if you had stayed away.” Lisa told her. Catherine suddenly stopped and glared at her. “No Lisa that would have never happened!” She screamed. “I am the woman he loves and the mother of his son.” She stated. “And no matter what you do it will never change that.” She added. “Catherine I am asking you to step aside so that I can return to Vincent and Jacob.” Lisa told her. “Are you insane?” Catherine shrieked. “You will never be near either one of them again!” She vowed.


Then Catherine moved toward Devin. “Devin let’s go home this was a mistake.” She commented. Devin nodded and he and Joe rose.  As they were leaving Lisa spoke once again. “Catherine please take care of Vincent and Jacob until I return.” She remarked.  Catherine could do nothing but glare at her. “Come on Cathy she is not worth it.” Devin told her. He then led her out of the room.


Once they were in the main office again Catherine began to tremble. Devin moved toward her and held her. “Cathy do not worry you don’t ever have to see her again.” He whispered. She smiled up at him. “I know she just frightened me.” She commented. “Radcliffe I promise you she will never harm you again.” Joe remarked. Catherine moved out of Devin’s arms. “Thank you for everything Joe.” She told him as she embraced him. “Hey you and Vincent are our friends.” He commented. “Well Cathy we better be going Vincent will be waiting.” Devin told her. She smiled and nodded. “Yes and I need to see him and my baby.” She remarked.  Then they left the office.


About a half an hour later Devin and Catherine entered the drainage tunnel.  They approached the hidden lever and Devin was about to trip it when the door slid open. Devin and Catherine both turned to see a very worried looking Vincent before them. Devin smiled at his brother and put his hand on Vincent’s shoulder. Then without a word he moved through the door into the tunnels.  After he had left them alone Catherine turned around toward Vincent again. He smiled and opened his arms.  Catherine threw herself into his embrace with a sob.  “I could not wait to be home.” She cried. Vincent held her tightly against him. “I have sensed your tension and anger since you have been gone.” He whispered. Catherine leaned back and looked at him. “I don’t want to talk about it right now.” She told him. “I just want to be with you.” She told him. “Why don’t we go see our son then take him to Mary.” Vincent suggested.  “I think we could use some time alone.” He observed.  Catherine smiled and snuggled into his arms.  “I would love that.” She told him. Then they turned and moved through the hidden door into the tunnels.


When they walked into their chamber Catherine smiled and moved over to Brooke who was holding Jacob. “Hello Brooke thank you for watching him.” Catherine told the girl. Brooke smiled and silently nodded then she left them alone. “Hello my baby I missed you so much.” Catherine told Jacob as he looked up at her. “He was upset when you were not here.” Vincent told her as he moved over and stood behind her. “He seemed to be looking for you.” He continued. Catherine smiled at the baby and stroked his cheek. “Well I will never be that far away from him again.” She commented. Vincent smiled and wrapped his arms around them. “Well I cannot say that I hate that idea.” He whispered.  Catherine over her shoulder and smiled at him. “Now how about that time alone?” Vincent asked.  Catherine looked down at their son and smiled. “Yes we will take Jacob to Mary.” She remarked. Then they turned and left the chamber.


As they entered Father’s chamber they found him there with Mary and Devin. “Oh there you are Catherine.” Father commented. Vincent and Catherine smiled and moved down the steps into the chamber. “Yes I wanted to see Jacob.” Catherine remarked. “Devin was just telling us about the meeting.” Mary remarked. “Yes it was quite upsetting.” Catherine told her. “But now it is over.” She added. “Mary would you please keep Jacob for us tonight?” Vincent asked. Mary smiled and rose. She moved over and took the baby from his mother. “Of course I will.” She stated. “Where are you two off to?” Devin asked. Vincent smiled at him. “I thought we would go to our secret place.” He stated.  Catherine smiled brightly. “I would love that.” She told him. “Well you two have a good time and we will take care of Jacob.” Father told them. Vincent and Catherine smiled then they turned and left the chamber.


After they left the chamber they turned and walked toward the kitchen chamber. “Why are we going to the kitchen chamber?” Catherine asked. Vincent smiled down at her. “Well I asked William to prepare a picnic basket for us.” He remarked. Catherine smiled and snuggled into his side.  “Oh you had this all planned did you?” She asked. Vincent stopped and turned around to face her. “Well there is a matter that we have to discuss and I thought we needed privacy.” He whispered. “And what matter is that?” She asked. Vincent did not answer her with words but he smiled then leaned forward and kissed her. When they broke apart Vincent smiled as he saw the breathless look on her face.  “Well then let’s get our basket and go.” She whispered. Then they moved on down the tunnel.


As they entered the chamber of the falls Catherine smiled. “Oh I have missed this place.” She mused. She stood and looked out over the water.  Vincent smiled then extended his hand. “Come my love our chamber awaits.” He whispered. Catherine smiled lovingly at him as she took his hand.  “Lead on my beloved.” She told him. They slowly began to climb up the steps that led to the side of the waterfall.  As they entered the cavern hidden by the great waterfall Catherine gasped. Before her eyes the cavern was bathed in beautiful candlelight. There was a large blanket with many different pillows laid atop it.  “Oh Vincent this is beautiful.” She told him. Vincent smiled and took her hand. “Come my love sit down.” He told her. She smiled as he led her to the blanket. She removed her shoes then smiled at him. “Will you please help me down?” She asked.  Vincent smiled and gently lowered her to the blanket.  After she was sitting on the blanket Vincent put the basket down on the blanket. Then he moved away. Catherine watched as he removed his cloak. Then he sat down behind her.  She smiled as he opened his arms for her to lean against him. Catherine moved back slightly into his arms.   “This is where I have wanted to be for so long.” Catherine sighed.  Vincent smiled and tightened his arms around her. “I have wanted you here in my arms ever since you left the tunnels earlier.” He commented.


After a few moments Catherine leaned up and reached for the basket. “Why don’t we see what William packed for us?” She asked. Vincent smiled and nodded. “Yes that is a good idea.” He told her. They opened the basket and pulled out all the containers.  They sat there talking happily while they ate a lunch of turkey sandwiches, potato salad, garden salad, and strawberry shortcake.


When they were done eating Catherine packed up the basket. “Now what do we do?” She asked.  Vincent smiled and wrapped his arms around her once again. “Well my love we still have a certain kiss to discuss.” He whispered huskily.  She shivered slightly at the passion in his voice.  “Yes I believe we should discuss that kiss.” She breathed. Then Vincent captured her lips in a very passionate and lingering kiss.  Catherine moaned as she felt his hands moved over her face. “Catherine I need you so much.” He whispered as they parted.  She smiled and nodded. “Yes my darling love me please.” She requested.  Then with that Vincent wrapped his arms around her once again and pulled her against him.  Vincent continued to kiss her as he unbuttoned her blouse.  “I should have changed when I came back.” She whispered. Vincent smiled and kissed her shoulder as he pulled off the blouse. “No I would not have been able to have this much fun.” He whispered. Catherine smiled happily. “Oh this is fun for you?” She asked. Vincent looked at her with passion filled eyes. “Yes my love this is a lot of fun.” He told her. Then he continued the happy task of undressing her.


Once they were both void of their clothes they clung to one another.   “Please Vincent love me now!” Catherine cried as he kissed her everywhere. Vincent smiled seductively. “Yes my Catherine I need to love you now.” He whispered. With that he moved over her and joined their bodies. Catherine moaned as she felt him move. “Vincent you are my greatest love.” She moaned. “And you Catherine are my one true love.” He whispered.  Soon they both cried out in happy release of passion.


Later they were still lying there holding each other. “Catherine will you please tell me what happened today?” Vincent asked. She sighed and nodded. “Yes of course I will tell you.” She commented. “We were talking to her and she was totally delusional.” She began. “She is convinced that if I had not come back you and she would be together.” She commented.  Vincent could sense through the bond how hard these words were for her. He smiled lovingly at her as he tightened his arms around her. “Catherine that would have been impossible.” He told her as he kissed her. She smiled and nodded. “I know that love but she is convinced that it is the truth.” She remarked. “Anyway I finally got fed up with the conversation and told Devin that I wanted to leave.” She stated. “But as we were leaving she asked me if I would take care of you and Jacob until she comes back.” She choked out.  Vincent wiped away the tears that were falling down her cheeks. “Oh love I hate it when you are put through such things.” He told her as he held her tightly. “Please never let me go again.” She pleaded. Vincent kissed her brow and held her. “I will never let you go away from me or our son.” He whispered. “Anyway we are going to be married very soon.” He stated. Catherine smiled and nodded. “Yes and that is a day that I cannot wait for.” She whispered. Then Vincent kissed her again and they became lost in one another once again.


The wedding was set for April 12th.  Everyone was happily planning the biggest event that the tunnels had ever witnessed.  But above Joe was receiving some very distressing news. “Mr. Maxwell the jail warden is on the phone.” The secretary told him. Joe picked up the phone and began to speak. “Yes this is Joe Maxwell.” He commented. “Joe this is Robert.” The man responded. “Hey Bob what can I do for you?” Joe asked. “Joe I hate to tell you this but while we were transferring Lisa Campbell to another facility she was busted out.” He commented. Joe suddenly jumped up from his chair. “What the hell happened?” He asked. “Apparently she had men waiting who got her out and harmed two guards.” Bob stated. “We are actively searching for her Joe I promise.” He remarked. “I know that but what am I going to tell Catherine Chandler?” he asked angrily.  “Joe I am so sorry.” Bob commented. “I know you are Bob this was not your fault just keep me posted.” Joe told him. “Yes I will.” Bob assured him. Then he hung up the phone.


After Joe hung up he grabbed his jacket.  How am I going to tell Cathy and Vincent about this? He wondered as he left the office.  “Marcia would you please cancel my remaining appointments this afternoon?” He requested. She looked up at him suddenly. “Mr. Maxwell what about you meeting with the Mayor?” She asked. Joe stopped and thought a moment. “Call him and explain that something has gone wrong with one of my biggest cases.” He told her. She smiled and nodded. “Yes sir I will tell him.” She answered. Then Joe quickly left the office.


A while later Joe entered the tunnels. Jamie who was on duty met him. “Hello Jamie where is Vincent?” He asked. She looked up at him suddenly. “Oh hi Joe I did not hear you coming.” She confessed. He smiled at her. “Don’t worry I wont tell anyone.” He promised. She smiled thankfully. “I will take you to Father’s chamber.” She commented. Then they walked toward the main hub.


As they reached Father’s chamber they heard Father talking to Vincent. “We have to reroute these pipes so that the pressure is off.” Father commented as he pointed to a map.  Vincent was standing beside him. “Yes I agree with you.” He stated. Then they heard Jamie’ s voice. They looked up and saw her standing there with Joe. “Hello Joe.” Vincent told his friend as they embraced.  “Hello Vincent how are you?” Joe asked. “Fine we are just looking at some repairs that need to be done before Catherine and I marry.” Vincent commented. Joe looked around the chamber. “Where is Cathy?” he asked. Vincent looked back at Father then at Devin and smiled. “She and Jenny went shopping above for some things for the wedding.” Vincent remarked. “Then I believe they were going to stop by Catherine’s father’s townhouse because Peter told her that her father had left something there for her.” Vincent commented. Joe smiled slightly trying to look calm. “Joe what is it?” Devin asked.  “You look somewhat upset.” He remarked. Joe sat down at the desk and sighed. “Vincent I wish Catherine was here now.” He stated. Vincent was suddenly alarmed. “Joe what has happened?” He asked.  “Vincent some of Gabriel’s former associates busted Lisa out of jail while she was being transferred this morning.” He finally told him.  “Oh God!” Father exclaimed. “They are looking all over the city for her.” Joe told them. “I just wish that Cathy was here where she was safe.” He stated.


Vincent suddenly rose and started to pace. “I should have never let her go above.” He commented. Devin approached him and put his hand on his shoulder. “Little brother you could not have known that this would happen.” He stated.  “I know that Devin but if anything happens to Catherine I will never forgive myself.” He remarked. Suddenly a message came over the pipes.  –Catherine and Jenny home entering the tunnels.—P  Vincent suddenly turned toward Father. “I must go meet them.” He stated. Father smiled and nodded. “Yes my son go.” With that Vincent, Joe, and Devin ran from the chamber.


As they approached the hub Catherine and Jenny were laughing happily. “Cathy this was so much fun.” Jenny told her. Catherine smiled. “Yes Jenny it was.” She remarked.  Then Catherine suddenly saw Vincent running toward them. She smiled but then saw the worried look on his face. “Jenny take these.” Catherine requested as she handed her the packages.  Jenny saw the concerned look on Catherine’s face.  “Sure go see what is wrong.” She directed. With that Catherine began running.


When he reached her Vincent gathered Catherine into his arms.  “Oh Catherine you are safe!” he cried. She held him tightly until he was calm. “Now love please tell me what has happened.” Catherine told him.  He was about to speak when Joe and Devin came running up to them. “Cathy where is Jenny?” Joe asked. She looked at him. “She is right back there.” She commented. Then before she could ask what was going on Joe and Devin ran toward Jenny.


As they separated Vincent just continued to gaze at Catherine. “Vincent please tell me what is going on?” Catherine requested.  Vincent sighed and pulled her to him again. “Why is Joe here?” She asked. Then Vincent let her go.  “Catherine he came below to tell us that Lisa has escaped.” He told her.  “Oh God Vincent no!” She cried. Vincent once again pulled her into his arms. “Don’t worry love you are safe here.” He whispered. “I will never let her anywhere near you.” He vowed.  Once she was calm again they all walked back to Father’s chamber.


Once they arrived Father rose.  “Catherine dear are you and Jenny alright?” He asked as he embraced her. “Yes Father we are fine.” Catherine told him.  “Now what are we going to do about this situation?” Devin asked. “Well one thing I can do is leave the city for a while.” Catherine commented. Vincent was kneeling beside her instantly. “No Catherine please stay here with us!” he begged. She looked down at him and caressed his cheek. “Darling it may lead her away from the tunnels.” She argued. But Vincent would hear none of it. He shook his head adamantly. “No Catherine please I cannot lose you again.” He cried.


Then he buried his head in her shoulder. Catherine was shaken by his outburst. She looked up at Father stunned. Then she realized just how frightened Vincent truly was about losing her again. “Oh Vincent don’t my love I was just thinking I wont leave I promise.” She whispered as she caressed his mane. “I love you too much to ever leave you again.” She told him. Vincent looked up at her and smiled. “Catherine I promise you will be safe with me here.” He vowed. Catherine smiled and kissed him. “I know that my love I have always felt safe with you.”  She commented.  Then he rose and brought her up with him. “Now let’s go see our son.” He suggested. Catherine smiled and nodded. “Joe please keep us informed about all this.” Catherine requested.  Joe smiled and nodded. Then they left the chamber.


As the weeks went on there was no word on Lisa’s whereabouts.  Catherine and Vincent worried about this but they agreed that they needed to concentrate on their family and their wedding.  So the morning of April 12th dawned.  Catherine rolled over and was met by Vincent’s arms encircling her. She opened her eyes to see him smiling down at her.  “Good morning my love.” He whispered. She smiled and stretched. “Good morning to you.” She answered. “So today is our wedding day.” She stated. Vincent smiled and gently kissed her. “Yes and we both need to get up so that we can get things done.” He stated. Catherine smiled and rose from the bed. She quickly dressed then moved back toward him. “Well before I go do I at least get a kiss?” She asked. Vincent smiled and chuckled. “Well my love I guess a little practice wont hurt.” He commented. Then he wrapped his arms around her and gently kissed her. All too soon he broke the kiss. “I don’t want to do this but you really should be going.” He whispered. Catherine sighed and moved out of his arms. “Yes we will see you later.” She commented as she picked up Jacob.  Vincent kissed his son then smiled at Catherine. “Yes my love at our wedding.” He whispered. Catherine kissed him once again then she left the chamber.


While this was going on above in a penthouse Lisa was busy laying out the last of her plans. “I am going to that wedding and get my revenge.” She commented to her henchmen. “Do you want us to come along?” Carl asked. She turned and looked at him. “No where I am going they will recognize a stranger automatically.” She commented. “I am known there and they will think nothing of it.” She added. “What do you want us to do?” Carl asked. “Go to the airport and wait for me there.” She instructed. “We are on a plane for Buenos Aires tonight.” She stated. “I am going to have a child with me so just wait for me to return.” She told him. “Why are you taking this woman’s child?” Another of the men asked. Lisa turned around and glared at him. “The reason I am taking this child is because he should have been mine in the first place so I am correcting a mistake.” Then she stormed out of the room.


Later that evening at six o’clock Mary entered the bride’s preparation chamber. She smiled when she saw Catherine there with Jenny, Nancy and Jamie. “Oh Catherine my dear you look so beautiful.” Mary mused.  Catherine rose and spun around. “I found this dress at my father’s house.” She commented. “It was the dress my mother wore the day she married daddy.” Catherine commented. Mary suddenly got very misty eyes. “Oh Catherine what a wonderful gift.” She commented. Catherine approached her and embraced her. “I feel as if this dress is my parent’s way of blessing this marriage.” She whispered. Mary moved back and smiled. “Yes Catherine I am sure that it is.” She assured her.


Meanwhile in the groom’s dressing chamber Vincent was being assisted by Joe, Nancy’s husband Paul, and Devin.  Father and Peter entered smiling at the commotion.  “Hey is everything alright in here?” Peter asked smiling.  The men all turned around.  “Well if you could tell the groom to calm down we would be better.” Devin teased. Paul and Joe chuckled behind them. “Yeah he is a nervous wreck.” Joe stated. Vincent looked over his shoulder at his best friend. “Joe you are exaggerating.” He commented. Joe put his hand on Vincent’s shoulder. “I am afraid not buddy.” He said smiling. “Now boys leave him alone.” Father chided. “Every groom has a right to be nervous.” He stated. “Thank you Father.” Vincent said smiling. “Now you should finish so that you can all go to the great hall.” Father said as he and Peter left the chamber.


A while later Peter entered the bride’s chamber. He smiled when he saw Catherine. “Honey you look beautiful.” He mused as he gently hugged her. “Thank you Peter.” She responded emotionally. “Cath don’t you dare cry or I will have to redo your makeup.” Jenny warned. Peter smiled at Catherine then pulled something out of his pocket. “Honey your father left this with me just in case he could not be with you on your wedding day.” He told her handing her a small velvet box.  Catherine put down her bouquet and took the box. She opened it and gasped. “Oh Peter this is so beautiful!” She cried. Jenny sighed and prepared to redo her makeup. Peter looked at her and smiled mischievously. “Now Jenny don’t be angry with me for this.” He told her. She looked at him and could not help smiling. “Here let me put it on you.” Peter told Catherine. Then he took out the bracelet and put it around her wrist.  “This belonged to your great grandmother Chandler.” Peter told her. “Charles thought you should wear it the day you married just as she did.” He added. Catherine smiled then kissed his cheek. “Thank you so much.” She whispered.  “Cathy your father was just as close a friend to me as Jacob and you are like my own child.” He commented. “Now ladies I will be back in ten minutes to get the bride to be.” He told them. Then he turned and left the chamber.


A while later the men entered the great hall.  Vincent along with Paul and Joe took their places with Father. Then the music changed. They all turned around and watched the stairs as Jamie made her way into the chamber. She smiled at Vincent as she made her way to the altar.  Then Jenny entered the hall. She smiled radiantly as she walked down the aisle.  Joe smiled proudly at his beautiful wife.  Next came Nancy.  She looked radiant in the dress that Mary had made for her to be the Matron of Honor.  She moved over and turned to await Catherine’s entrance.  Then everyone rose and watched as Peter and Catherine entered the chamber.  Everyone smiled and gasped when they saw how beautiful Catherine looked. She smiled proudly as they approached Vincent.


When they were at the altar Peter smiled and kissed her. He then placed her hand in Vincent’s. Catherine and Vincent turned to face Father.  Father smiled then began to speak.  “Today we are here to witness the joining of Vincent and Catherine.” He began.  “They have come through so much to reach this moment and I must ask if you will all help them to nurture this love that they are pledging this day?” Father asked. Everyone smiled as they all spoke aloud. “We will.” Then Father spoke again.  “I believe that Vincent and Catherine have prepared their own vows for one another.” He commented. Then he turned and smiled at Vincent.


Vincent smiled at him then turned to look at Catherine. “Catherine we have been through so much this past year. I had truly given up on ever being here with you. When I thought I had lost you my heart died. Even when we recovered Jacob there was a piece of me that was missing. Then by some miracle you were given back to me and I vowed at that moment to never let you go again. I wasted so much time when I tried pushing you away from me and for this I will always be sorry. I promise this to you. I will love you and take care of you for the rest of my life.”


Catherine smiled as her tears fell down her cheek.  Then they turned to face Father once again. “Now Catherine would you recite your vow to Vincent?” He asked.  Catherine smiled then handed her bouquet to Nancy. She then turned to face Vincent.  “Vincent since the night you found me in the park there has been something very special between us. I not only found the love of my life that night but I also found my best friend.  We have truly overcome every adversity that life has thrown at us. And now that we are together with our beautiful son we have only a bright future to look forward too. I will love you and take care of you for the rest of my life.”


Once she was done Catherine and Vincent turned back toward Father.  “Vincent do you have a ring for Catherine?” Father asked. Vincent smiled and turned toward Devin. Then he turned back to Catherine. “I give you this ring as a token of my undying love and devotion.” He stated. Then Father looked at Catherine. “Do you have a ring for Vincent?” he asked. Catherine smiled and nodded. Then she turned to Nancy. Nancy smiled as she handed the ring to Catherine. Catherine took the ring and turned back toward Vincent. “This was my father’s wedding ring now I have combined my past with my future.” She told him as she slid the band on his hand. They turned once final time toward Father. He smiled and began to speak again. “With the giving and receiving of rings and the reciting of vows you have pledged your lives to one another and I pronounce you husband and wife.” He stated proudly. “Now Vincent you may kiss your wife.” He added.  Vincent smiled then leaned forward and gently kissed his beloved Catherine. Everyone cheered and applauded the newlyweds.


As this was happening Lisa entered the tunnels. She looked around and found that there were no sentries in sight.  She smiled as she walked down the tunnel. Now I will have my revenge on you Catherine. She thought to herself. She walked and decided that she would go hide in Mary’s chamber. She figured that Mary would be keeping Jacob while his parents were away. She smiled as she thought of the pain that they would be in when they returned and found that their baby was gone forever.  As she approached Mary’s chamber she saw that it was completely deserted. She entered and hid beside the bureau just out of sight of the door.  She would wait for Mary to return and then grab Jacob.


Meanwhile, the wedding party moved down off the altar into the main part of the great hall. The musicians picked up their instruments and began to play.  Vincent and Catherine were led to a distant table that had been designated for them.  Catherine smiled as Vincent sat down beside her. He looked over and noticed the look on her face.  “What makes you smile?” He whispered into her ear.  “This whole day.” She commented. “This is truly one of the greatest moments of my life.” She commented. “And what was the other?” Vincent asked smiling. “Well even though most of it was horrible the other greatest moment of my life was the night that I gave birth to Jacob.” Vincent smiled then leaned over and kissed her.  The whole room cheered when they saw this.  Catherine giggled when she noticed that they were being watched.


A while later after everyone had eaten the musicians started playing once again. “Would you do me the honor of this dance?” Vincent asked as he rose.  Catherine looked up at him and smiled. “Of course my darling.” She told him as she extended her hand to him.  They walked out onto the dance floor and began waltzing.  Others watched for a while then join them.  But Vincent and Catherine did not notice they were to wrapped up in each other.  “I have never been this happy.” Catherine whispered as they danced.  Vincent looked deep into her green eyes and smiled. “Neither have I my Catherine.” He stated. “Knowing that you are now my wife fills me with the greatest joy.” Catherine smiled as her tears began to fall. “Vincent I always knew that this day would come for us.” She cried. “I never had any doubt that we were destined to have our happy life.” She added.  Vincent raised his hand and gently wiped away her tears. “And I love you for your strength and perseverance.” He told her. Then he once again kissed her.


When they separated Vincent and Catherine walked back toward their table. They sat down and were happily talking when Mary approached them. “We are going to take the children to bed soon so I thought that the two of you would want to have a few moments with this little one.” The older woman stated as she handed Jacob to his mother. “Oh yes thank you so much for watching him for us.” Catherine commented. Mary smiled.  “I love watching him.” She told them. “I will come back for him in a few minutes.” She commented. Then she walked away.


After she had left Vincent and Catherine smiled at their beautiful son. “I still cannot believe that he is truly mine.” Vincent told her.  Catherine looked up from her son to her husband. “Vincent you above everyone deserve to know what it is like to be a father.” She told him. “And I am so proud that I am the woman who gave you this child.” She added. Vincent smiled lovingly as his eyes misted. “Catherine you have given me so many gifts throughout our relationship.” He commented. “But the greatest of those gifts has been our son.” He told her.  Catherine smiled as Vincent leaned forward and kissed her once again.  Everyone turned and watched this loving scene.  They were broke apart when Jacob squealed.  Catherine looked down at him and smiled. “I think our son is trying to get our attention.” She commented. Vincent smiled and took the child from her. “Are you wanting more attention my son?” he asked the giggling child.  Catherine smiled at this exchange between her husband and son. She was truly the luckiest woman in the world.


A while later Mary approached the newlyweds.  “The other children are being taken to bed now do you want me to take Jacob?” She asked.  Catherine smiled as she looked down at the beautiful face of her sleeping son.  “Yes Mary go ahead.” She whispered as she handed the child to her.  Mary took the child and smiled. “You two have a good time and don’t worry about Jacob Lena will be watching him tonight.” She stated. Vincent and Catherine both smiled and nodded. Then Mary turned and walked away.


Mary approached Lena who was herding the other children toward the chamber entrance. “Are you ready Lena?” Mary asked. Lena smiled and nodded. “Yes just let me go and congratulate Vincent and Catherine again.” She commented. Mary smiled and nodded. “Of course child we will wait for you.” Lena smiled and walked toward Vincent and Catherine. As she approached them Vincent and Catherine stood. “I just wanted to congratulate you again.” Lena told them as she hugged them. Catherine smiled and put her arm around Vincent’s waist. “Thank you so much.” She commented. “And don’t worry Jacob will be just fine.” Lena assured them.  Catherine and Vincent both smiled. “We are sure he will.” Vincent told her.  With that Lena turned and walked off.  Vincent and Catherine smiled at each other then sat back down. “Lena has truly changed.” Catherine commented. Vincent smiled and nodded. “Yes ever since she met Robert she has been a different person.” He stated. “She seems so much more sure of herself.” Catherine remarked. “Well I think you had a bit to do with that.” He stated. Catherine shook her head. “No I just pointed out the direction her life was going.” Catherine reasoned.  Vincent smiled and took her hand. “Yes and that brought her home to her new family and her child.” He stated.


As Mary and Lena approached Mary’s personal chamber Lena stopped. “I will put Jacob down for you.” She stated. Mary smiled as she ushered the other children ahead. “Yes you go ahead and I will return shortly.” Lena smiled and nodded. Then she entered the dark chamber.  Lisa stood in the shadows of the chamber watching the young woman. “Now Jacob we must get you to bed.” Lena told the now awake child.  She laid him down and changed his diaper then she put him in his sleeping jumper.  She picked him up once again and walked toward the cradle.  That is when she heard Lisa move. “Who is there?” Lena asked. “I am.” Lisa stated as she walked into the little bit of light in the chamber. “What are you doing here?” Lena asked. “I thought that Vincent asked you to leave.” She commented. Lisa smiled menacingly. “He did and that is where he made his biggest mistake.” She told Lena. “Now give me that baby!” Lisa ordered.  Lena looked at her shocked.  “Are you crazy I will never give you Vincent and Catherine’s child.” She stated. Lisa smiled menacingly again and approached her. “Well then I will just have to take him.” She commented. Then she grabbed him. “No! He is not your child!” Lena yelled. “That is where you are wrong!” Lisa told her.  “I may have not given birth to this baby but from now on he is mine.” Lisa stated.  “Now I cannot have you alerting anyone.” She remarked. Then she hit Lena in the head with her gun.  After Lena fell to the chamber floor Lisa ran from the chamber with Jacob.


As this was happening Mary and Pascal were approaching the area.  They were chatting when they both saw Lisa run from the chamber with Jacob screaming in her arms. “Oh no that was Lisa!” Pascal exclaimed.  He turned and looked at Mary then they ran toward the chamber.  When they entered the chamber they found Lena unconscious. “Pascal go to the great hall and tell them what has happened.” Mary directed. The pipe master nodded. Then he rose and ran from the chamber. “Hold on Lena we are getting help.” Mary told the unconscious woman.


Lisa ran as fast as she had ever run in her life. She was so afraid that someone would find out about her actions before she left the tunnels.  Suddenly she heard the familiar rattle of an urgent call on the pipes. She turned and ran toward the abyss. She would hide until they had searched that area then she would leave the tunnels.


Meanwhile Pascal breathlessly ran into the great hall.  Father noticed this and quickly rose. “What on earth is going on?” He asked the shorter man.  Pascal bent over to catch his breath.  “Mary and I were walking back to her chamber when we both saw Lisa.” He stated. Catherine looked up at Vincent who wrapped his arm around her. “Where did she come from?” Catherine asked. Pascal knew that his next statement would destroy her.  “Catherine she was leaving Mary’s chamber and she had Jacob in her arms.” He told her. Catherine suddenly began to cry. “Oh God Vincent that woman has our baby!” She sobbed. Vincent wrapped his arms around her and held her tightly. “We will get him back my love.” He whispered.


 Then he turned toward Father. “Please keep an eye on her.” he requested. Father and Peter both moved over beside Catherine. They were followed closely by Nancy and Jenny.  “Cath they will find him.” Jenny told her as she embraced the sobbing woman. “Please find my baby!” She cried. “I will find him Catherine.” Vincent told her. Then he turned and ran from the chamber. He was followed closely by Devin, Joe and Paul.  “Come ladies let’s take her to their chamber.” Father told Nancy and Jenny.  They nodded and led Catherine out of the great hall.


Lisa entered the whispering bridge and stopped. This place always seemed to frighten her.  “Shh sweetie we are almost free.” She told Jacob in an effort to soothe him.  Suddenly she turned and saw Vincent standing in the chamber entrance. “Lisa give me my son!” Vincent growled. Lisa raised her chin defiantly. “No! This is my son now you can have that woman!” she screamed. As this was going on Paul, Joe and Devin approached from the other end of the bridge. They stopped when they saw her stand close to the edge. “Wait we will see what she is going to do.” Devin whispered.  Paul and Joe looked at him and nodded.


Vincent slowly began to approach Lisa. “Don’t come any closer Vincent!” She screamed. “Lisa what has happened to you?” Vincent asked. “I used to know you but you have changed.” He commented.  “No Vincent you are the one who has changed!” She screamed. “Yes Lisa I have changed from the unsure teenage boy you knew.” He agreed. “Since Catherine has come into my life I have learned so much about myself.” He stated. “She has interfered where she never belonged.” Lisa argued. “This was our home Vincent we grew up here.” She added.  Vincent nodded in agreement. “You are right Lisa we did grow up here but this is now Catherine’s home.” He commented. “Ever since she returned this has been where she belonged.” Lisa shook her head. “If Gabriel was not so incompetent she would have died like she was supposed too.” She stated. “Then you would have come back to me and we would be the ones getting married.” She told him. Vincent took a deep breath and sighed trying to calm himself. “No Lisa even if Catherine had never returned to me I would have never married you or anyone else.” He told her. “Catherine is the one true love of my life and without her I have nothing except for our son.” He stated.


Suddenly Lisa smiled. “Well Vincent now you don’t have your son.” She stated. Then she attempted to drop him over the edge of the bridge.  “Stop Lisa!” Devin yelled as they rushed her.  She turned at the sound of his voice. This enabled Vincent to grab Jacob.  Then the men pounced on her. “Let me go!” she screamed. “No way Lisa as I remember you are a fugitive.” Joe told her.


Then suddenly Elias, a helper who was also a cop, ran into the chamber. “Elias do you have your cuffs?” Joe asked. “I sure do Mr. Maxwell.” He stated handing them to Joe.  Joe took the cuffs and put them on Lisa. “Now Miss Campbell let’s go.” Joe told her as he and Elias picked her up. “Vincent I promise you one thing I will come back one day.” She told him.  Vincent did not answer he just held Jacob close then turned and walked out of the chamber.  Devin and Paul looked at one another and smiled. Then they followed him.  Joe and Elias led Lisa out of the chamber and toward the tunnel entrance.


While this was happening Catherine was sitting in her and Vincent’s chamber crying in Nancy’s arms.  “Oh Nance they have to find him!” she sobbed. “Cathy they will find Jacob.” Jenny told her. “Vincent will never give up.” Nancy added. Catherine was about to respond when she heard Jacob’s happy babble out in the tunnel. She rose and ran to the chamber entrance. As she lifted the tapestry she came face to face with Vincent who was carrying their son. “Oh baby!” Catherine cried as she took him in her arms. “He is fine my love.” Vincent told her as he wrapped his arms around them.  The others seeing that they needed privacy quietly left the chamber.


Once they were alone Vincent led Catherine toward the bed. “Come my love you should sit down.” He told her.  She sat down and caressed Jacob’s back.  “Where was he?” She finally asked. “Lisa took him toward the abyss.” He told her. “Why did she do that Vincent?” She asked. “Catherine I believe that she intended to jump into the abyss with him.” He told her.  This frightened Catherine. She started to shake. Vincent wrapped his arms tightly around them. “Don’t worry my love he is home now.” He whispered.


After she was calm again she looked up at Vincent. “Where is she now?” She asked. Vincent shrugged. “I believe that Elias and Joe took her above.” He stated.  “Vincent did she hate me that much?” She asked. “Catherine she hated both of us.” He commented.  “Me because I would never have wanted to be with her and you because you returned.” Catherine nodded in understanding.


A few moments later Father entered the chamber again. “I was just wondering if the two of you wanted me to look after Jacob for you?” He asked. Vincent looked at Catherine who smiled and nodded. “Of course Father we would love to have you take him.” Catherine commented. She rose and handed the baby to his grandfather.  “By the way Father how is Lena?” Vincent asked. Catherine looked shocked. “Did she harm Lena?” She asked. Vincent nodded. “Yes she knocked her unconscious.” He commented. “Oh God Father is she alright?” Catherine asked. Father smiled. “Yes she is going to be just fine.” He commented. “I was just telling her that Jacob was safe.” He remarked. “Well I will be getting to my chamber now.” He stated. Then Father with Jacob in his arms turned and left the chamber.


Once he was gone Catherine looked at Vincent. “When we return I would like to go see her.” she commented.  Vincent thought a moment then smiled. “Catherine why don’t we leave tomorrow for the crystal cavern?” He asked. “It has been a very exhausting day and we need to sleep.” He stated. “But we could also go now and see Lena.” He remarked.  Catherine smiled and rose. “Yes Vincent let’s go see her.” She stated.  Vincent smiled and rose. Then they left the chamber.


When they entered the hospital chamber they found Lena talking to Robert. “Oh Cathy is everything alright?” Lena asked.  Catherine walked up to her and sat down on the bed beside her. “Yes we got Jacob back.” She commented. Lena smiled brightly. “Oh thank God I tried to keep her from taking him but then she hit me.” Lena commented.  Vincent walked over and put his hand on her shoulder. “We know what you tried to do and we are very grateful not only that we have Jacob back but that you are going to recover.” He told her. Robert and Lena both smiled.  “Yes I am very grateful that they are going to be alright.” Robert stated. Catherine and Vincent looked at each other then looked back at him. “They?” Catherine asked. Robert and Lena both smiled. “We found out a couple of weeks ago that we are having a baby.” Lena told her.  Catherine smiled and embraced her. “Oh Lena that is so wonderful!” Vincent moved over and shook Robert’s hand. “Congratulations to you both.” He commented.  Then Catherine rose. “Well we better be going now but we just had to come make sure you were alright.” She remarked.  Lena smiled and winked at Robert. “Yes you two have a wedding night to celebrate.” She commented smiling. Catherine smiled as she blushed. Then she looked up at Vincent who smiled at her.  “Yes well we better be going.” Vincent remarked as he led Catherine from the chamber. Lena smiled then looked Robert who could not help but laugh.


Back in their chamber Catherine began to change clothes. Vincent put a lantern out and pulled down the tapestry.  He smiled as he walked up behind her. He reached up to the high buttons on the back of her dress. “Let me do that.” He whispered. Catherine smiled as she involuntarily shivered.  Even the sound of his voice was seductive to her.  As he pushed the material from her shoulders he kissed her shoulder. “Do you know just how beautiful you are to me?” He asked in a whisper. “When I first saw you today with Peter I nearly could not breath.” He stated. “You absolutely took my breath away.” He added. Catherine smiled as she turned to face him. She began to undo his wedding attire.  “And you always look so handsome in this.” She told him.  “I love you more and more every moment.” She added.  Vincent smiled as he ran his fingers through her soft hair to loosen it from its ribbons. “And I love you darling.” He stated.


Once all their clothing was discarded Catherine smiled seductively.  “Vincent please love me.” Catherine requested. Vincent smiled and captured her mouth in a passionate kiss.  Without breaking the kiss he picked her up. Then he gently laid her on the bed. He broke the kiss as he lay down beside her.  Then he once again began kissing her. That night their loving was more passionate than it had ever been.


A while later they lay there completely satiated and wonderfully happy.  “Vincent I love you so much.” She whispered. “And I love you my Catherine.” He answered.  “Vincent can we try to have another baby?” Catherine finally asked. Vincent rose onto one elbow and looked down at her. “Do you truly want another child?” He asked. Catherine suddenly got a very strange look on her face.  “Don’t worry my love we can talk about it some other time.” She whispered. Then she started to turn away from him. Vincent put his hand on her chin and brought her face around to his.  “Catherine I would love to have another child with you.” He assured her. She smiled as her tears fell. “I was afraid that you would say no.” She told him.  Vincent smiled and gently kissed her. “Well I may have if we did not already have Jacob.” He stated honestly.  Catherine smiled and started to speak again but was stopped when Vincent kissed her.  As he broke the kiss he smiled. “Now my love if we are going to have another baby we need as much practice as we can get.” He growled. Then he reached down and pulled the quilt over their heads.  Catherine giggled happily until he once again kissed her into silence.