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Lights, camera and attraction!
Dui Nayaner Alo: There was a
girl named Shejuti…


As we were entering Balaka cinema hall, we caught a glimpse of a sea of people coming out of the evening show; obviously a sign that the film on show is better than the ones we reviewed in the past.
   Dui Nayaner Alo is a one hundred per cent social film and well, if you have an aversion towards too many skimpy clothes, vulgar dialogue and gratuitous references to bawdy elements then you just might be able to sit through the end of the film.
   However, Bangla films are hardly free of faults and in this case it’s an overdose of melodrama.
   But then, how can a local film made without that? Shejuti (Shabnoor) is the ideal girl that any family can want – she works for Parjatan, bears the financial expenses of her family and even has time to look after her father, who is partially handicapped due to a road accident.
   Akash (Ferdous) is a Bangladeshi who has come from Germany (though a few times the actor says ‘ami German thekey aschci) and wants to see his country.
   Obviously, Sehjuti is sent to Akash to act as a guide and they end up at the Savar National Monument singing the national anthem. Perhaps too melodramatic?
   Anyway, when Akash is going around with Shejuti, there is another guy in Shejuti’s area who is head over heels for her, but his love is one-sided.
   Everyday he sits on the road taken by Shajuti to work and waits for his love to say yes. The answer never comes and so he along with two of his chelas devour bananas with sad expressions.
   Be that as it may, we find that Shejuti is carrying a fatal tumour in her brain which will eventually kill her and she does not inform this to her family thinking of its shattering effect.
   But, she feels that the limited time she has must be used to get her family a land and her brother the money to go abroad.
   Meanwhile, Akash told his grandfather played by Bulbul Ahmed that he got married and now, has to produce a wife.
   A quick deal is made, Akash will pay Tk 5 lakh and
   Shejuti will play the role of the wife. But, wait, before taking the proposal there is a long verbose dialogue on the chastity of Bangali women who regard marriage as a holy institution and the husband as their God. Yeah yeah, we got the point. The two go to the village where the grandfather is a Zamindar and Bulbul Ahmed’s wig is so white that one wonders if he uses Surf Excel to clean it. Moreover, we still could see the dark hair underneath. The zamindar house is filled with portrait of previous zamindars and there is even a painted picture of Shivaji (a distant relation?).
   Within the seven days there is a lot of titillation and we know that love is blossoming but Shejuit has to go back after seven days.
   Meanwhile, her ailing father (why do they always have to be so damn sick?) comes to know of his daughters adventure and not knowing her physical state terms her, what else, but a harlot.
   Shejuti comes back home but is thrown out and even then while she is delivering all these cheesy dialogue she doesn’t say that there is a tumour in her brain.
   There are a lot of coincidences and finally we come to know that Akash is a neurosurgeon and after he operates on Shejuti the tumour is out and eternal happiness is in.
   By the way, the roadside lover is happy because his love is happy with someone else. What a pathetic scene.
   Hey, if she had told everyone that she has a tumour the film would have become one and a half hour. Instead, it’s interminably long and we were plainly bored.

Money, dreams and a lousy brick!

MARCEL KHAN, back from Noagaon

While the shooting of the movie ‘Swapna Danay’ was going on in a full swing under the scorching sun, some journalists from different dailies appeared at the Barendra area in Noagaon to enjoy the shooting of the film and something more….
   At the spot, we met Mahmuduzzaman Babu, Fazlur Rahman Babu, Momena Chowdhury, Rokeya Prachy, Tushti, along with other co- artistes who were very busy with their schedules at hand.
   Scene 1: Prachy stands beside a well: ‘Don’t fall in’ The director of the film tells Prachy how she should perform the scene which focuses on a village woman lifting water from the well. As she does so, her husband along with his friend is entering the yard. The director took several same shots as it did not go perfectly.
   Scene 2: In the bamboo grove: it’s the money, it’s always the money!
   Kabiraj and the member of the union parishad, both friends are walking down the bamboo grove discussing how they will share the money which kabiraj had found while buying an old pair of foreign trousers for his son. Finally, they come to a decision that Kabiraj will take 60 per cent of the money while the rest will be for the member.
   Scene 3: Day dreaming with the money! Bucks, the other woman and the polls!
   Having the foreign currency Kabiraj feels that he is a rich man; now his lame child will have some treatment. But as time passes, he changes his behaviour. He wants to retain an extra marital relationship with the sister in law of his friend (I know, illicit tastes good). On the other hand, the member makes plans to face and possibly win the next election.
   Mahmuduzzaman Babu, singer turn actor and also the protagonist of the film (three in one) said that he is enjoying making the film. ‘Though I am a novice in the field, my co-artists are helping me.’
   The plot of the play revolves around Babu–– a hawker in the Barendra area who somehow manages to keep his family happy, selling ointments and by playing tricks in the local fairs; his ten year old son assists him in these businesses.
   The plot takes a sudden turn when the protagonist finds some foreign currency from a
   second hand trouser bought for his son.
   Taking some shots the director along with the team, stopped shooting to have lunch but suddenly, a piece of brick hit the camera man. Every body present were scared; they all came to know later that it was the deed of a spectator who was pushed back from enjoying the shooting by the legal agencies. Well, someone broke his dream, so he threw to brick to break
   the shopnil danas of the production. An eye for an eye!


The Muscles from Brussels is an American Intelligence commando-in-training who has to fight for his life in this no-holds-barred actioner. Frank Dux (Van Damme) is Frank Dux, a man who hopes to become the first Westerner to win the rigorous Kumite competition, a secret martial arts Olympiad held deep nside the mysterious Kowloon Walled City of Hong Kong. After emerging victorious from the first round. Frank discovers that he's fighting for more than just a title -- Intelligence Agents want him out of the arena. a beautiful American journalist wants his story, and a deadly rival wants his blood. Based on a true account, 'Bloodsport' boasts a spectacular display of contact fighting.

   Van Damme, Forest Whitaker

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