Dungeon Runners Controls

Welcome to the dungeon!

Below, you will find a list of key commands and shortcuts to aid you as you traverse the depths. Learn to use them wisely to avoid Ye Olde Risk of Being Ganked.

NOTE: Hotkeys can be remapped by going to "Controls" under the Options menu.



Left Click Move or attack monster (cursor turns into a sword icon); holding down left mouse button allows you to continue running in that direction or continue attacking; ALSO see Skill Bar.
Right Click Behaves the same way as Left Clicking except this button will never command your character to move; holding down right mouse button allows you to continue attacking; ALSO see Skill Bar.
Shift + Left Click Stand in current spot and attack using the readied skill in the “L” box in direction of the cursor.
Shift + Right Click Stand in current spot and use the “R” box readied skill. To attack in the direction of the cursor.
Scroll Wheel

Zooms camera in and down or out and up. Wheee!

Mouse Push Moving your mouse to the left or right edge of the screen spins the camera in that direction. Whoah!

Hot-key to drink Health Potions from Inventory.


Hot-key to drink Mana Potions from Inventory. Taste tangy!


Access chat box. Hello. Is there anybody in there?

Enter Access Zone chat. Zone chat text is light yellow. Everyone in the zone can "hear" you.

Reply to the last person that sent you a private message. Use the TAB key to cycle between the various private messengers for easier management of your conversations.

An audible sound is generated whenever you receive a group or private chat message.
/t Send a private message. Whisper whisper whisper.
/z Send zone message. Lookit me!
/w Send world message. Can you hear me now?
/g Send group message. Let’s attack the Darkness™!
/ignoreworld You can turn the world channel off.
P Opens Skill List window (shows Offensive, Traits, Self Buffs and Group Buffs)
I Opens Inventory window.
C Opens Character window. Look how buff you are!
G Opens Group window.
L Opens Quest log.
W and S Moves the character forward (towards the top of the screen) and backward (towards the bottom of the screen). (What, you can’t figure out what forward and backward mean?)
A and D Turn the camera left and right.
Arrow Keys Same as WASD.
Q and E Strafe (sidestep) left and right, respectively.

Toggles map on; switches between mini-map and overlay map.

Escape Opens Game Menu.
Alt-Enter Switches between Full Screen and Windowed modes (better for the office).
Shift Holding down "Shift" while attacking locks your character in Attack Mode, and you will not move even if your mouse moves off your target.
Alt Show all nearby loot assigned to you.

Show all group loot near your character.


Opens help menu.


Uses corresponding Skill in the Skill Bar. See the Skill Bar section below.



Each character class starts with four skills, two Offensive Skills and two Passive Skills that the player can use in combat.


Offensive Skills:
  • Butcher - A savage melee attack with that increases your Attack Rating, deals additional melee damage to your target, and knocks them down.
  • Righteous Stomp - A wave of holiness that knocks back any enemies within close proximity and deals divine damage over time to each.
Passive Skills:
  • Way of the Roo - You were raised by a semi-domesticated pack of kangaroos that taught you the secret art of Kung Roo. Their teachings have provided you with an innate ability that gives you 25% increased speed with all melee weapons.
  • Health Nut - You have spent more time in the gym than entire sports teams combined. You have the ideal human physique. The downside - you have a hard time reading your name, much less writing it. For every point of Endurance you gain almost 38 Hit Points. The endless focus on your body has deprived your brain of exercise. Every point assigned to Intellect will only give you 9 Mana


Offensive Skills:
  • Poison Shot - A ranged attack that causes poison damage over time to the target. Requires a ranged weapon to use.
  • Gaseous Blast - Emits a fetid cloud that causes poison damage over time to enemies within the proximity of rancid cloud.
Passive Skills:
  • Trigger Happy - You have a nervous twitch with your trigger finger resulting from a “work-related” accident involving a branding iron, a penguin, and a large bucket of coffee beans. Your memory of the accident is hazy, but the twitch comes in handy with ranged weapons, giving you the innate ability of 25% increased speed with all ranged weapons.
  • Mediocrity - Congratulations, you are average! You aren't great, but you don't suck either. No sense in rocking the boat and changing the status quo. You gain 12 Mana per Intellect point and 25 Health per Endurance point. Keep up the average work, and don't push yourself any harder than you have to.


Offensive Skills:
  • Fire Bolt - Shoots a bolt of fire at your enemies, causing intense fire damage.
  • Shadow Lightning - Strikes a target with a powerful bolt of lightning, which leaps to up to 5 enemies and deals] shadow damage to each.
Passive Skills:
  • Mental Prowess - Mommy dropped you on your head a lot less than the other kids. This has left you with a killer noggin! In other words, you have the innate ability to have 20% increased damage from all spells that you cast.
  • Bookworm - You have spent most of your life in libraries reading on subjects ranging from thermodynamic entropy to increasing profitability for broccoli farmers below the Tropic of Unicorn – all of which was written in iambic pentameter...

    Thy's studies have granted unto thee; twenty-four points of Mana
    per point of Intellect. Fye, toil and work amidst the library of wealth
    has stricken thee, with small heart and lack of stamina
    One point of Endurance gains thou nineteen points of Healt

Learning New Skills:

To learn new skills, the player must speak to a trainer or read a skill book. The trainers are located around the Waypoint in Townston, and skill books are dropped by monsters. Note that you can now buy Offensive and Passive Skills from any of the trainers, not just one associated with your original class.

Skill Books:

When you pick up a skill book it will be listed in your inventory.

- Right-click on a skill book in your inventory to learn the skill.

- If you read a skill book for a skill you don't yet have, you gain the skill. Each subsequent book read increases the power level and mana requirements of the skill.

Skill Trainers:

Lothar of the Mound People: Specializes in fighter skills, and talking tough.

Abel Tukahst: Specializes in mage skills. Huzzah!

Gwen of the Tree Folk: Specializes in ranger skills. Don’t mess with the hippie!

Skill Types & the Skill Bar:

There are four types of Skills: Offensive, Traits, Self Buffs, and Group Buffs. You must drag Offensive, Self Buff and Group Buff skills (clicking the right mouse button) to your skill bar (at the bottom of the screen) to prepare them. Each slot on the Skill Bar has a corresponding hot key - 1 through 5, and L and R for the mouse buttons. You activate a skill with the appropriate button (1-5 on the keyboard or the appropriate mouse button, or by left clicking the skill on the Skill Bar).

Offensive - need to be dragged to the skill bar and used actively.

Passive Skills - cannot be placed in the skill bar and are active all the time.

Self Buffs and Group Buffs - need to be dragged to the skill bar and used actively.

The “L” and “R” boxes link a Skill to the corresponding left and right mouse buttons. NOTE: Doing this overrides the basic attack functions of the left and right mouse keys as long as there is sufficient mana to power the Skill. If the character is out of mana, he or she will perform a normal attack instead.


1. Athena’s character Kitsune is a Mage with the Fire Bolt Skill. If she drags it into the “R” box, Kitsune launches a Fire Bolt whenever Athena clicks the right mouse button in the direction of the mouse cursor since the Fire Bolt skill does not require a specific target, only a direction.

2. If Athena instead places Shadow Lightning in Kitsune’s “R” box, then she must “target” an enemy with the cursor and the click the Right Mouse button to activate the skill. If Kitsune does not have enough mana to cast Shadow Lightning or if she tries to cast it before it has finished the cool down phase, then Kitsune will attempt a standard physical attack.


Chat System

Type the following commands to access the different chat options.

/g Access Group chat. Group chat text is orange.

/t <playername> Send private message. Private message text is dark gold.

/w or /world Access World chat. World chat text is green. Please be aware that everyone on the server will receive world messages.

/ignore or /i Toggle listening to world chat.

/z or /zone Access Zone chat. Zone chat text is light yellow. Everyone in the zone can "hear" you. (ALSO Enter)

Enter: Access chat. Initially this is Zone chat, but the Chat UI remembers the last kind of chat that you used and automatically uses it when the enter key is pressed.

R: Reply to the last person that sent you a private message. Use the TAB key to cycle between the various private messengers for easier management of your conversations.

An audible sound is generated whenever you receive a group or private chat message.


Grouping (or "Teaming Up To Fight Evil and Take Its Stuff")

Type "G" to open the Group window.

  • Use “/invite <name>” to invite a player by name from anywhere within the game (where "<name>" without quotes or brackets is the character's name).
  • You can now teleport to any member of your group by clicking the “Go To” button next to their name.
  • Clicking Find Group makes your group Public, which means anyone else clicking on Find Group will join your group without you sending a personal invite.
  • The group leader can reset all of the group’s instances by clicking on the “Reset Instances” button in the grouping UI. This teleports all group members back to Townston and will reset the dungeon for replay.
  • Membership within your group will persist between disconnects of the client. This will allow you to more easily rejoin your group if you crash or get disconnected.
  • Instances will not reset until 15 minutes after the last group member logs out (unless the group leader clicks “Reset Instances”). This allows players to reenter their instances if their client crashes or disconnects.

Group Looting:

  • Each loot drop within the dungeon will be assigned to a group member in a round-robin fashion.
  • Look at the top of the item tooltip to see who the item belongs to.
  • Loot can only be picked up by its owner.
  • Loot will not be generated for group members that exceed the group leader’s level by more than 5.


  • Group leaders can open their group to allow other players to find them with the matchmaking system. Simply click the “Make Public” button in the Group UI.
  • Any player can elect to automatically find a group. Simply click the “Find Group” button in the Group UI to begin the matchmaking process. If there are no groups, then any other players near your level that are also looking for a group will join you in a new group. In this situation the group leader is selected for you.
  • The matchmaking system will only match players that are within 5 levels of each other.
  • The matchmaking system tries to fill up groups before making new groups.
  • Once a suitable group is found, an invitation is sent to you for acceptance.
  • Players can use the “Go To” leader option to quickly teleport to the newly formed group.



There are three different types of merchants in the game at the moment:

Skill Trainers: see "Skills" (above)

Potion and Scroll Vendors: The Hermit Vendor in Dew Valley and Audrey the Alchemist in Townston sell Health potions, Mana potions, and Waypoint scrolls.

Weapons and Armor Vendors: Hughard sells entry-level items, Louard sells mid-level items, and Deward sells high-level items. All three vendors offer wares of Inferior, Superior, and Magic quality.

To open the merchant window, left click on the NPC then choose "Merchant." Your inventory window will also open.

To buy an item, left click on it. A confirmation window with the price will pop up. Click "Yes" and drag the item into your inventory window. OR hold "Shift" and left click the item - this will purchase it and automatically put it in your inventory, assuming you have space and gold for it.

To sell an item, click and drag the item over the merchant's inventory window, then single left click to sell it. OR hold "Shift" and left click the item - this will instantly sell it. *NOTE* At this time, there is NO confirmation window for selling, so be careful!

The Weapons and Armor vendors will respawn items as needed to keep their inventories full. The Potions vendors always have the same inventory.



There are several different levels of item quality, from Normal to Mythic:

  • Normal (Grey) – This is displayed as a white item name.
  • Superior (Green) – This is a bit better than a normal item and is displayed as a green item name.
  • Magic (Blue) – This is a bit better than a superior item and is displayed as a blue item name.
  • Rare (Yellow) – This is a bit better than a magic item and is displayed as an yellow item name.
  • Unique (Purple) – This is a bit better than a rare item and is displayed as a purple item name.
  • Mythic (Rainbow) – This is quite a bit better than a unique item and is displayed as a rainbow-colored item name.

For more information and discussion on Dungeon Runners, please visit http://boards.dungeonrunners.com