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If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding tree preservation, protection or removal, please contact the Village Forester at 847-883-8600.

The Village of Lincolnshire has long been known for its beautiful woodland setting. The oak/hickory forest component which comprises a majority of the Village, lends itself effortlessly to Lincolnshire's distinctive rural character. Lincolnshire's Tree Preservation Ordinance was established in 1987 by the Mayor and Board for the purpose of preserving and protecting this precious woodland resource.

Value of Trees
Trees provide many benefits to Lincolnshire's urban environment. They:

  • Provide habitat and food source for birds and other wildlife.
  • Naturally reduce air pollution by filtering out harmful gasses and replenishing the atmosphere with oxygen.
  • Lower heating and cooling costs.
  • Reduce surface water runoff resulting from storms.
  • Absorb sound and buffer noise, such as vehicular traffic.
  • Enhance economic stability by attracting businesses and visitors.
  • Increase property values up to 15 percent.

Village Recognition
The Village has been named a Tree City USA continually since 1989 for its dedication to the preservation of trees. Lincolnshire has also received the Tree City USA Growth Award for demonstrating an ongoing commitment by establishing and implementing community forestry programs.

General Requirements for Tree Removal
The Tree Preservation Ordinance requires that a permit be acquired prior to the removal of any tree in the Village. A tree removal permit or written authorization must be obtained from the Department of Community Development. Circumstances which warrant a tree removal permit would be when trees which would otherwise be destroyed by construction activities or site improvements are to be relocated to another location or replaced with suitable replacement trees upon the site.

In determining the required replacement of trees the Department of Community Development will evaluate the following:

  • Existing tree coverage on the site and surrounding area
  • Number of trees to be removed on entire site
  • Type, size, and condition of the tree(s) to be removed
  • Feasibility of relocating the tree(s)
  • Topography, grading and drainage of the site
  • Extent to which the tree contributes to the aesthetic, economic and environmental integrity of the surrounding area

Failure to obtain a tree removal permit or authorization prior to removing a tree may result in the issuance of a citation for violation of the Village Code regulations, and will result in a fee three times that of the original permit fee. In addition, any tree removed without a permit must be replaced inch for inch. Therefore, if a 12 inch tree is removed, then required replacement plantings must total 12 inches in diameter.

Tree Preservation During Construction
The Tree Preservation Ordinance also applies to new developments and alterations to existing structures. Plans submitted to the Village must identify all trees in or adjacent to the construction area. The Village may require remedial measures including, but not limited to, protective fencing, root pruning, pumping of concrete and site access limitations.

A tree removal authorization may be granted by the Department of Community Development when a tree, due to natural circumstances, is dead or irreversibly declining. Such a tree may be removed only after the Department of Community Development, at its sole and absolute discretion, has verified that such a condition exists. Authorizations may also be issued for trees which are 1) in danger of falling, 2) a sight-line obstruction at a road or driveway intersection, or 3) a health hazard.

Emergency Situations
In the event that any tree endangers health, safety or property and requires immediate removal without delay (e.g. a tree damaged in a storm), verbal authorization may be given by the Department of Community Development and shall later be confirmed in writing by the Department.

Additional Information
Tree Preservation requirements are further described in Title 13, Chapter 1 of the Village Code, which is also available for review during regular business hours at the Village Hall.

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