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Philosophy for Children in the Northwest


Northwest Center for Philosophy for Children The Northwest Center for Philosophy for Children is a non-profit organization that brings philosophy into the lives of young people through programs in elementary, middle, and high schools, parent organizations, and other organizations serving young people, with a particular emphasis on reaching children who are at risk and educationally disadvantaged. For teachers, parents, and other interested adults, the Center offers workshops, given by educators trained in philosophy, about ways to facilitate philosophical dialogues with young people.  Read more...


Designed to make philosophy accessible and fun for kids of all ages and abilities, the Philosophy Slam asks kids to write about a philosophical question posed each year. More information

is a journal devoted to publishing philosophical work by young people, sponsored in part by the Northwest Center for Philosophy for Children. More information

offered by The Northwest Center every Winter, see UW Philosophy course descriptions.


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Paper by NW Center Education Director David Shapiro: Some Active Alternatives to Reading in Philosophy for Children | Word doc: 44k | PDF: 96k | Print

Links to interesting sites about philosophy for young people.

Literature for people of various ages, organized based on generalizations about reading levels and interests.


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