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Charles Tan

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Reborn! Volume 8 (Akira Amano)

Viz Media

Reborn! Volume

Genre Action
Age Rating For Older Teens
Price $7.99

Students at Tsuna's school are being attacked, and it's up to Tsuna and Reborn--on orders from the ninth generation boss of the Vongola Family--to figure out why and take the culprit down. Then it's time for a lunch break, featuring the ever-deadly cuisine of Bianchi, who has a lesson in love to teach. But the big surprise is Tsuna's discovery that a member of his "family" has become a turncoat!

I've heard praises for Katekyo Hitman Reborn! from friends but it wasn't until Viz sent me a review copy that I finally got around to reading it. For the English adaptation, the title has been shortened to Reborn! and upon reading the summary, I can probably surmise why. The premise is simple: a young Japanese boy is being groomed to become the next mafia boss (hence the "hitman" in Katekyo Hitman Reborn!) but in typical manga fashion, our protagonist is an inept, bumbling kid while his trainer is this cute baby who has the ability to fire "Deathperation Shots". Over the course of seven volumes, the author has managed to build up a large cast of characters with history and I'm unfamiliar with all of them but I had no trouble catching up to the current storyline thanks to the character introductions in the first few pages and the fact that Amano focuses on his central characters. This also seems the perfect time to jump into the series as it starts out with a one-shot chapter that's easy to get into even without prior knowledge before moving into the next story arc.

As far as the art goes, it's fairly typical, striding the line between seriousness and incredulity. Character designs for example have that simple, iconic feel to them, but there are times when they can easily shift to super-deformed or have serious expressions. Amano is also able to illustrate backgrounds competently and gives this manga a concrete setting.

As far as the flow of the story goes, it's that mix of action and comedy with liberal doses of optimism. Overall this is a manga that piqued my interest and one that has me hooked despite my general unfamiliarity with the material. This is your standard-fare shonen title albeit executed quite competently and Reborn #8 stands well on its own.


Summing Up:

While not particularly groundbreaking, Hitman is an enjoyable and funny read while retaining the tropes of many successful shonen titles.

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