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Data from an alien computer technician - installing and configuring dual monitors on 98/NT4/2K, overclocking, scratch building computers, Active Worlds, and hardware/compatibility fixes. Usually updated weekly; currently on hiatus. Looking for the articles?

Last update:
May 16th, 2006 (Tuesday, 6:03AM PST)
For your perusal, my Slashemrc configuration file. Because I spent a long time looking for the syntax of such things as autopickuptype and such (it actually has an underscore in it) - not very well documented.

April 21st, 2006 (Friday, 11:35AM PST)
Well, I'm swamped in e-mail questions, and I'm finding that I can't answer them all - I'm getting farther behind. I'm going to set up a forum to help deal with this - at least then everybody can see the questions and answers without having to wait for me to post them to the website.

April 2nd, 2006 (Sunday, 2:00AM PST)
Rats, things are just not working out these past few weeks. Sorry about the lack of any significant updates the past few weeks. I may be back on track by mid-month.
Addendum, April 2nd, 2006: I'm running some eBay auctions to raise a bit of capital and cut down on extraneous computer equipment. Come, see, bid.

March 24th, 2006 (Friday, 12:00AM PST)
The update will not be up this morning, but it will be up tomorrow morning (Ed: I wish!). I'm taking some photographs as I disassemble and work on a Toshiba Tecra 8000 laptop. Also some pictures of the fan modification so it runs off the PS/2 port (entirely self-contained inside the case) and doesn't necessitate any modifications to the computer's power management settings to run Linux.
Update March 25th, 6:45AM: The picture taking and disassembly has gone well. I still need to get the pictures retouched and onto a webpage; working on that aspect now. (I need to start on these things sooner.) Perhaps done by mid-afternoon, or Monday at the latest (Ed: sorry, still pending -April 02, 2006).

March 20th, 2006 (Monday, 12:20AM PST)
You might enjoy this article about tech support call centers, called We Don't Support That. Sorry about the lack of an update this past Friday. I've been pretty busy lately with getting a Drupal content management system (CMS) set up and working for the Terran Robotics website (nothing to look at yet; I'll post a link when it goes live), and things like soldering up a 12-cell battery pack for a Toshiba Tecra 8000 laptop (I'm probably lucky I didn't short any of the cells and cause them to explode - Li-Ion batteries can be pretty hazardous to work with). Hopefully this coming Friday I can update or make something new.
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Auction of the Week
Nothing at the moment. May have some items this Wednesday (14 June 2006).
Will answer computer questions for food

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Featured Articles

  1. Dedicated Linux Firewall/Router - IPCop
    Convert an old computer into a dedicated Internet access point / firewall / router using the open-source IPCop software.

  2. Laptop Overclocking & CPU Upgrades - Armada 1750
    The Compaq Armada 1750 can be upgraded to a Pentium III (MMC-2 socket) CPU, and it's even possible to overclock the Pentium III.

  3. Combining Dual Joysticks into a Single Device
    Useful for games and programs that only support one gaming device normally, such as Battlefield 1942. Nothing like using dual joysticks, one for each hand, to fly the helicopters in Desert Combat.

  4. Reliable Computer Hardware
    Hardware that I have personally found to be reliable, such as certain models of optical drives.

  5. Using an old laptop as a portable front-end for your desktop computer, and optimizing performance on old laptops - the new article is up.

  6. Compaq Armada 1750 Upgrade, Disassembly & Repair
    Fix your screen backlight, upgrade your RAM (320MB maximum) or hard disk, and troubleshoot weird glitches. Includes an extensive photo gallery of the disassembly process.

  7. Wireball's Computers and "Distributed Computing Farm" all the system configurations I currently have in operation, and some information on which distributed computing project each system runs.

  8. Triple Monitor Computer
    Three monitors with two video cards, under Windows 2000.

  9. Hydra Dual Monitor NT4 System
    A dual monitor NT4 workstation I built at the Northern Marianas College back around '98 for picture scanning and retouching.

  10. Active Worlds Object Surfacing Tips
    How to get rid of the shiny, plasticized surface on 3D objects you create for worlds in AW.

  11. Original B&W Art
    Some of my pencil artwork I scanned in. Kind of stylistic with the flames and such. May be relinked to my deviantART account in time.

  12. Webcomics
    Webcomics that I read daily, and enjoy. Most have archives that go all the way to the beginning, with years of comics. Each recommendation includes a brief description.

  13. Links
    Wireball recommended outside sites.

  14. Anti-Spyware and Anti-Virus Primer
    Some basic information and free tools for protecting yourself on the 'Net. Also includes several links to interesting anti-spyware/malware sites.

  15. Search Engine Spammers
    There's a webcrawler out that assists keyword spammers in building their directories, and e-mails hundreds of webmasters asking for links back to the directory. Find out why I recommend deleting these messages.

  16. A Real Wireball
    A person in New Hampshire found a real wireball by the side of the road, and sent me a photograph. I've reprinted it with permission, so you can see it, e-mail and all. It's a very good photograph.

  17. [Deprecated Articles]
    For those of you who are gluttons for punishment.

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