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Comprised of an eclectic mix of subjects, this site offers the inquiring mind food for thought, resources for seeking kith and kin, and links to a select few valuable resources on other websites. Our main offerings include:

  • DIGdat - Digital Irish Genealogy Data, our largest project; bringing a wealth of Irish genealogical resources to those looking to trace their ancestry from the Emerald Isle.

  • 19th Century Artists - Just begun, we have a few biographies listed, and some great eBooks on Little Known Artists ... and much more coming soon.

  • ePMA - ePublication Marketing Associates, all about eBooks, how to make and market your own eBooks, reprint public domain titles, and more. Complete sales services including immediate automatic delivery by email, affiliate program, prompt vendor and affiliate payments with no minimum, and real-time reporting.

  • More Genealogy - A.J. Morris Genealogy, offering a wide variety of genealogical resource materials in a variety of formats for researchers looking for ancestors in the U.S., Canada, Germany, England and Scotland. Also, be sure to see GenPics.Org where your photos and other information can be linked to census listings for your ancestors.

  • Mexico - Mexican history links, photos of the Lake Chapala and Guadalajara areas, and odds 'n ends of interest to the traveller or foreign-residents of the area.

  • Science - A variety of observations, articles, and publications from various fields of science.

  • History - A selection of articles about past cultures, historical events and personalities, and archaeological remains.

  • Historic Photographers - Emphasizing 19th century studio photographers, this site has an extensive database of historic photographers, and also public domain images. For dating and identifying early photographs, particularly card-mounted images, such as carte-de-visite (CDV) and Cabinet Card photos, take a look at the new When Was That? Dating Photographs Blog, and see pages on this site at Photohistory.

  • Larimer County - Visit our Larimer County Portal site, where you can learn about Rocky Mountain National Park, Fort Collins, Loveland, Estes Park and more ...

  • GovNotes - You never know what great info you can find from government sources ... archaeology, history, environment ...

There are over 1300 pages on this site, and three of the links above lead to other sites with even more information -- be sure to bookmark this page so you can return and see more!


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