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Aims of the CCF


Our aims are laid out in the Cadet Manual: training cadets in leadership by promoting self-reliance, sense of responsibility, resourcefulness, endurance and perseverance. Each of the three service sections pursues these aims in its own way, but the common thread of all our CCF training is leadership. We hope that all boys will gain a taste of leadership and understand how to develop their own powers of leadership, even if they only remain in the CCF for a year. In the fifth form all cadets participate in leadership courses: Army cadets through the Cadet Training Team's "Method of Instruction" course, RN and RAF cadets through a home-grown course run by the Contingent Commander. In the Sixth Form cadets begin to exercise leadership in practice by planning and running activities and exercises and by training junior cadets. Every boy who completes their time in the CCF should find that they are better able to take charge of people, take control of situations; that they can think on their feet, plan and organise; that they understand how much more effective individuals can be when organised into a team, and how that team should be led.