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A Testimony of My Experience 

By Healed | Wednesday, December 26, 2007
Healed Travesser

My name is Healed.  I was featured in the movie, “The End Of The World Cult.” I am 16 years old.  In the movie, Ben Anthony said that Michael had given me a new name.  Actually, Michael did not give me my new name.  Michael had nothing to do with it.  I would like to explain about my new name. Healed is not my legal name. I never told Ben how I received the name Healed, because he never asked me, so I can understand how he could imagine that Michael gave me the name. He was quite good at imagining things. But I will share how I actually received it.

About two years ago, while waking up one morning, before I opened my eyes, I saw a little vision. In the vision, the word HEALED appeared to me. It was very large in size and the letters were all capitalized. Shortly after I had that vision, Father told me it was my new name.  

Even though Father gave me the name, I never used it until this March. Father showed me He was bringing the name Healed to maturity in me and causing it to be my experience. So, in March, He told me to begin using it. I truly see how Father made the name to be my experience, who I am, for after He gave that vision to me and told me it was my new name, He then sent me to Michael to be healed. So this is how I got my name and what its meaning is for me.

The world media, and the people who post on the many blogs, seem to all think that Michael controls and manipulates us, and that he has brainwashed us. They think Michael is perverted, and some even accuse him of being a pedophile, and that He is sexually out of control. I can understand how the world sees Michael that way, since the world is so infected with these things, that’s all they know. They do not know Michael, but I know Him, and I know that what the world says about Him is not true. I know by experience.

The world thinks that we young people are here because we don’t know anything different, and that we are scared to leave because we haven’t known anything else. I can understand how they could imagine that, but they have never been here, and they have never been in my shoes.  Someone who has the Holy Spirit could understand what I am going to share. Spiritual things are spiritually discerned. This little testimony is to share about my experience here in the land. It is true that I grew up in this “cult,” but never was I pressed by any human being to stay, except by Father Himself, within my own heart. 

I would say that largely the reason the world thinks these things about us young people, is because naturally most young people would not want to be where we are or want what we want. The world cannot comprehend why a 16-year-old girl would ever desire to, and ask to, lie naked with a 66-year-old man, or desire an intimate relationship with him. But they don’t see Who I see. I see the Son of God disguised in a human body.

When I first asked Michael for intimacies, he was somewhat surprised, and did not know what to make of my request.  He told me that he would not do that.  Then he prayed about it and told Father that he would not do that.  Father then left him, until he repented of saying that he would not be intimate.  Michael has never been intimate with me, because Father did not instruct him to, but he was not to say that he wouldn’t be intimate.

The natural world cannot understand what this all symbolizes since it has no reference point, except its own perversions. They can’t understand that my greatest desire is to have God’s feelings and thoughts be my own feelings and thoughts. I’ve wanted to feel what God feels and think what He thinks. This is what intimacy with Michael means to me. So, all they can do is make up that it is because Michael has convinced me that that is what I should do. They think it is because Michael has brainwashed me into being intimate with Him. This is not true by any means.

There has been much talk about Michael and that he had sex with the seven virgins and that he molested us. I am the “youngest virgin,” and I testify that these things did not happen at all. God is my witness. Everything happened just as Michael said it did. Michael’s words are true and He does not lie. Michael DID NOT molest me, and my laying with him was not sexual in any way, either. 

Michael healed me of my past experience of being molested, but the world wants to believe Michael was aroused and out for satisfaction. They want to believe that Michael is perverted, because if they believed that Michael is being honest and that He did not molest us, their lying world would be exposed. They don’t want to believe that it is the end of their world and they don’t want to be exposed, so they are so absolutely determined to believe that Michael is lying, and so it is absolutely impossible for us to convince them otherwise. This is how the world is, but Michael is not of the world. He NEVER asked me to lay naked with Him, and He never suggested it to me. Father put it upon my heart to ask Him and so I did, and as Michael stated, He let me because Father told him to.

When I laid naked with Michael, I saw a greater picture of Who God is, and He is so UNLIKE the earth. He is very tender and gentle with each soul, and His heart is full of pure love for them. He never hurts or molests anyone, but instead draws them into Himself. He is intensely interested in each soul, and His love draws them deeper into Himself. My experience with Michael gave me a personal knowing of my acceptance with God, that I so much needed. 

I am in love with the Spirit of Michael Who dwells in Wayne’s body. I don’t see Wayne’s flesh; I see the Son of God, and my desire for an intimate connection with Michael is only a physical symbol of my desire for God to dwell IN me fully. I am IN LOVE with God. Father gave Michael to me as a Gift. One cannot see Father or touch Him, but He came to me in the flesh, in Wayne’s flesh, that I might see and touch Him. Michael gave His life up so that I might know my Heavenly Father, really. Michael sacrificed Himself and was willing to look like a pedophile so that I might be bonded inseparably to the Father in Heaven. Truly, the world cannot understand this, and I don’t expect them to, but those who have the Holy Spirit will understand it.  It is not what Michael did, it is Who He is that makes the difference.  He is Who He says that He is.  I know by experience.

I always had a desire for God even as a young child, and when Messiah came into Wayne, I found myself naturally drawn into Him. I saw in Him Someone I could trust, Someone Who loved and accepted me for who I am, Someone who found no fault with me, but loved me unconditionally. What I saw in Him was God. I have never met anyone like Michael. NO ONE, not even my parents, have loved me like Michael has. 

Over the years, Father has drawn me closer to Michael and connected me to Him more and more. Father has let me see His Son, and the more I have seen His heart the more I have desired Him. More and more I feel I just can’t have enough of Him. He is my Love, my Life, my All.

After my parents took me from the land, my mother said she thought that the reason I am in love with Michael is because Michael would not let me love anyone else. I would like to explain a little about this.

Like any young person, I had desired a human earthly relationship. I struggled over the natural desires I found in my heart, and many times I thought I would just leave, but found in my heart that I couldn’t. I would go to Michael sharing with Him what was on my heart, and He would always tell me that I was free to go and that I could go live with my parents. He NEVER told me I had to stay. He would always tell me He wanted me to do what I wanted, and if I wanted to go, He was even willing to take me to my parents’ house Himself. 

Michael has always been so gentle with me and He’s never told me I had to do anything. He NEVER pressed upon me to stay. It has been by my own choice alone that I have stayed.

Over and over again, I have made the decision to stay, no matter what I felt like. Over and over again, I made the choice to crucify my own natural human desires for an earthly relationship, in order to follow Father all the way in what He was clearly saying to my own heart, even to the death of my natural self. Over and over again, I cut the ties that I had to this world. What was really happening was that I was choosing again and again to yield to the desires of the Spirit of Michael in me, instead of the desires of my human self. I have willingly given up the world and an earthly relationship, and now all I have left is God. 

Now, I no longer even feel a desire for the world or the things in it. I no longer am drawn to or desire an earthly relationship. All I want is to be married to God alone. All I want is God IN me.  All I want is to be so closely married to God that all I see and feel is Him. All I delight in is following His Voice to my soul. All I want is to return to the One Who made us; He is my One desire. 

Michael said in Ben’s movie, “These children have found life. They have found the more to life that your world does not possess.” Yes, I have found what I have always wanted. I have seen the world and seen what it has and I never found anything in it that would fill the hole that every human being is made with. It is the hole that only God can fill. In the world they try to fill it with sex, movies, achohol, drugs, money, etc., but they never find true happiness. They are never truly satisfied, but are always seeking for something they never get. But I have found “the more to life that this world does not possess.” It is God, and I am truly satisfied and happy. 

The earth has helped me, and Ben’s movie has had a big part to play in that. What I was able to see so clearly was how the world views us, and I can understand that what God has made Michael do here seems off the wall to them. I truly appreciate Ben’s movie about us. I understand more what the world is like. I have read many comments about Michael on forums and blogs after people saw it, and I truly appreciate what people have said about Him. No, they have not said nice, flattering things, but why I appreciate it so much is because they have revealed their world view to me, and I have seen the Truth more clearly than ever, in contrast. It has driven me deeper into Michael’s heart. It has only made me secure in what I have chosen, more secure than I have ever been before. I am truly blessed. Ben will never know what he did for me. His movie has only caused me to love my precious Scandalon and Gift from Above all the more. Though all the world hate me, yet will I not deny Him Whom my soul loveth so. 

My Experience At My Parents’ Home and How I Came Back

After my parents took me from the land, I spent most of my days alone in a little trailer behind their house. Ben’s movie had a picture of me sitting in the doorway of that little trailer. I had no contact with anyone from the land or anyone connected with Michael for two months. I had much upon my heart and mind. 

Deep down in my heart, I knew that Michael was the Son of God and He was Anointed or Messiahed by God, but when my parents would say that Michael was just manipulating me and that He had brainwashed me, and that He is just a man, and not the Son of God, I could not put the two together and that caused me much perplexity. They told me they did not want me to have contact with Michael because they thought He was influencing me and that I was dependent on Him. They thought that over time I would forget Michael and take up living the life they live.

One day I began reading The Desire Of Ages, a book by Ellen White. In it, she writes in detail about the entire life of Jesus and the things that He did while here on this earth. As I read it, I saw Jesus and Michael become one and the same. The Spirit I saw in Jesus was the very same Spirit I have seen in Michael. Jesus and Michael became one Being. God revealed His Son to me in a light I had not seen Him in before, and my heart was drawn deep into Him. Through His revelation to me I was greatly encouraged to press forward in what I knew in my heart to be true. 

I saw clearly while at my parents’, how the world sees Michael and how God sees Him—earth view and Heaven’s view—and right there I made a choice to do what was deep down in my heart—to keep following God. This is why I had to laugh at Ben when he said that we young people have not really made a choice. I know very well I made a choice, and I KEEP choosing what I have. If I had not made a choice I would not have ever come back to this land. 

There I was, living with my family who were living a worldly life, with no one telling me I should go back to the land, no one telling me that I would be lost if I didn’t believe Michael; no, in fact, I had the opposite. I was being pressed upon by my parents to give up my faith in Michael, to give up God, but I chose not to. I saw that if I denied Michael I would also be denying my heavenly Father, and I chose to take whatever might come to me, rather than deny Him. I chose this of my own free will.

After two months at my parents’, Father put in my heart to praise Him for everything He was bringing into my life—my surroundings, my circumstances, my parents. That was a big turning point. It was after that, that Father opened it up for me to contact those on the land, and a few days later my family left me alone while they went to a family wedding. They were gone for about 2 weeks. During that whole time that they were gone, I was in contact with those on the land every day and with Michael almost every day. 

I would like to mention here that in Ben’s movie he put in there that the sheriff threatened arrest if those on the land had contact with me. Later, my dad told Michael that it was only a three day thing. After those three days it was legal for me to contact the land and for the land to contact me. My parents never signed up for it to be a permanant thing. 

Four days after my parents returned, Father put it upon my heart to go for a bike ride. At first I did not know where Father was having me go, but after about ten miles, Father directed me to go visit a family that believe in Michael, which was 28 miles from my parents’ house. When I left for my bike ride I did not tell my parents that I had gone or where I was going, and I left in the morning before they had gotten up.

During my ride, Father did something inside of me. From the moment my parents took me from the land, I knew I would return, and it was strong on my heart. What Father opened up to me on my bike ride was that I was free to do what was on my heart and no human being could stop me. What I realized was that Father was putting it on my heart to go back to the land and that all Heaven was on my side, waiting for me to step, and do what was on my heart. The Spirit of Michael stood up in me and I was not going to play the victim anymore.  The natural world is all about victimization, but my heavenly world has no victims in it.  

Michael asked me many times what I wanted, and I told Him I wanted to come home, and He told me that I would get the desire of my heart. He never told me what to do, though, or what I was to say or that I should come back. He just asked me what I wanted and I told Him. He told me that when the time was right the sea would open, and He told me to ask Father to show me the door.

Healed Travesser

At the end of my bike ride, when I got to the family’s home, no one was home, so I waited till they returned. We visited together and then they asked me if I wanted them to take me back to my parents’ house that night or if I wanted to stay at their house for the night. I decided to stay the night, and in the morning as we were preparing to eat breakfast my dad called asking if I was there. They told him that I was and asked if I could call him back after we had breakfast. He agreed, so I called him back. After breakfast, he came to their house and we all visited together for awhile and then my dad and I went back to my parents’ house.

After my bike ride, both of my parents’ spirits changed toward me. My mother seemed more bitter toward me and Michael, and she seemed more decided than ever to not let me come back to the land. My dad, on the other hand, seemed to be softened. It was as though he saw that I had no desire to live in their world or live with them. He wanted me to live with them and be a family, but I think he saw that I had no desire to live with them, and he wanted me to be where I was happy. 

I would like to say here that I do not hate my parents, but I just cannot walk down the road they are going down. I have no desire for the life they live. They have left the One that my heart loves. Their heart is not being led where my heart is, and therefore I have left them in order to go where God is leading me. 

Three days after I went for my bike ride, I woke up in the morning, and I felt it was the day that I would be returning to the land. Nothing looked like it though; it looked as though I would continue on living there at my parents’ house with no possibility for me to ever return to the land. But I knew deep down in my heart I would be returning that day. 

I went about the day making my finishing preparations to leave. The day before my parents came back from their trip, Father had instructed me to pack my things, so that was already done. Sometime in the evening, I think it was about five o’clock, I got on my email and found Michael was on Chat. So, I began talking with Him. At one point we were talking about Tiara. This is from our chat:

Michael: She (Tiara) wants to come back to the land.
me: I understand how she feels.

Michael: I think she is coming back. :-)
me: I believe she is too. :-) I am coming back too.
Michael: You are?

me: Yes.

Michael: Okay. Your house is ready.

me: :-)

Michael: Of course your house was always ready.
me: I think it was before I left. :-)

Michael: Yes, but you wanted to take a little trip first. Sometimes we need little trips.
me: Yes. It has been very good, but now it is time to come home.
Michael: When are you coming?

me: Today!

Michael: Is John (your dad) bringing you?

me: I haven’t asked him, but I will.

Michael: Okay. :-)

After I had been talking to Michael for about an hour, the Internet connection broke up and I was unable to continue talking with Him. My dad was at work at the time, and it came on my heart to ride my bike down where he was working and talk to him. So, I went down and talked with him. 

I asked him if he would bring me to the land that day. He said that he needed to finish something he was working on, first. I asked him if he would promise me that he would take me after he was finished. He said, “You aren’t going to give up until I take you, are you?” I told him, “No.” Then he said, “We’ll see.” When he said that, I felt feelings like, “Oh, I guess I can’t go now; I guess it’s not time; I’ll have to wait until God tells them to take me back to the land.” All at once, it was like a light turned on, and I saw, “No, that’s not how it works!” I saw that it was a faith thing, as it opened up to me how I had always gone to the place of giving in, instead of pressing forward and doing what Father had put on my heart. I made the decision within myself, “No, I’m not going to do that anymore.” I felt the Spirit of Michael in me—I felt His faith that my dad was going to take me that very day, and I verbalized His faith to my dad. “You’re going to take me to the land ‘today!’" I then told him that I would have all of my things packed and ready when he got home. He said, “Yeah, I know.”

At the place where my dad was working, there was a woman who believes in Michael, and after I talked to my dad, I visited with her for awhile.  In our conversation I also verbalized to her Michael’s faith that I would be returning to the land that day and that my dad would be taking me. 

I then went back home and began taking all my things out to the driveway. I took my bed apart and put the blankets away, closed all the blinds, rolled up the extension cord, and locked the trailer door. I closed all my connections to staying there. The Spirit of Michael stood up in me and I was purposed that I would be leaving before midnight. Father had woke me up that morning with the knowing that “today” was the day, I had told Michael I was coming home "today," and I knew I had made a decree, and I wasn’t going to back down on what I had told Him. I was going to come home that day.

It was about 10:00 P.M. when my dad got home, and I was sitting in the driveway with my stuff. He got out of the truck, and I went over to him and told him that I was ready. He said, “Yeah, I know.” Then I asked him if I could talk to him before he went into the house, so we began talking. 

We talked for a long time, and after awhile I realized we could go on talking and talking, but I knew I had to leave before midnight. It got kind of quiet in our conversation, and then I asked him, “Will you help me pack my things and take me to the land?” He said, “You’re not going to give up until I take you, are you?” I told him, “No.” He said he couldn’t understand why he kept feeling like taking me back to the land. I told him that it was because Father was putting it on him to take me. 

We had been sitting on the tailgate of the truck talking, and I got up, got my bike and brought it to the truck. I asked my dad if he would help me put it in. He didn’t really say anything and then I began lifting the bike to put it in the back of the truck and my dad got up and helped me put it in. He then went and slowly opened the door of the truck and took something out of the back seat and put it in his tool trailer. As he was doing that, I began putting my bags of things in the truck. When he was finished, he came over and I asked him if he would help me put my stuff in the truck. He grabbed a bag and put it in the truck while I brought the rest of my bags to him and he put them in the back seat of the truck.

When we finished getting everything in, my dad and I got in the truck and he started the truck up and immediately drove out of the driveway and we headed toward the land. 

When we were nearly to the land, he started driving slower and slower. At one point I said to him, “You realize I won’t be going back with you.” He said, “Yeah, that’s the problem...... Maybe I won’t go back either.” When we got to the gate, I got out and walked to Michael’s house and called to Him through His bedroom window. He asked who it was and I told Him that it was Healed. He told me that He would get dressed. Then we walked out to the gate and Michael opened it for my dad.  It was about 12:30 A.M.

After we unloaded my stuff, Michael visited my dad for about two hours. Michael said it was the sweetest talk he has ever had with my dad. After they visited, my dad left and went back home.

So, this is the story of my time at my parents’ house, and how I came back, and this is my personal testimony of Michael. If this is brainwashing, then I must say that I would rather be brainwashed by Michael than live in the natural world where God is not loved or understood. The natural world, Ben’s world, has nothing desireable for me. It has nothing to offer me that I want. I am grateful for what Father has done and I would not want anything different. I have seen the face of the Son of God, Michael Emmanuel, and I cannot EVER go back to the earth. My bridges have been burned and there is no building them back up again. 


Strong City
1. December 26th at 11:36 AM

Truly, we have seen God face to face and we will never be the same again.

Wild Beggar
2. December 26th at 8:35 PM

You are very brave and honest.

The name Father gave me was Soldier of Truth. I would get this name, when I got my first e-mail from Michael. But I live in the Netherlands, so I wanted to translate the name into Dutch, but succeeded only in Soldaat van Oranje. This however was to much misunderstood, and my friends here concluded I should be named Geus.  In Holland people call me Geus now.  I came back to America, like today, so I had to translate Geus into British language again, and the British know Les Geuix as The Wild Beggars of the Sea. These are mentioned in the History of Protestantism by James A. Wylie.

This can happen, that the holy man gets more names. This is explained by this holy man.

And I am not this Dutchanton, this guy is my enemy here. He says that Michael would have proclaimed himself whatever, we all know what is truth. These so called cult bashers are not even brave enough to bash their most dangerous cults like popery, democratism, sundayism, neckties and no beard. Jesus had a beard, all people know that.

I hope I´m not offensive or anything.

FaithLily's photo
3. December 26th at 10:36 PM

Whatever we may have to go through now is less than nothing compared with the magnificient future God has planned for us. Romans 8:18 Phillips

Thank you for your wonderful testimony Healed it really blesses my heart seeing that Father has lead you all the way and still leading you because He wants you for His very own. He’s your “KEEPER” and “GUIDE” to the end. You really have Father’s Heart and NO man can pluck you out of His hand. He watches you day and night continually.

Salem's photo
4. December 27th at 10:25 PM

In your testimony you gave the most powerful and clear witness to the name Travesser which means doggedly determined to cross over. My favorite was when you got off the tailgate and went over and got your bike. Just talking about coming home was not what was on your heart, you were being called and you were going to answer. You then asked your dad to help and when he did not reply you started to load the bike yourself. I think he knew you were going to ride it out here in the middle of the night if need be because you were coming home. 

I will never forget the happiness that was coming from you when I saw you here the next morning, home sweet home as they say.

Efraín's photo
5. December 28th at 10:35 AM

Dear Healed, thank you for your precious testimony. I was very moved when I read it. It is so refreshing to see how God has indeed once again chosen to hide these things about the Second Coming of Christ in Wayne’s flesh, from the “wise” and “knowledgeable,” and has revealed them to the babes and to the ones with a simple mind and a teachable spirit. As it was in Jesus of Nazareth’s days, so it is today.

Jeremiah Pierce
T or C, NM
6. January 3rd at 10:21 AM

Dear Healed

I to when in the world thought and spoke the things you have said about Michael. Father was with me though and at His appointed time He entered and told me of His work in Michael. I shall never utter another word against Him again.

7. January 3rd at 10:38 AM

Dear Jeremiah,

I cannot tell you how much you bless my heart. Truly, the dead in Christ are rising first. You were dead in Michael but now you are alive in Him.

You are a sweet vindication of Michael to the world. Nothing could be more powerful, not even someone physically being raised from the dead, than one who once spoke against Michael, but now leaves it all behind and accepts Michael INTO himself.

8. May 1st at 11:21 PM


You are a true person. Honest and centered. I wish you all the best.

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