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Urthboy – No Rider is Number One

Broken Yellow have topped off a great year of music video production on a superb note; winning the Sunscreen Music Video competition on Saturday 17 December 2005 at the Festival of the Sun Music Festival (FOTSUN).

The guys were thrilled to be recognised for the work that the have produced with Urthboy. Special thanks went out to a number of people involved with Broken Yellow, including Sulo from The Herd, Greg “Mondo” Carey, Mel Leong, Keira Driscoll, Brett Brown, Mitch Grey and Corina McLeod for the efforts on the two cold days that the Urthboy clip was filmed.
Broken Yellow wants to thank everyone who voted for the Urthboy clip last week via email. Close to 30,000 people logged onto the Broken Yellow website to view the clip and vote for the clip which went through to the finals.
At the final stage there have been no official figures but a total of 1800 SMSs were sent through at the final and Navid (Producer) received a call late on Saturday night and was advised of the win. Brendan and Navid received the award at the height of the evening at FOTSUN, after the Sarah Blasko set had finished.
The clip received huge support in SMS votes and Broken Yellow would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who sent through a SMS voting for the No Rider clip in the final round.
A special thank you also goes out to everyone at Red Rug, Sunscreen and Festival of the Sun which was an awesome event and should be even better in years to come.
Please follow the links below to view the Sunscreen press release and the winning music video.

Click here to see Press Release
Click here to see Urthboy – No Rider

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