Disco Demolition Memories
Disco Demolition Memories
Hear from the folks who were there in these candid audio memories from the day disco died.

I remember when...
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I have fond memories of listening to Steve and Gary at the dinner table every day with my mom and dad. Steve's dirty discussions on the air was a real treat to an 8 or 9 year old. I especialy like his parity songs such as Skylab, Wally, and "The writin's on the wall in this here bathroom stall". I also remember singing my own version of "Wally" to my parents, how they loved that! At the time he just had his son Pat, and I recall Steve having conversations with his newborn over the air.

It was not until recently that I re-discovered Steve when I bought an old car from a dealer and found that the radio was stuck on 105.9. Now I enjoy listening to stories about his homelife with the kids all grown up, and his dealings of fatherhood over the years. PS. I would really like to hear those songs.

  George Kedl

Hi. Long time fan, first time writer... Love you Steve. Found some old flyers from the early days. Did not know if you need old copies for any reason. Reading through 1)Steve and Garry Briefs for January 1983, 2) my invitation to attend the wedding of Debby Sharbaugh and Chris Czarkowski (are they still married?) at 1026 North Rush.. I have photos also, but they are not so clear... and a thank you note from Steve for coming to see him at Chicagofest in Sept 1983. It is pretty funny.. it says 'Thanks for coming to Chicago Fest to see us. It was a little uncomfortable to perform with everyone throwing assorted objects at us, but we had a good time anyway'... ha.

I remember also going to see Steve at I think it was Park West for New Years around '83 or '84. I went alone and drank a bottle of champagne myself, so the memory is obscured by the blackout. The next day (Jan 1st) I called the Alcoholics Anonymous office to get help, but no one was in and they wanted to take a message. HA. So I waited another year or two and finally went to an AA meeting and have been sober since 1985. I am glad Steve does not drink and talks about it sometimes. I know he helps people to consider sobriety.

Lastly want to say, I have really enjoyed "growing up" with Steve and his family lo all these many years. It is a unique treat. You add to the quality of my life Steve. I owe you....

  Cari Kilpatrick

I've been listening to Stever for so long now, (since my oldest son, now 26, was just a baby!) that I cannot remember a time when he wasn't a part of my day!

I too was listening the day that we lost Marcus. My heart breaking as they discovered that what they thought might be a joke, turned into a horrible truth.

Steve was there to keep me company when I was pregnant with my youngest son, (now 17), and my sister had just given birth to my nephew 8 weeks before he was supposed to show up! We had to make the drive all the way to Hyde Park from Matteson every day for 2 weeks and Steve was along for the ride every day, making us laugh and by doing so, shortening the drive considerably!

I cannot express how much laughter, joy and sometimes tears, Steve and his crew have brought me for more than 20+ years.

Thank you so much Steve, you are a constant bright spot in my days! As long as you are out there, I'll be right here, listening as always.

  Sherry Silguero
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