London Sinfonietta Tackles Aphex Twin, Squarepusher

London Sinfonietta Ah, the canon of modern classical heavyweights: György Ligeti, John Cage, Steve Reich, Richard D. James, Edgard Var-- wait a minute...Richard D. James!? Isn't that guy, like, Aphex Twin? Yes, yes indeed he is. And Tom Jenkinson is Squarepusher. And both of these IDM icons get the symphonic treatment alongside Ligeti, Cage, Reich, and more on the London Sinfonietta's new double disc Warp Works & Twentieth Century Masters.

Warp Records will release the two CD set-- which sees the celebrated London Sinfonietta reinterpret the music of Warp's finest alongside that of some of the last century's finest-- on September 19. Works & Masters features music recorded during two collaborations between Warp, the London Sinfonietta, and the South Bank Centre (the first as part of the Centre's 2003 Ether Festival at London's Royal Festival Hall, the second from two dates on a Contemporary Music Network tour from 2004). Seems the so-called canon just got a whole lot glitchier.

Squarepusher will release his latest full-length, Hello Everything, via Warp on October 17 (North America) and October 16 (UK).

Warp Works & Twentieth Century Masters:

Disc 1:

01 Prepared Piano Piece 1 (Aphex Twin)
02 Prepared Piano Piece 2 (Aphex Twin)
03 Study no. 7 (Conlon Nancarrow arr. Yvar Mikashoff)
04 Sonatas 1 & 2 (from Sonatas & Interludes) (John Cage)
05 Violin Phase (Steve Reich)
06 First Construction in Metal (John Cage)
07 The Tide (Squarepusher arr. David Horne)
08 Spiral (Karlheinz Stockhausen)

Disc 2:

01 Sonata 12 (from Sonatas & Interludes) (John Cage)
02 Ionization (Edgard Varèse)
03 Six Marimbas (Steve Reich)
04 Conc 2 Symmetric (Squarepusher arr. Fraser Trainer & Sound Intermedia)
05 Sonatas 5 & 6 (from Sonatas & Interludes) (John Cage)
06 AFX237 V7 (Aphex Twin arr. David Horne)
07 Chamber Concerto 1) Corrente (György Ligeti)
08 Chamber Concerto 2) Calmo, Sostenuto (György Ligeti)
09 Chamber Concerto 3) Movimento Preciso e Meccanico (György Ligeti)
10 Chamber Concerto 4) Presto (György Ligeti)
11 Polygon Window (Aphex Twin arr. Kenneth Hesketh)
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