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Personal flags and standards

The Sovereign and members of the Royal Family

The Sovereign and members of the Royal Family are entitled to display personal flags and standards which are normally flown to denote their presence. These flags and standards are flown day and night at any building in which they are in residence or in which they are attending a public function.

Generally, personal flags and standards are flown behind the saluting base when troops are inspected and on Her Majesty's ships when they are aboard.

Normally, personal flags and standards are broken from the flag pole as members of the Royal Family step on the saluting base or enter the building and are lowered as they leave. The saluting base flag pole must therefore be rigged with halyards.

Her Majesty's Personal Canadian flag and standards of members of the Royal Family will take precedence before the national flag; they are never half-masted.

These flags and standards, like all personal flags, are never used by others.

Flag of The Queen

Although Her Majesty The Queen has several standards and personal flags which are displayed according to the event and the location, in Canada, only The Queen's Personal Canadian flag will be displayed to mark her presence (as illustrated above).

Royal flags and standards are normally provided by the Household Staff and are lent to the Department of Canadian Heritage Visit Staff prior to the visit; The Queen's Personal Canadian flag is obtained from Rideau Hall.

If more than one member of the Royal Family is present on an official visit, only the standard of the member taking precedence shall be flown.

Flags and standards of foreign heads of state may be flown as the occasion demands but normally only the foreign national flag is flown in connection with a Head of State visit. The foreign national flag will take precedence after the national flag.

The Governor General's flag

Governor General's Flag

The Governor General's flag (as illustrated above) has precedence over all flags in Canada except The Queen's Personal Canadian flag and the flag of the Lieutenant Governor of a Province at the Lieutenant Governor's residence or on occasion when the Lieutenant Governor is performing his duties as The Queen's representative in the Province. The same provisions specified for the Sovereign's flag and other personal standards apply to the Governor General's flag.

The Lieutenant Governors' flags

The flags of the lieutenant governors of provinces within the province of their jurisdiction are treated in a manner similar to the Governor General's flag and take precedence over all flags except The Queen's Personal Canadian flag (as illustrated below).

Lieutenant Governors' Flags

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