by Pares

"Well clearly, you've offended him."

Vecchio eyed the sulking wolf and tipped his head back to consult the ceiling.

"What did I do to deserve this? I'm a civil servant, don't I give back to the community, didn't I play in the PAL softball league, don't I feed and house my whole crazy family?" He adjusted his gaze to glare at the Mountie. "I even carpool," he said in an accusing tone. "And now, you tell me I'm offending you?"

Fraser drew himself up and responded in clipped tones: "I believe I told you you'd offended Diefenbaker."

Ray threw up his hands.

"It's the same thing! Don't even think I don't know that you're always deflecting, projecting, whatever on to the wolf. If you say he's offended, then you mean you."

Fraser colored slightly but did not relax.

"Look. Whatever I said, I unsay it, okay?"

"You don't like my dress."

"I never said that," Ray insisted. "I just said I don't think electric teal's your color."


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