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Welcome to Taft

Taft is an incredibly cool new way to record and share the statistics for your quiz bowl tournament. With Taft, you can:
  • Track schools registered for your tournament
  • See every relevant statistic for every team and player
  • Sort standings by any stat you want—no more hunting for the neg champion
  • Share your tournament results live on the web through a custom link
  • Let any number of approved staff members report scores

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how wonderful TAFT was for us on Saturday. The system ran perfectly, allowing readers to enter scores directly and move the tournament along without having to have a dedicated score entry person. The system made this the quickest, easiest tournament I have ever run.
—Eric Huff, Dorman High School

When you use Taft, we host your tournament statistics forever—no exporting HTML, no converting spreadsheets, no hunting for free web space. Just your stats, on our reliable server, until they upgrade the Internet. Check out this tournament to see what Taft looks like, or see how we stack up against the leading alternative. You can also watch a screencast of the game entry procedure for Taft (requires Quicktime 7).

Taft is ready to host your tournament stats for just twenty-five dollars, so sign up now! Ready to run a tournament? Get started.