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Should newcomers with specific job skills get preferential treatment?

Web Exclusive
World Refugee Day 2008
This upcoming Friday, June 20 is World Refugee Day. Established by the United Nations General Assembly in 2000, the day acts to both commemorate and bring attention to the struggles and incredible hardships refugees from all over the world face.
June 2 is Peace Tree Day
On its third year, the annual Peace Tree Day festival is happening this Monday, June 2 in Toronto.
Part Two: Homeward Bound
In an ongoing series, a South African immigrant shares her experience of coming to Canada, returning to her homeland and coming back home again
This Month
Top of the world
Bruce Poon Tip calls himself an open book. If that’s the case, then his story is a pretty good read — from his struggles as a young Trinidadian immigrant in Calgary to his early rabbit-breeding days and finally to his entrepreneurial success with his global tourism company, G.A.P Adventures.

Nurses on call
Ontario is suffering from a mega-shortage of nurses, according to Lesley Beagrie, director of nursing at York University. The shortfall is now about 4,000 and is expected to rise to 9,000 over the next three years. “The main reason is the majority of nurses have reached 50 and are retiring,” says Beagrie, who is also director of a York program for internationally educated nurses. Launched in 2005, the program helps foreign-trained nurses upgrade or retrain as necessary to meet Canadian qualifications as quickly as possible.

Immigrants in focus (part 1)
After British-born photojournalist Chris Young immigrated to Canada last August, he looked around and was suddenly inspired — with so many immigrants landing every year like himself, experiencing countless ups and downs, he yearned to capture the “immigrant experience” in pictures
Landed! Now What?
Our annual “Welcome to Canada” special is back, with checklists, tips and immigrant stories, including an update on the Mathur family first profiled in Canadian Immigrant in January 2008

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Publisher's Note

I spend my days lately travelling between Toronto and Vancouver, and a lot of that time is spent talking to immigrants working as taxi drivers, waiters and hotel staff who are doing jobs well below their skills. Many of these immigrants I meet are talking about the new proposed immigration bill in hushed tones — almost like they are scared that what they whisper will turn into a reality! They’re worried immigrant numbers will go down, they’re wondering if they will be able to sponsor their mother over next year, they’re worried about a lot of things.

Coming in June: a whole new look for!
The is currently undergoing lots of great, new changes, such as:

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Financial first steps
Canadian Immigrant is here to help you take your first financial steps in Canada. We’ll provide you with guidance in setting up your current finances and long-term savings goals, comprehensive information aimed at new immigrants just like you and resources, tools and advice to help you take control of your finances. To get started, click here. Job Board
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Are you looking to buy your first home in Canada?
Nothing is more exciting than purchasing your first home and officially building a permanent foundation of living for you and your family in Canada. But do you know how to get started? Check out the Homebuyer’s Guide. It’s full of great tips, advice and information that will help make the buying process so much easier. From choosing the right realtor to getting mortgage smart and learning from other homebuyer’s experiences, has got you covered with this great resource. Click here to learn more.
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