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Friday, June 20, 2008

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As promised, a very funny satire that pokes more fun at the news media then it does at McCain. (warning: adult content)


Monday, June 9, 2008

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Another 3 dot entry today, just to give you contributors something to munch on.

Oooooooo! All is not well in the Obama camp, perchance giddiness has given way to sober reality? Is it really possible that a remnant of Americas racist past still exists out there in some isolated holler? Lets hear an opinion of an Obama presidency from chain smoking Johnny Telvor of Williamson, West Virginia:

Well end up slaves. Well be made slaves just like they was once slaves, he said. Telvor, a white Democrat who supported Hillary Clinton in West Virginias primary, said he planned to vote for Republican John McCain in November. At least hes an American, he added with a disarmingly friendly smile. (http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2008/jun/08/barackobama.hillaryclinton)

Doubtless Telvor speaks for the teeming masses of slack-jawed yokels who are willing, once again, to sell out their own interest at the polls this November in exchange for unleashing the full twitch of their reptilian brains. As the Guardian article points out, the chattering class has largely ignored this possibility because (sniff, sniff) their transcendent Many Colors of Benneton world views dont allow for such dirty little thoughts as racism or sexism or just plain hatred.

Speaking of red necks, San Diegos political leaders continue to pretend that Robert Young and Jane Wyman still rule the roost, and that the world is still peopled with perfectly coiffed housewives serving savory casseroles to dads in smoking jackets and well-mannered kids with adorable cowlicks. S.D. County Supervisors are pushing forward with their lawsuit challenging Californias medical marijuana laws and are also now pursuing the dubious goal of politely and artfully opting out of the freshly minted same sex marriage law. Seems public officials will not have to subscribe to the new law if it offends their personal beliefs. Fair enough, but lets take it a step further: any civil servant who is not willing to uphold state law should simply choose to work in the private sector, or better yet, move to West Virginia where they can consort with the Johnny Telvors of the world, sit around the ol cracker barrel and discuss the size of Jews noses or black ladies derrierres

Johnny McCain has unvieled a new campaign ad where he manages to keep a straight face while telling America that he hates war ( http://weblogs.fox61.com/news/politics/blog/2008/06/john_mccain_i_hate_war.html), but fails to mention he only means those that last less than 100 years

 All three remaining candidates last week made their obligatory visit before AIPAC, the Israeli lobby and did the usual pandering, each claiming unified hatred of Islamic terrorists and ensuring that no matter who is elected,  Israel will remain above criticism for the next 4 years. Oh yeah, and that Iran will be nuked back to the stone age if they so much as make eye contact with the Judeo-Christian world. Iran, for its part, reiterated its belief that Jews eat babies (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blood_libel). Johnny Telvor believes that too but hes voting for McCain anyway.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

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I lead with this today, because it seems to be part of a consistent theme:

Your listeners do not have the straight story, if they have listened only to Stacy’s interview of Leibham.  This election is an opportunity to take back the 50th district, but not if Leibham wins, because he agrees with too many stay-the-course issues, as in the issue of media consolidation, which does not concern him because of the Internet.  In addition, his loyalty is to staying in power—as in pretending to Howard Dean that he was the only Democratic candidate in this race to try to get Dean’s endorsement, which he did not get—his loyalty is not to any position on an issue or principle. 

This is from Cheryl Ede whos running for the Dem nomination in the 50th District vs. Nick Leibham. I heard exactly the same thing from Vicki Butcher and her supporters who are vying for the nomination in Duncan Hunters lapsed district, the 52nd. Vicki is the true progressive, former Navy Seal Mike Lumpkin is the trojan horse conservative. Actually, I heard a lot of this before, about former Reaganite Navy Secretary Jim Webb, who switched parties to purge George Allen from the Senate and also Paul Hackett, another Iraq War vet, who narrowly lost to the demonic Jean Schmidt in Ohio a few years back in a closely watched congressional election that was widely regarded as a referendum on Bushs incompetence.

Aside from the common demoninator of veteran status (Liebham being the exception), its not clear to me why any of these guys is considered the stealth non-progressive fox-in-the-Dem-hen-house. Because theyre guys? Because they served in the military? Because, on 2 occasions (Webb and Lumpkin), they changed parties? Because they own guns?

Fact is, winning is the issue now. Get a super majority, withstand the veto, kick Republican ass. All of the above seem to be on the right side of the health care debate, the domestic jobs debate, and the get-the-hell-out-of-Iraq debate. And more importantly, they are, or potentially are, electable. If progressive means idealistically intent on purity over electibility, Ill take my chances with the operational over the aspirational.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

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Just now getting over my rage over Bushs insulting pandering last week before the Israeli Knesset, implying Obama would have shared a latte with Hitler if given the chance. The Chimp in Chief is no stranger to mind numbing gratuitous cheap shots but he out did himself last week with his appeassment remarks, delivered before an audience of Israelis no more than a generation removed from Hitlers gas chambers. Why not go to Decatur, Mississippi and tell an audience of blacks that some among us (wink, wink, nod, nod) would have negotiated with Byron de la Beckwith? McCain couldnt resist twisting the knife, of course, with his cowardly follow-up remarks that Obama had some explaining to do. Jesus Im sick of this wretched crowd of fear mongering con artists, but even more nauseating is the knowledge that there exists out there a swarm of testosterone challenged simpletons  who willingly lap up that swill. Lets hope the nation  eventually recovers from this awful chapter and the great Bovinus Americanus eventually pokes its nose out of the toxic swamp of fear, superstition, greed, and hatred. Otherwise draining the swamp is the only, shall we say ultimate, solution.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

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Ok. Frequent contibutor and Veterans Affairs Editor Mutt suggests I intrude here with some insane ramblings to the purpose of stirring the pot which I believe loosely translate to Puleeeeze, lets give Hillary/Obama a break! This causes me great discomfort because I must confront the idea of writing about something not that bores the crap out of me (easy to write about! So many possibilities!), but that actually interests me (hard! So few possibilities.) Even the Jazz-Lakers game with which my attention is momentarily shared reminds me slightly of Hillary/Obama: lets cut through this geek stuff and get to the finals (Pistons-Lakers/ McCain-Obama). Its only the unimaginative sports fan or partisan fanatic who still actually cares about these quarter-final matchups in the NBA or about the media-driven denoument of the primary process. So in that spirit, how bout a fast paced 3 dot column, the favorite cop-out of print columnists everywhere who cant think of any single subject worth writing an entire piece about?

For example, did you know there existed a new acronym classification defining a generational demographic? Its called nuppie and I believe that stand for Nomadic Urban Professional, educated entrepeneurs who cant afford rent or mortgages, or who choose not to pay them, and are astute enough to take advantage of mobile technology. Theres an array of miniaturized cyber products at our disposalWiFi, laptops, Mp3 players, BlackBerries, etcto allow the intrepid information trader to ride fast and hard. And since info-tainment is the U.S.s #1 product, apparently a whole new set of dockers-wearing Kerouacs and Cassidys are prowling todays high tech hobo jungles making a buck or two off their wits and their cyber skills. Beats timing your freight train hopping to the Spokane apple harvest I suppose, although not nearly as romantic. Theres even a new furniture pod that appeals to this new class of nomads (http://www.treehugger.com/files/2008/02/casulo_an_entir.php). A few years back, I did a morning drive radio show in Portland, Oregon for 6 months without ever leaving Alpine nor having ever set foot in Portland. And I thought that was pretty cool. But now the skys the limit. Hit the road with your Airstream, your Casulo, and your BlackBerry and make a hundred grand selling nutritional supplements or day trading on-line. Roatan ( http://www.roatanonline.com/) here I come

Meanwhile back on earth, check out the tough love comments here (http://www.signonsandiego.com/news/metro/20080507-1508-extradition.html) concerning the Carmel Valley mother heading back to Michigan complete her sentence on drug trafficking charges of 34 years ago. LeFevre is the poster child for the ridiculousness of drug criminalization and the concept of rehabilitation. Its clear that life in the burbs on the lamb offers far greater chances for redemption than 10-20 inside our squalid Prison Industrial Complex

Meanwhile, Reason magazine offers a detailed indictment (  http://www.reason.com/news/show/125438.html ) of the dishonesty of the War on Terror and its funding. Look, who really belongs in prison, LeFevre of Bush?

Finally, if the Nuppie lifestyle really appeals to you (as it does me), maybe you can help pad these statistics (http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/nation/la-fi-walkaway11-2008may11,0,7636846.story ). Is there a sadder testimonial to this gas guzzling, McMansion, consumer driven aylum we live in than this???

See you in Spokane in September.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

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Frankly, Im finally getting burned out on this nominating process, so this weeks primary results from North Carolina and Indiana seem a bit anticlimactic. Actually this whole thing could have turned out to be interesting and revealing but as the attentive observer knows instead quickly descended into a chaotic melange of insignificant trivialities like Preachergate, guns, gas tax holidays, and lapel pins. All of course media-driven, facilitated by Clintons desperate grasping and Obamas apologetic ramblings. Still hearing virtually nothing about McCains rapid reincarnation as Curtis LeMay, the demented Vietnam era Strangelove. Also increasingly annoying is this notion that Obama cant get angry because hell turn off working class dems. If so, why is he the presumptive nominee? What happens if he wins the White House than shows anger? Impeachment? Uppityness with Intent? And whats with Clintonite lapdog Paul Begala running around referring to Obama supporters as egg heads? Jesus. To this bunch some gal with an associates degree in sports medicine is an intellectual elitist and the guy that prepared your taxes lives in an ivory tower. More divide-and-conquer tactics that will end up in McCains playbook. Thank god the economy is going well and that little operation in Iraq has turned out so successful, otherwise we wouldnt have time to dwell on this important stuff.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

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Nearly drowning out the sound of mortar shells being lobbed into the Green Zone, Hillary stumbled and slouched her way to the inevitable victory in Pennsylvania this week, saw her shadow, and promised America another 6 weeks of campaign tedium, to be interrupted only by the occasional wincing collective WTF?.  Along the way, Senator Clinton lobbed a few stink bombs of her own, including a concocted hypothetical about obliterating Iran if 1) the Ayatollahs ever were to produce nuclear weapons, 2) ever were to develope a nuclear weapon delivery system, and 3) decided arbitrarily to launch said hypothetical nukes toward Israel. Hill delivered 3 versions of her doomsday scenario over a 4 day period, each time ratcheting up the rhetoric until she had achieved the poetry of uttering nuclear weapons, Iran, and obliterate in the same taut sentence. See, Senator Clinton is tough, just like a guy, in fact just like that guy McCain whos already making rosy campaign promises of more and bigger wars forever. And we all know by now that Clinton is able to throw back a straight shot of distilled spirits in the middle of the day, shoot a doe at 50 yards, and swallow her wad of Red Man without without even flinching, all as mere idle pastimes while shes waiting for that 3 AM phone call from Osama bin Laden.

This new act, of course, is in sharp contrast to her little emotional meltdown in New Hampshire, but more importantly is designed to be in sharper contrast to the latte swilling Obama and his legion of effete You Tube babies, tree hugging limousine liberals, vegan Unitarians, and pointy-headed college professors who wouldnt even know that a doe is a female deer were it not for The Sound of Music.

And were it merely an act, it would be tolerable, I suppose, in this day and age of craven say-anything politics. But I fear that its not an act. Hillarys chem trail of toxic rhetoric concerning the Middle East stretches back to the days immediately following 9-11. And she had that little AIPAC gremlin crawling up her butt even as she was campaigning for Senate 8 years ago, obeisance to Israel being the holy grail of New York politics. No, I think Hillary, like McCain, would loooove to kick a little A-Rab ass if one of the towel heads so much as looked cross eyed at her. If this lady ever makes it to the White House, our only hope is to get her going on those whiskey shooters early in the day, have her passed out by dinner, and let someone else take that phone call.

Monday, April 14, 2008

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Jesus. cue Dueling Banjos: http://www.politico.com/blogs/bensmith/0408/Secrecy_and_propriety_in_Kentucky.html

Sunday, April 13, 2008

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Its almost like Im lying in wait for the latest bullshit scandal awaiting the Democratic candidate to follow the chimp into the offalI mean, Oval office. After all, weve come off a week when the vein-popping McCain has evened the race with the dem fav Obama, owing presumably to the corroborative testimony of Betray-ous and Crock-o-shit before Congress, to the effect that more dead guys piling up in Iraq is a) a good thing, b)an acceptable thing, or 3) and expected thing, take your choice. And since McCain is the daddy of the surge, is it any wonder that the sheeple have collectively scratched their butts, poured a Bud, and said See? Its workingsort of!?

Meanwhile, OsamaI mean OBAMA, apparently has stepped on his d**k again with some throwaway comment about Pennsylvania blue collars voting against their personal interest in favor of the guns & gays gruel served up heartily by the Repug christo/fascist propaganda fear machine. Perhaps he could have nuanced it a little better, but his point was clear: in times of economic crisis, regular folks turn to that whichever gives them comfort.

On cue, Hillary seized upon the moment, reminiscing about the time Daddy first showed her how to obliterate a squirrel with a 4-10 shotgun, and her abiding faith in the Almighty. Also on cue, Barack spun his apology tires trying to explain the obvious. But too little, too late. Blue Collar Reagan Democrats revolt! Can Obama connect with the working drones as they hose down their motor boats in anticipation of perch and trout season? Will Hillary pull a Kerry and contrive a photo-op with a pellet-riddled migratory bird? Will McCains increasingly expansive grin actually cause his face to explode? Will Obama repudiate, reject, AND denounce his latest gaff and gin up his gun/god cred by spraying  duck pins at the Allentown Park-and-Bowl with bird shot? An increasingly bored electorate awaits the answer.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

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Ok. A quick addendum to my post below. Here are a few more websites worth visiting for alt-takes on the news. And how could I have ommitted RollingStone when mentioning current events mags. Matt Taibbis pieces are worth the subscription price alone. His profane, no-bullshit P.O.V. is rivalled only by Mark Morford of www.sfgate.com




Also, while Marshall McLuhan (a confession: I never got him) was required reading in college, the book that introduced me to new journalism was Harlan Ellisons obscure classic The Glass Teat (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Glass_Teat) It hit my pot-addled brain like a Hendirx guitar solo.

Also, if you have no understanding of general semantics (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_semantics), stop everything and return to GO. It explains the language barrier between man and reality.

Also required reading in the era of televison is Neil Postmans Amusing Ourselves to Death (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neil_Postman), brought to you by the same guy who brought you LBJs infamous daisy campaign ad (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKs-bTL-pRg). Still cant believe Johnson recited the line We must all love each other or die when the Beatles were still singing I Want to Hold Your Hand.

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